Over the Odda trail race – Hawksworth

2nd Simon Pass 41:13 30th Paul Disney 53:44 Simon Pass reports… Great to do a Saturday morning race. And a fantastic day at that. Nearly didn’t make it as at 9am found myself in Nick Trinder’s vetinary surgery with his hand down my dog’s throat. The dog was duly brought back to life and no ...

Meanwood Valley trail race

67th Gareth Ward 56:19 102nd Barney Lerner 60:43 (3rd V60) 149th Tracy Foy 65:02 160th Helen Love 66:12 (2nd F55) Full results

London Marathon

Hannah Oldroyd 3:16:29 (pb by 20 mins) Jen Willingham 3:31:16 (pb by 14 mins) Richard Stone 3:50:27 John Hunt 3:55:36 Stewart Spink 3:57:55 Dairine Nethercott 4:08:19 (pb by 48 mins) Katie Phillips 4:25:36 Barbara Winslow 5:17:36

Bunny Run 3

102nd Ian Jones 20:22 106th Nick Trinder 20:30 122nd Gareth Ward 21:05 Full results

March Member of the Month winner

March 2013 Strider of the Month The winner of the March Strider of the Month award is: Dairine Nethercott – A fabulously organised trip to Liverpool on board the funbus was just one of Dairines highlights of the month. The fact she got a half marathon PB as well made it an even more successful ...

Club Trip to Red Lion, Burnsall – Friday 5th July

For those who’ve not been before, we travel by coach to somewhere near Burnsall and then have a sociable run of about 6 miles (shoter option available) to the Red Lion followed by a meal and drinks. This years trip is on Friday 5th July meet at Shipley Bus Station 5 30 pm for the ...

Bunny run 2

108th Ian Jones 21:19 137th Dave Reynier 22:24 203rd Nick Trinder 25:31 240th Tony Hart 27:57 Full results

Baildon Boundary Way

7th Will Kerr 1:25:25 (3rd MO) 45th Mark Wityszyn 1:37:25 58th Mick Chambers 1:39:10 75th Simon Frazer 1:43:15 78th Ian Jones 1:43:33 86th Dave Reynier 1:44:30 109th Laura Mayo 1:47:47 122nd Ben Marchant 1:49:00 140th Harry McGill 1:51:20 210th Neil Lloyd 2:03:25 211th Malcolm Foy 2:03:27 219th Helen Love 2:04:36 220th Martin Love 2:04:43 229th ...

Bunny Run 1

89th Ian Jones 21:25 118th Simon Frazer 22:47 130th Jen Willingham 23:12 172nd Barney Lerner 25:08 191st Malcom Foy 26:10 198th Tracy Foy 26:26 205th Nick Trinder 26:55 224th Helen Love 27:56 241st Mike Moss 30:17 Full results

Airedale Athletics winter challenge series

Mick Chambers has come out on top in the 18 race Airedale Athletics winter challenge Click here for details. Final results The Summer series for 2013 starts on Tuesday with the first of the 3 weekly Bunny Runs at Penistone Hill, Haworth (which is also a Saltaire Striders club championship race).