Strider of the Month

To nominate yourself or a fellow Saltaire Strider, send details of who you want to nominate and reason(s) why to David Bower

Nominations should be received by the end of the month. A shortlist of nominations will be drawn up and a survey will be sent via e-mail to allow members to vote for the winner. Voting will be open for a short period and the winner announced at the following appropriate training session.

Members can put themselves or others forward for whatever they deem worthy, e.g. PB, 1st ever distance ran, 3rd veteran finisher, amount raised for charity, most summer/winter challenge races done, attitude and commitment to training, or for any other significant contribution to the club’s activities, etc etc.

The only restriction is that no member may win the award more than twice during a 12 month period.

March 2024 Strider of the Month

Craig Elliott.  A bit of an ‘Unsung hero’ of the club as Craig gives up a lot of his time in leading runs each month, sometimes stepping in at the last minute to help out. He is an integral part of the run leaders team and an all round nice guy.
A very well deserved award!

February 2024 Strider of the Month

Graham D’Arcy. Gave up his own Peco at Roundhay Park to assist Jamie Read who was feeling unwell. This is not the first time he’s done this after similarly helping Fay Kaina in the Solstice Saunter last year. A very popular Strider who is happy to put others first.

January 2024 Strider of the Month

Loris Dell’Amico. Loris completed an extraordinary month in January by starting off with 1 mile on the 1st increasing by a mile a day up to and including a 31 mile run on the 31st! 476 miles in total.

December 2023 Strider of the Month

The Nash’s-Ali & Louise for their varied weekly track coaching sessions every Weds night throughout 2023 (& previous years). Week in week out, no need to check the forecast as come gales, hail or floods they will be there with words of wisdom & encouragement for everyone no matter how fast or slow a runner, they will make you feel welcome.
However much you might try to talk yourself out of going-don’t!! as their sessions are renowned amongst members as the key ingredient to improve your running. They always ensure there’s some fun to be had whilst doing some quality training.
Everyone leaves with a smile and a glow of sweat & satisfaction so hats off to you both and thanks so much for all that you give to the club

November 2023 Strider of the Month

Lee Casson.  Lee did not make the shortlist for October after a strong performance at the Manchester half marathon but is again a worthy candidate for November SOTM after a sub 60 minute finish at the Tadcaster 10 and a strong finish at the first Peco of the new season. Lee also puts in a lot of work as a run leader and is very supportive of his fellow runners

October 2023 Strider of the Month

Stewart Spink. TWO  NOMINATIONS. 1. For arranging the production of the new Soar club vests. Stewart single handedly dealt with everything from start to finish in creating the new vests, even paying out of his own pocket to secure the order. These vests are amazing quality and make race day that little bit nicer!  2. He not only came up with the idea for Day of the 5,000 PB’s as a replacement for John Carr, but he has already organised & booked the event. At the same time he has also researched & found two away trips for June & October 2024.

September 2023 Strider of the Month

Richard Stone. In consecutive weekends in September he ran; Leeds Country Way (Leg 4), the really hilly Yorkshireman Marathon, and topped it off with the longest race/run of his life at the Hardmoors 60  – 64.59 miles! Superb. Enough said 🙂

August 2023 Strider of the Month

Igs Robun: Who ran continuously for 43hours, covering 88 HUGE mountain miles (almost the same elevation as Everest) across a big chunk of the French and Italian Alps. All undertaken in horrendous weather which meant he had to manage -6C, in thick fog, at night, for several hours! inspirational perseverance.

July 2023 Strider of the Month

Susan Sroka. She has run 4 back to back marathons this year, Manchester, London, Leeds and a grim up North.  She has also become a run leader, encouraging all abilities to challenge themselves, including being an active member of the couch to 5k strider initiative.  She has now taken it upon herself to organise runs to encourage and support a group of striders of mixed ability to take on the Yorkshireman 15 mile half marathon, organising recce runs and supporting everyone.  She has been a strider for less than a year but encourages all abilities and supports then by arranging club runs that are inclusive and supportive of all abilities building runners confidence and enabling them to achieve whatever their running goals may be. She is fab and slightly bonkers.

June 2023 Strider of the Month

Alice Kershaw. Her performance at the 268 mile Summer Spine Race was awesome and a first for the club. As the race reports said, she had a plan and she stuck to it. It’s scary to think of what she might do next.

May 2023 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham. At God’s Own Backyard Ultra – a last person standing event, where participants run 4.167mi on the hour every hour until they drop out… or win – Martin put in an exceptional performance to finish as the Assist for the event – essentially second place. He completed 32 yards, a phenomenal distance of 133.33mi – sending him back to the top of the Striders’ Ultramarathon Hall of Fame! And this on his birthday weekend, too!

April 2023 Strider of the Month

Donna Hector. For running the very successful C25k group. She was consistently there through the 12 weeks and encouraged everyone between runs on the WhatsApp group. We will have gained several new members (including some who have never run before) of a wide range of abilities from the group and had a successful Parkrun takeover to celebrate.
Congratulations Donna, well deserved!

March 2023 Strider of the Month

Andy Brown. Although the men’s PECO team were relegated this season, Andy retained high motivational standards throughout in finishing as the club’s top point scorer over the 5 races & was able to regain the overall MV50 title (a few months short of turning 55) that he was unable to defend last season, due to missing fixtures to help out a friend with cancer. Andy then topped this achievement in March by winning the MV50 title outright at the Yorkshire Veterans Cross Country Championships in Beverley, capitalising on the opportunity after the Bradford 10k was postponed’

February 2023 Strider of the Month

David Bower. David’s regular week in week out training at track & on club runs has been paying off – he’s been getting faster for a while now & he achieved a new parkrun pb of 21:35 at Roberts Park in February not long after celebrating his entry into the V60 category. Proof that age is no barrier to pb’s! He also puts in a lot of time behind the scenes doing club communications & producing the club newsletters.

January 2023 Strider of the Month

Louise Nash. For the way she has embraced her new role of being the lead for the run leaders and re-focussing plans for the offering for club runs. She is also a fantastic coach and gives her time generously to support members, for example with training plans. She genuinely cares about club members and goes above and beyond what we expect of her.

December 2022 Strider of the Month

Janet Bower-Janet ran at least 5k every day in December for Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice, which was no mean feat considering the weather! On top of this, she is one of the most active run leaders since gaining her Lirf badge, a true credit to the club

November 2022 Strider of the Month

Mike Moss-As Bradford park runs event director, Mike rarely gets to run a parkrun.  He did however get the chance to run one in Whitby at The Cinder Track while on holiday recently, but lost about 3 minutes from his time by stopping to offer additional support to those helping a fallen runner.  A true example, looking out for others!

October 2022 Strider of the Month

Reece SmithHas started hitting 1st place at Roberts parkrun regularly, running 5k in sub 18 minutes. As well as smashing evensplits and the Bradford city 10k, he is a humble, approachable young man eager to help other runners with advice and suggestions where he can. Great asset to the club.

Well done Reece!

September 2022 Strider of the Month

Rob Henderson-For his Epic multi-day ultramarathon along the Dragons Back. One of the toughest there is, and the race is too! This is NOT a trail running event, and the course just follows summit checkpoints along the mountainous spine of Wales, where terrain is at times seriously extreme. 380km (236 mile) route is completed over 6 days. The total height gain is 17,400m (57,087 feet). The man is a phenomenon!

Congratulations Rob, a more than worthy winner.

August 2022 Strider of the Month

Ewan Gibb-A truly phenomenal performance running 130 mile canal race from Liverpool to Leeds. Months of intense preparations and training saw him able to cope with minor niggles and and the mental resilience to absolutely not quit …he was even able to muster a sprint to the finish! A heroic Effort!

July 2022 Strider of the Month

Louise Dell’Amico-For completing a magnificent 10 laps (50 whole miles) at Endure 24 – going from strength to strength!  Well done Louise on your award!

June 2022 Strider of the Month

Tim Mosedale-Tim managed to reach the milestone of 100 different parkrun events. (Possibly the first strider to achieve this). He has travelled the UK and abroad spreading the name of Saltaire Striders at each new venue.
Congratulations Tim, a well deserved accolade!


May 2022 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham-Martin delivered an unbelievable performance at God’s Own Backyard Ultra, an event involving a 4.167mi ‘yard’ to be completed on the hour, every hour! To the amazement of all concerned, Martin somehow maintained his pace of 30ish minutes per ‘yard’ for 28 ‘yards’, totalling 116.667mi and taking Martin to the top of the Saltaire Striders ‘Ultramarathon Hall of Fame’… for the time being, anyway!

April 2022 Strider of the Month

Sarah Gracey Shaw-Congratulations to Sarah Gracey Shaw. For completing her first marathon in 4:23:25 on the 3rd April at Manchester. Having followed a training plan for many weeks before the turn of the year up until March to set herself up for the best outing. Great to see others set themselves a target and devote such time and effort to reach their goals. Another super strider. She deserves recognition for her achievement.


March 2022 Strider of the Month

Josh Yeadon – for the fantastic energy and enthusiasm he has brought to the club. Also for completing his first marathon at Manchester. He overcame a massive wall at the end which required an 8 min timeout at mile 23. But despite the trauma he got back up, gritted his teeth and made to the finish. And hit his target time off 3:45. Inspirational strider!

February 2022 Strider of the Month

Richard Sykesa deserved winner. Rich has put in some very impressive performances and goes from strength to strength.  

January 2022 Strider of the Month

Nigel PepperA club stalwart who gives his time to support his wife Sheila and take photographs of races involving Striders, and races in Yorkshire in general. A deserved recognition for Nigel who give his time for the benefit of others. 

December 2021 Strider of the Month

Frank Beecroft – proved to be a very popular choice. Frank has battled injury for some time now, and still turns out regularly representing both himself and the club with determination. 

November 2021 Strider of the Month

Sheila Pepper – Sheila a very well respected Strider and thoroughly deserved this award for her determination and drive to do well with some excellent results. Her award was presented at a Peco race, and her face was a picture of surprise and shock!  

October 2021 Strider of the Month

Helen Western – A very well deserved award completing the Manchester Marathon in the fantastic time of 3:58:53

September 2021 Strider of the Month

Craig Elliott – Craig ran the Leeds half and then added a loop of 7 miles on to complete a long run as part of his London marathon preparations, at mile 18 Craig had, had enough and decided that was enough for him. But then Craig came across a complete stranger, who was struggling to finish the half marathon. He ran with her right to the finish line, encouraging her to carry on right to the finish. Craig showed this lady the true strider spirit. Also for all the help, advice and motivation he has given to felloe striders preparing for the London marathon.

August 2021 Strider of the Month

Noel Fitzpatrick – He has run every day for 1 year. He promised our daughter that he would run for every day she had to take her medication, thinking it would be a few months, now a year later, she is still on medication and kept his promise to her, in all weathers and even around our garden when waiting for a covid test result.

July 2021 Strider of the Month

David Leaf – A fairly recent recruit to the club, Dave broke the 14 year old club V70 record for 5k at the Leeds Even splits event by over 2 minutes with his 24:02, a time many people half his age would be proud of!

June 2021 Strider of the Month

Rob Henderson – for his Bob Graham Round almost self supported which is an amazing achievement.

May 2021 Strider of the Month

Jack Verity – along with leading club runs Jack has now started to lead structured training with great effectiveness, not only does he do this but he is a great voice of reason and experience on the committee always prepared to assist people with his wealth of knowledge.

April 2021 Strider of the Month

Bernie Bowden – for an outstanding ultra debut at the 34 mile Welcome Ultra: joint 5th lady, 2nd F50 and good cheer all the way, a great role model for the ladies!

November 2020 Strider of the Month

Mike Moss – Mike is the heartbeat of the club not only for his time served as chairman but also for his support to everyone who runs with his encouragement and patience Mike is a role model to all.

October 2020 Strider of the Month

Craig Elliott – for his commitment to run leading since becoming a LIRF he really looks out for the people at the back of the pack unlike some other run leaders and getting weekend runs going to get people ready for BBW.

September 2020 Strider of the Month

Matt Richardson – ran the Yorkshireman off-road marathon finishing 7th in 3:55:53. Then just 6 days later set about the 74mile Bob Graham round which takes in 42 lakeland peaks and 28,000+ ft of climbing all to be completed inside 24 hours. September is not the ideal time to be taking on this challenge with unpredictable weather and more than 10 hours to be run in the dark. Matt and Andrew Britton (Wharfedale Harriers) managed the run unsupported and got inside the magical 24 hours with a time of 23hr 48m with a ‘sprint’ off of Skiddaw! to become the first Strider to complete this feat.

August 2020 Strider of the Month

Kristian Hale– Kristian lost his mum earlier this year to Covid-19 and has used his running as part of the grieving process increasing his mileage to 600 miles in 4 months. He then set a goal of doing 30x10K runs over July and August, by the end of July he had already done 25 and determined to do another 25 during August. He is also helping to raise money for Leeds Mind charity by doing so.

July 2020 Strider of the Month

Vicki Johnston – After three years of suffering from lots of niggling injuries and illnesses which have prevented her from running anywhere near her full potential, Vicki Johnston has taken the opportunity during lockdown to Increase both her running and cross training.

After entering a few smaller virtual races in May & June, at the start of July Vicki entered the Race to the Stones virtual ultra. The challenge was to do 100k in a week. Not only did she succeed in her challenge, she finished on the Saturday with a day to spare.

However, achieving this challenge wasn’t enough and in w/c 20th July she entered the virtual Lakeland 100. This time she had to run 105 miles in one week from Monday to Sunday. Once again, not only did she manage to achieve this challenge, but she managed to complete it a day early. After a few days rest she then did the Yorkshire 3 peaks before the end of the month.

June 2020 Strider of the Month

Stuart Dunbar – for organising the virtualJo hn Carr relay in June, which helped encourage Striders with their running & lifted everyone’s spirits. This will have also taken some time and effort to organise and collate.

May 2020 Strider of the Month

Rachel Parker – for her efforts getting the two Baildon challenges underway and being one of our leading contributers on both weekends, together with collating all of the results. She has helped keep everyone motivated to keep getting out running in a difficult time which got a lot of people pushing themselves in their running.

April 2020 Strider of the Month

Bernie Bowden – Who started / came up with the idea of the “Woody Fred “Rock & “Wilma Roxy” Rock Relay – great idea to lift spirits and keep everyone in contact, a bit of much needed fun during these very strange times!

For someone like myself who is a slower runner, and didn’t think I was able to contribute anything to the team, and also been struggling with my running. I think her idea of the rock relay was great and motivating.

I loved following and seeing the updates on both rocks. It motivated me to join in when I was able and kick-started me try to go out running more too.

March 2020 Strider of the Month

Loris Dell’Amico – Loris completed his first ultra run finishing 34th in the Punk Panther 40 mile run in 8:37:54.

February 2020 Strider of the Month

Andy Brown – Andy began the month believing he’d broken the club’s 15 yr old MV50 record with 35.18 at Dewsbury10k, improving his age pb by over a minute (which currently ranks him 7th nationally) before being informed by Jack he’s still got another 29s to go!

Undeterred, Andy continued to battle it out in the storm sodden mud of West Park (his 15th consecutive PECO race since joining the club) to clinch his 3rd consecutive age title with a race to spare, then played a key role in the men’s team finishing a fine 5th Yorkshire team at the National XC in Nottingham

He also took the opportunity to pop up outside the Caroline Club alongside Stuart, wearing his vest for a Radio Leeds breakfast broadcast, to promote the club & the John Carr series, which he’s again directing

January 2020 Strider of the Month

Janet Bower – continued her fine form from 2019 and led home the Striders ladies at the 3rd Peco and finished 3rd F50 again winning bragging rights in the Bower household.

December 2019 Strider of the Month

Tim Baldwin – Led the Striders home in both of the first 2 Peco races in a fine 7th place. Then absolutely smashed the club 10k record at Ribble Valley improving his PB by nearly 2 minutes with a superb time of 31:33 (his half way time would have broken the 5k record as well)!! He also ran a 16:01 at Podium 5k at the end of November. It’s fair to say he’s now replaced Will Kerr as ‘Top Dog’ and is an all round nice guy.

November 2019 Strider of the Month

Claire Thaper – November can only be described as an amazing and unbelievable month for Claire.

Starting with her first Ultra, White Rose (30m), a very hilly, wet, off road course, in the worse weather conditions. A real tough ask from the start but after hitting the biggest of ‘Walls’ half way round and taking a very nasty fall, she dusted herself off, wiped off the tears and showed truly amazing grit and determination to finished the race with a massive smile.

She followed that up, with what only can be described as the longest recovery run ever, completing the hilly Guy Fawkes 10 the following morning, and despite heavy legs and a sore body from the previous days efforts, Claire absolutely smashed the course and really earned that post race chocolates and endorse the saying ‘ultra runners don’t run up hill’!!

But Claire wasn’t finished there and decided to tackle her first ever fell race and take part in very muddy and extremely hard Harriers vs Cyclist!. As always she showed the grit and determination of any great runner and pushed herself all the way to the end. Despite finishing with the comment ‘What the hell was that’, the usual smile and sense of achievement quickly return .

In November Claire has become a fell runner, an ultra but more importantly she has shown all the qualities of a great runner and is fully deserving of this award. What a woman!

October 2019 Strider of the Month

Craig Elliot – Craig completed the Yorkshire marathon this year and raised money for a friend with Motor Neurone disease. He has trained hard for this over the summer and he finished the marathon despite some nasty chafing issues…! He is a great asset to the club and is good at encouraging other runners in the club.

September 2019 Strider of the Month

Matt Richardson – started the month off with 2nd fastest leg on leg 6 of the Leeds Country Way relay (with partner Andy Brown). Followed this up with a superb 22nd at the prestigious Ben Nevis fell race and then a week later surpassed that with 7th place at the Scafell Pike fell race. Having come 60th earlier in the year at Snowdon, these placed him 3rd in the combined event for the Great Britain 3 peaks – races up the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales.

August 2019 Strider of the Month

Ali Nash – for his awesome effort finishing 3rd in the 82mi Dales Way Ultra. Ali clearly pushed himself to his limits to finish the race in the top 3 in what, I believe, is his longest run to date.

July 2019 Strider of the Month

Simon Frazer – not for running, but for helping out when a runner collapsed during the vets race. He ran to the finish to alert race officials and the St John’s Ambulance people then ran back to the unfortunate runner on the riverbank. He took control of the situation and was a calming influence on both the casualty and his worried clubmates. He advised the St John’s team when they (eventually) arrived and stayed with the chap until he could be moved and get proper treatment, eventually getting home about 10.30.

June 2019 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham – Only one choice for June SOTM award – words can’t describe his running at Endure 24 – 100 miles in 24 hours. Not only did he bag himself a place in the 100 mile club, he completed the event with a superb sprint finish, (he’d also popped over to do Wetherby parkrun before Endure24 started!!) At no point did we see him complain and he had a smile on his face and enough energy to pack up his tent and go home afterwards!! What a guy!! Inredible achievement.

May 2019 Strider of the Month

Igs Robun – for stepping up to and completing the challenging Hardmoors 110 mile trail race. After his success in the 50 mile Cleveland Way 50th Anniversary Hardmoors 50 event in March he upped the ante with the 110. On the last weekend of the month Igs started running at 8am on Saturday morning. He finished just after 18:00 on Sunday evening. In the intervening 34 hours he covered a total of 112 miles, yes you all read that correctly 112 miles. Those miles were virtually all off road on a mix of coastal paths and moorland trails with lots and lots of steps!! in the North Yorkshire Moors. In total Igs climbed nearly 20,000 feet. This is probably the longest distance ever covered by a Saltaire Strider and for this amazing performance surely Igs Robun must be SOTM for May 2019. What next Igs. The 200!!??

April 2019 Strider of the Month

Stewart Spink – Stewart set himself a target of a sub 3 hour marathon a few years ago. It was a lot quicker than he was running at the time and most of his club mates doubted that he could do it. But Stewart was determined and believed in himself. When he got down to 3:15 he seemed to hit a barrier and for a couple of years only chipped away a few seconds at a time. Each time things didn’t work out he tried even harder and came back with a different training approach. In 2018 he made massive progress and got down to 3:06. However those final 6 minutes would take some doing. On 28/04 Stewart achieved his holy grail. A mad sprint to the line saw him clock 2:59:58 and achieve his dream a hard earned sub 3HR @ London. What an achievement.

March 2019 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham – has had another month of serial racing excellence including 35.09 at Bradford 10k, a possible Leeds Evensplits 5K V45 record of 16.48, running the club’s 2nd fastest long leg at Northern 12 stage road relays, rounded off with 35.49 at Keighley Big 10k.  He consistently comes first at parkrun, then gives his time as a volunteer with barcode scanning. He’s also very encouraging to team mates who don’t have his ability.

February 2019 Strider of the Month

Lee East – consistent hard training has resulted in PBs at parkrun (Lister), 10k (Dewsbury) and knocked over 5 minutes off is half marathon best at the very tough, hilly Liversedge. All this whilst taking on some big hills and long miles in training for the Spen 20 and dealing every day with a number of health problems, which makes these achievements extra special. Well done Lee!

January 2019 Strider of the Month

Sheila Bugg – Sheila joined the club 4 years ago completing the beginners course. Since then she has managed to achieve goals in her running despite being set back many times due to her health. More recently she has managed to take part in pecos and run over 100 miles in January shortly after thinking she may never be able to return to running. Sheila shows such determination, perseverance and strength when others would just give up. She is also such a thoughtful person who encourages and supports others who are new to running and is always happy to cheer and support others in the club. We could all learn a thing or 2 from such a lovely lady.

December 2018 Strider of the Month

Tim Baldwin – set a new 10k PB (34:14) at the Percy Pud race in Sheffield on 2nd Dec then leading home the team in the second Peco race at Temple Newsam in a superb 6th place and his 2nd consecutive top 10 finish. Tim has been training hard recently, including at the track in Keighley and this certainly appears to be paying off!

November 2018 Strider of the Month

Stuart Dunbar – Stuart represented the England Masters team in the Chester marathon and his time of 2:53 ranked him top of the Striders marathon rankings based on age graded results. In November Stuart sealed his Yorkshire Vets v55 title having done 8 of the 9 races. He was first M55 in 4 of them and finished in the top 10 men in 4. Retained his Saltaire Striders club championship premiership title with maximum 400 points. Stuart also puts a lot of work in behind the scenes cruching the numbers for the club championship spreadsheet.

October 2018 Strider of the Month

Alex Ayling – Every single club member brings something to the club. Whether it’s running talent, their quirky personality or determination to run. 2018 was to be the year Alex did her first half marathon but instead of running the Baildon Boundary Way she was preparing for surgery. Post surgery and 6 months chemotherapy (with 7 sessions every 3 weeks) and only 4 weeks after her last treatment (having only managed two short runs) Alex did her comeback race in the 30 degree temperatures in Palma. Suffice to say there were tears and hugs a plenty as she crossed the finish line. Alex’s determination to get back running has been inspiring. She has been so positive through the months of treatment. Sometimes PBs, long distances, 1st places etc are not significant – but strength of character, guts and sheer determination win out. What an inspiration this lady is, and how proud we should be as a club to have her as one of our own. Well done Alex on your running and non running achievements this year – you are a STAR.

September 2018 Strider of the Month

Claire Thaper – Claire continues to make fantastic progress with her running and constantly challenges herself putting a lot of hard training in week after week. She has run a few very long distances in the month in prep for the Yorkshire Marathon (3 x 20 plus Milers) and track work at UAK with impressive times along with two other races…Spen 10k and Baildon No Watch Race.

She is always happy to help and support others in the club and in the running community, as displayed recently at the Great North Run where she selflessly sacrificed her own half marathon PB to help a stranger get to the finish safely and get the medical help they needed. Claire was so modest, she didn’t even mention it. Saltaire Striders only found out because the man she helped contacted the Striders website to thank her. Running is not just about training and good results, it’s also about being supportive within the community. Claire demonstrated this perfectly a credit to the club and a great person to have around the club.

August 2018 Strider of the Month

John Singh – for some strong performances on the fells recently and 2 brutal races within 2 hours at the Burnsall Feast sports tough 10m road race followed by classic fell race.

July 2018 Strider of the Month

Martin Love – for virtually single handedly organising the superb Yorkshire Vets race, planning the route, liaising with all the 3rd parties (Bfd & Bingley, Yorkshire vets, Canal & River trust, Parks Authority, Cricket club, Rowing club) and recruiting 30+ marshalls to make sure no-one got lost and sacrificing his own run on the day to make sure it all ran smoothly. Gained great feedback for the club from Yorkshire Vets.

June 2018 Strider of the Month

Jen Willingham – for her amazing Half Ironman performance on 17th June in the lake district. I know Jen worked very hard on all three disciplines in the months leading up to the race and to not only complete her first half ironman triathlon but to do it in 5:55:42 was an amazing achievement. Her run leg alone was ran in 1:43:00 which is some going considering she’d just swam 1.2m and cycled 56miles! In fact she overtook 60 of her competitors on the run leg and was 8th overall in her age category! I’m sure Jen would play it down but to get a sub 6hr half triathlon at the first attempt, really is some achievement.

May 2018 Strider of the Month

Liz Hamilton – For nearly two years Liz has been struggling on and off with injury reducing her running considerably. Recently she has managed to pick it up again with the odd PECO and other races but again with some problems. However, her patience and persistence has paid off in the last few weeks with the return of regular running and, following a PB in April at the Bradford 10K, 2 half marathon PBs in May on consecutive Sundays in Leeds and Liverpool.

April 2018 Strider of the Month

Hannah Oldroyd – Nothing else needs saying!! – our perennial Queen of Speed who took on jet lag and the heat in London to produce an astonishing result of second lady outside the elite field and first British lady. Wearing her Saltaire Striders vest and smiling the whole way round, Hannah has done the club proud. Followed only 3 days after the marathon with a 17:30 5k for 6th overall at the Even Splits race then first lady at Bradford 10k and all the time being modest about her achievements.

March 2018 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham – Martin ran a half marathon PB at Liverpool then proved what a good club member he is when only a few hours later he ran the fastest short stage of all the Striders at the Northern 12 stage road relay.

February 2018 Strider of the Month

Stewart Spink – Stewart has been utterly dedicated to his training. He’s tried various techniques to improve his running performance and over the years has slowly chipped away at his PB times. It certainly looks like his hard work is starting to pay dividends. Since the start of 2018 he has beaten 3 of his PB time’s at different distances. In January, he finally went sub 1hr30 at the Brass Monkey half marathon. He started off Februaury with sub 40 mins at the Dewsbury 10k and has finished the month with a new marathon PB of 3:06 in Tokyo (despite running 26.5 miles).

January 2018 Strider of the Month

Rachel Parker for her amazing running in January including a substantial PB at half marathon, a race win at a local 5k and completing the Northern Cross Country Championships. Since her illness last year Rachel has clearly got her running major back and is doing some great prep work for London. She is enthusiastic in sharing her love of running and encouraging others to get out and get involved. She also does a lot for the club behind the scenes looking after membership issues and answering queries.

December 2017 Strider of the Month

Mike Moss for all the work he does as chairman, a lot of it is behind the scenes, managing emails and difficult situations, he is a strong voice of reason in our club. He also regularly volunteers at parkrun and is great at encouraging others. A regular run leader and someone who always thinks of other runners not just himself.

November 2017 Strider of the Month

Kath Stone – Kath has had an amazing year. She has entered a series of off road half marathons which previously would have been way out of her comfort zone. Most of these races have been done in terrible weather and they have all ended up much longer than 1/2 marathon distance. Training for these races has brought her road PBs down significantly as well. Kath’s husband has quite a few SOTM trophies. It’s now time to give Kath a SOTM trophy to put with them.

October 2017 Strider of the Month

Stuart Dunbar for his amazing performance at the Chester Marathon in which he ran a PB of 2:53:06, which made him 1st V55 in the England Masters competition and 2nd V55 in the race overall! For his continuing commitment to leading Thursday runs and the work he does behind the scenes working out the club championship points and updating the spreadsheet, and for proving to us all that cross-training (ie cycling to work) is an excellent way for time-limited runners to maintain peak performance. And all done with quiet modesty.

September 2017 Strider of the Month

Will Kerr – foremost in recognition of his captaincy and belief that SS could finally win the LCW relay, for which he again put in a lot of effort arranging the evolving team and then ran the opening leg to put the team in early strong contention. He was then out at several points along the 64 mile course supporting and updating other team members as well as negotiating with race officials, staying for the presentation at the end of a long day.

For good measure, within 7 days he was leading SS home with another solid/superb 75 minute half marathon at the Vale Of York.

Mid month Will lead the men’s northern 6 stage team at Manchester despite being laid low with a fever days before and then chasing up with officials to secure the team’s reinstatement after their administrative mix up.

August 2017 Strider of the Month

Helen Western for her Marathon performance in Guernsey. I have been inspired by her training, particularly how she has upped her distance since starting at the club but also in her fantastic pace. Helen has also run in many of the Vets races, putting in the effort when the runs have been a distance to travel.

July 2017 Strider of the Month

Louise Dell’Amico – For her selflessness in the Arthur James ShakERR. Louise stopped to help and look after a lady who had a nasty fall during the race. She stayed with the lady until the ambulance came, so sacrificed her own race time. Running isn’t just about great results, it’s also about supporting and helping your fellow runners.

June 2017 Strider of the Month

BARNEY LERNER – Barney seems to have been racing everywhere and anywhere in June & has certainly made the most of his recent elevation into the MV65 category. His hard training in recent months led to some great results in June: 1st MV65 at the Otley 10m race, 2nd MV60 at Rush around the Rhubarb, 2nd MV65 at the Solstice Saunter and some other good performances earlier in the month at the vets race in Whitby and the ABC.

May 2017 Strider of the Month

MATT RICHARDSON – Matt started the month with an excellent 1/2 marathon time of 1:21 in Sunderland which set him up nicely for the Edinburgh marathon. Having also run a good leg in the Calderdale ay Relay the week before Matt arried in Edinburgh hoping the break the magic 3 hour barrier for the marathon. Despite the hot conditions he managed this with an amazingly consistently paced race bringing him home in a time of 2:59:54.

April 2017 Strider of the Month

SIMON FRAZER – Simon’s recent PB of 1:27:06 at Liverpool half was a fantastic performance, especially after the injury probems he had suffered earlier in the year. Then when he crossed the finish line he ended up saving the life of a collapsed runner, who had suffered a full cardiac arrest. Simon and three other health professionals provided life support to revive & stabilise him before he could be taken to hospital. The runner has now made a full recovery. Simon then found time to go back along the course & run the last section with his wife Elaine. That day Simon really was our very own Superman Strider.

March 2017 Strider of the Month

GRAHAM TERRY – Graham joined the club last summer following an injury and decided initially to concentrate on distance rather than speed. Over the course of the first few months of this year he has covered prodigious mileage in training often running down to and home from club training runs and sometime even clocking up 20 mile runs on tuesday or thursday nights to compliment his Sunday long runs. All this was in preparation for a major challenge in March. On 18th March Graham completed the Hardmoors 55 on the North Yorkshire Moors. Starting in the early hours of the morning and finishing well after darkness Graham managed the 55 mile route (with over 7,000 feet of climb) in just over 14 hours. Not content with this he is already training to go further later this year.

February 2017 Strider of the Month

Rachel Boyd – – Rachel has had an outstanding Peco season and was the leading lady in the overall standings after four races out of five. This clearly requires not just effort over one month, but sustained effort over four months. Rachel also completed the Dewsbury 10k in February in a breathtaking time of 38.31, despite feeling unwell.

January 2017 Strider of the Month

LINDSEY PEARSON – Lindsey has taken on the organisation of the beginners group when she could have been forgiven for sitting at home and nursing her injury. This time she has been faced with a far bigger job than she might have expected and has coped brilliantly. Every week Lindsey plans a different route for each of the seven groups and goes down to training twice a week before and after each run to make sure they are all in the correct groups and that they are all OK.

Lindsey is also the clubs welfare officer and in that role she makes sure that any injured or ill Striders are not forgotten by the club. And she’s there for the highs as well as the lows, even hand knitting amazing toys to welcome strider babies.

December 2016 Strider of the Month

Richard Smith – Richard has improved massively as a runner over the last twelve months or so, through dedication, training and determination. He’s also a very supportive team-mate, and is always willing to go well out of his way to help a fellow Strider or runner. Richard is a new & late convert to running. Despite being inexperienced he has tackled difficult races this year, including Baildon BW & Cross Bay, and has been a willing participator in both the 2016 club trips. He recently ran his 100th park run, which took him just over 3 years (the whole 100 not the last one) and involved the shedding of 2 and a half stone! At the final club run before Xmas he ran the last few km of his 1000km target for 2016. Richard never blows his own trumpet and is prepared to be involved in & support everything the club does. He loves running & loves being a Strider.

November 2016 Strider of the Month

RICHARD STONE – Running one marathon is hard enough but 12 in 12 months is an incredible achievement, especially at the age of 50. A few injuries at the start of the year meant he didn’t start his challenge until early April yet Richard has managed to reach his target with almost two months spare meaning that he actually ran 12 marathons in 7 months, including 4 in 22 days at the start of April. All of the road marathons were run in times of under 3:40 and there were some really tough off road races in the 12, including a 30 mile ultra with around 4,000 miles of climb, ran in 5:05, to finish things off in early November. The Stonemeister had a great November to cap a fantastic year.

October 2016 Strider of the Month

Louise Nash – Following on from weeks of tough (to the point of tears!) training, in her debut marathon at Chester, Louise, with a 3:44:39 time, not only demolished the 4hr barrier but also smashed way past the F45 good for age and put in a time which would have qualified for the England team. On a roll, she has now PB’d 3 times in consecutive weeks, beating her all-time Parkrun PB each time, and dropping her Skipton PB by a over a minute. She is another example of what can be achieved by training properly and like a good wine Louise is improving with age. Louise is a really good supportive club member who regularly leads training sessions and has been a fantastic Ladies Vet captain and a real asset to the club.

September 2016 Strider of the Month

Dairine Nethercott – In September Dairine set a new 1/2 marathon PB of 1:53:54 in the Vale of York 1/2 marathon beating her previous best time set in Liverpool back in 2013. New PBs are hard to achieve for runners who have run as many 1/2 marathons as Dairine has done over the last few years.

August 2016 Strider of the Month

CHRIS JONES – Chris ran the full marathon distance for the first time in August with Ben Smith (the 401 marathons guy). During the day he was so up beat & positive throughout. This was his furthest distance & he kept others going as they tired. A real achievement! Chris also does a lot of hard work with the leaders schedule, which must be a real ballache, and he often puts himself down for short runs too to plug gaps when nobody else is available. Chris contributes massively to the club by making sure we have run leaders for all our training nights.

July 2016 Strider of the Month

Matt Richardson – Matt had a truly storming July which included a PB at Southport half marathon, an impressive 5.20 Hyde Park summer mile, 4th place (and first Strider home) at Baildon Canter fell race and strong performances at Danefield and Golden Acre Park relays. And if that lot’s not enough he then went on to achieve 19th place at the extreme Snowdonia trail marathon in a superb time of 4:37:08.

June 2016 Strider of the Month

Tim Forster – In June Tim continued his run of ultras. Not content with running Ultra races organised by other clubs Tim decided that he wanted to try to complete the whole of the BMWR on his own. Yes the whole way round not just one leg! Those club members who have run single legs of the relay know how tough it is so can only imagine how hard it must be to complete the whole thing, especially on your own. Yet Tim did it. Around 50 miles and around 5,000 feet of climb and in the amazing time of around nine hours. A magnificent achievement.

May 2016 Strider of the Month

Dave Armstrong – In 2013 Dave was told he would never run again, but in May 2016 he did his first race after his horrific injury. His determination, combined with the support of the NHS, his retired Strider wife Dot and others, helped one of the club’s longest-serving members to make a remarkable return to competition at the Ilkley Trail as the ‘bionic man’, after battling niggles such as double vision, a smashed pelvis and several other broken bones. He also didn’t pick an easy race to make his come back, but did the very tough & hilly 7 mile trail race with a smile on his face as always. Welcome back Dave.

April 2016 Strider of the Month

Louise Dell’Amico – When Louise joined the club she couldn’t run very far and we all saw her run-walk, and then run and then start to enter races – first 10ks & then 1/2 marathons. All the time the smile and genuine love of running did not disappear. Louise was lucky enough to get a ballot place for this year’s London marathon. She started her training when coming back from injury and as all her strava followers will know she has put in the miles of training with the usual enthusiasm, sometimes getting up very early to fit them in around family life. She believed she could do it and she did it. No one would have thought that the smiley blonde lady who ran a bit and walked a bit would run 26.2 miles 2 years on from joining the club but in April she completed her first marathon in an impressive time of 5:01. Louise has proved to us all that anything is achievable. She has involved all the less experienced runners in her experience, has been an inspiration & certainly opened up the possibility for future marathons to many less experienced runners.

March 2016 Strider of the Month

Hannah Oldroyd – After rejoining the club in January Hannah enjoyed an excellent run of results in March. She started the month by being 1st lady in the Anglesey 1/2 marathon in 1:21:27 and was then 4th lady in the Thirsk 10k the following week in 60:50. She was then 1st lady in the Spen 20 (2:12:30) and the Salford 10k (36:37) and finished the month by finishing 1st lady in the British 50k championship (3:36:33) where she set a Scottish All Comers record for the distance.

February 2016 Strider of the Month

Sheila Pepper – A year ago Sheila signed up to be part of a relay team running the Yorkshire Marathon. At that time she hadn’t run for about 30 years. She was persuaded to join the June Beginners group at Saltaire Striders and she attended pretty much every session, completing her first Parkrun in August. She carried on running at least twice a week and when the marathon came around she ended up doing two relay stages (about 8 miles). She also did a couple of 10k runs and fun runs and has continued to do Parkrun. In February this year, Sheila did the Lancaster 10k in a time of 63:58 minutes. For a lady in her sixties who was nervous about running, that is a tremendous achievement.

January 2016 Strider of the Month

Mel Akeroyd Mel has been going to track sessions for a few months now and this has really paid off for her. She has been literally flying around park run and achieved a new Pb in January. She has also been a regular at this years pecos where she has had some great runs,

December 2015 Strider of the Month

Helen Brant In December Helen set herself a target of running for at least 25 minutes or at least three miles every day of the month (called the Marcothon after the name of the person who set up this challenge on facebook in 2010). She managed to achieve her target even running twice some days and during the month completed a peco, a number of park runs and the Chevin Chase on the way.

November 2015 Strider of the Month

Louise Nash In November Louise had easily her best ever month in a striders vest, with some determined racing. She started the month by having to produce her strongest (last) race of the Yorkshire Veterans series to take 3rd prize overall in her age group. Then she smashed over a minute off her 10k pb at the Abbey Dash (breaking her pb only set in September) and topped off the month with her best PECO result – being 3rd Lady strider home and overall 4th V45. As well as this Louise has run some really well thought out, tough but enjoyable structured training sessions and has been leading at the track.

October 2015 Strider of the Month

Suzanne Hague Suzanne completed the Bradford 1/2 marathon in 2:14. What was memorable about Suzanne’s achievement was that this the final race in her challenge of completing 18 half marathons in just over a year for SANDS in memory of her daughter Rebecca, who died at 6 weeks old & would have been 18 in October 2014.

September 2015 Strider of the Month

Ali Nash Ali has had another superb month. He was 2nd V40 in the Pilling 10k where he broke the 40 minute barrier and later in the month had a brilliant performance in the Dales Trail Series 40k ultra, where he was awared the prize for 1st MV40 over the series of races. He also found time to combine with Louise to plan the club track sessions.

August 2015 Strider of the Month

Gary Pennington Gary has worked really hard to improve his running this year and managed to beat his Parkrun PB twice in August to complete a full set of PBs for the year over all distances from Park Run to 1/2 marathon. He is flying at the moment and his hard training has really paid off. He has also been bravely attempting to introduce culture to our striding men through the launch of the gents’ book club. In addition to this he found time to train and excel in a 100 mile bike ride in August.

July 2015 Strider of the Month

Stuart Dunbar – Stuart continues to go from strength to strength with 2 great Yorkshire Vets performances (3rd V50 in each). He was also the speedy first strider home at Eccup 10 and ran 2 sub-10 minute legs at the Esholt relay. In addition Stuart was a member of the 7th placed team at the Washburn relay and produced an amazing time on the club three peaks trip. At the moment there is no stopping him. Just imagine how good he would be if running was actually his first sport!

June 2015 Strider of the Month

Steph Wilson – At the start of June Steph did the Calderdale Way Ultra, a race of over 50 miles, where she was the first lady to finish in a time of 10 hours 38 minutes. That was only training for her main event at the end of the month, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail in the Italian Dolomites (a 119km race with 5,850 metres of climbing) which she completed in a time of 24 hours 58 minutes.

May 2015 Strider of the Month

Helen Pennington – In May the club put on a series of three John Carr 5k races. As usual these races proved very popular with the participants thanks to all the hard work done by Helen behind the scenes over the last few months. The races were superbly organised and involved a lot of time & effort from Helen on behalf of the club.

April 2015 Strider of the Month

Lindsey Pearson – Lindsey has been nominated for her “London marathon journey” . When she got her place she was coming back from injury and could only manage a few miles, however on 26/04 she completed her first marathon in 5:40, not fast but she did it. She trained hard, put time and effort in and she did it. Some of you will not realise how impressive Lindsey’s achievement is, but coming from no miles to 26.2 is impressive. You just have to see the smile on her face. She believed she could do it and she did.

March 2015 Strider of the Month

Will Kerr – In March Will produced a series of amazing times at various distances. He began the month with a 34:17 run at the Trafford 10k, then clocked 16:25 at the Podium 5k before ending the month by breaking his 17 year old half marathon PB in Liverpool where his time was 74:55.

February 2015 Strider of the Month

Jen Willingham – Jen has been nominated for her excellent work as ladies’ captain in the pecos. As well as her own impressive performances she has been instrumental in encouraging all the other ladies in person & by email and this has played a major part in the club’s excellent peco results. Definitely nothing “unfortunate” about Jen’s contribution to the ladies’ team’s success in the 2014/2015 pecos!

January 2015 Strider of the Month

Richard Stone In January Richard knocked a fantastic 8 minutes off his marathon PB at the Newcastle Racecourse marathon breaking the 3:15 barrier for the first time and achieving a good for age time that will qualify him for most of the big city marathons. What makes his performance more impressive is that he had to do 16 laps of the same course. He was the first MV45 to finish as well.

Decenber 2014 Strider of the Month

Loris Dell’Amico – In December Loris had yet another park run PB and he also produced an excellent run at the second Peco race. Loris is one of the most improved runners in the club in the second half of 2014 and has proved that hard work will bring results.

Novenber 2014 Strider of the Month

Mike Moss – Although a number of the club leaders helped with the beginners group in October & November Mike seemed to take on leading the majority of the sessions most Monday’s & Thursday’s. Mike sacrificed his own training to lead these runs & encourage the beginners to reach their park run target. He also does a lot of work behind the scenes to help to make Saltaire Striders the club it is.

October 2014 Strider of the Month

Louise Dell’Amico – Louise continues to ooze positivity at the club and during October she proved she’s not just a smiley face as she notched 3 PB’s! A 10k PB at Horsforth was followed by a 5k/parkrun PB at Bradford and then just to cap it off Louise Got another 10k PB at the tough Bradford City run 10k.

September 2014 Strider of the Month

Gareth Ward – Shown great bounce-back ability from long term injuries with gusto competing in park runs and races. Inspiring leadership runs and many more motivational tweets. Gareth also works hard trying to organise social events. A credit to the club.

August 2014 Strider of the Month

Ali Nash – Ali was an impressive 2nd male and 1st ‘pair’ (with Stewart Spink) at the 2 day Berghaus trail race. Ali then continued his relentless marathon training with a leg 1 Saltaire record in the LCWR (with Stuart Dunbar).

July 2014 Strider of the Month

Martin Love – Long term club member and leader. Martin arguably comes up with some of the best routes amongst the leaders and is always on hand to help out. Some long serving members can be forgotten but they play a vital role within the club.

June 2014 Strider of the Month

Jack Verity – Jack once more put in countless hours / days / weeks organising the hugely successful BMWR while also playing host to our Dutch visitors. This was on the back of the work he’d done helping with the John Carr 5k’s. Along with this Jack had a storming BMWR leg with Mick Brearley on leg 2 to finish in the top 10 quickest times of the day.

May 2014 Strider of the Month

Andy Bedford – Shot up the Salts rankings during May. a lifetime 5k PB at the John Carr, 16.11, 1 second off the all time club record and o yeah, represented Great Britain in a Duathlon finishing 11th in his age category!

April 2014 Strider of the Month

JEREMY WRIGHT – All Jeremy’s hard work paid off. Parkrun PB and more importantly, a marathon PB in Manchester in 3hrs 27. Also very supportive leader.

March 2014 Strider of the Month

ALI NASH – A superb Trollers Trot marathon – ish. This was Ali’s first attempt at such a distance and the fact it was off road over bogs, stiles and many hills made it even more impressive. Ali was rewarded with a top 10 finish. On the back of this Ali went onto do a sub 20 at Fountains Abbey park run as well as being a pacer at the Salts park run. Plus he grows really good Rhubarb!

February 2014 Strider of the Month

MICK CHAMBERS For starting Striders fell running group and adding another string to the clubs bow.

January 2014 Strider of the Month

SIMON KINGSNORTH Simon started the year how he finished the last one with more hard work and determination! Simon continues to show amazing improvements from when he first joined the club as a Non runner! Simon is now a regular at park runs as well as the peco races and has gone from finishing at the back end to finishing in the top third of races. Just PBed at 5k again although strictly that counts as February’s entry!

December 2013 Strider of the Month

DAVE ARMSTRONG Battling back from a serious injury, Dave is clearly not ready to give up! During December Dave was our number ‘1’ supporter at several races with a smile on his face. The first steps to recovery and still proving what an asset he is to his club and colleagues.

November 2013 Strider of the Month

GARETH WARD – Gareth’s really grown since joining Saltaire Striders. As well as being a very enthusiastic LIRF during November Gareth smashed his 10k PB to clock 36 mins! Gareth also followed this up with a tremendous debut at the peco’s to finish in the top 30. A Bradford parkrun PB topped off a great month.

October 2013 Strider of the Month

RICHARD STONE – Richard completed his 4th marathon of the year in October. Just 6 weeks after doing the Yorkshire off road marathon (where he took 40 minutes off last years time). All Richards efforts paid off as he was rewarded with a PB at the York marathon where he also achieved a PB at the 10k and half marathon points. As well as his running efforts, Richard is always on hand to step in and cover other leaders at training nights.

September 2013 Strider of the Month

TRACY FOY – Tracy continues to show fantastic improvement and has made the transition from 10k to Half marathon look extremely easy after her impressive debut where she clocked 1hr45 at Redcar half. As well as this Tracy also achieved her longest ever run of 14miles on leg 2 of the LCWR…..this may not have been out of choice after a detour but was still mighty impressive.

August 2013 Strider of the Month

FRANK BEECROFT – Evergreen Frank has been at the club many years and has had his fair share of ups and downs. Despite this along with his continued injuries Frank battles on amicably and put in a decent time for the Fleetwood half marathon. As well as this Frank was preparing for the Blackpool half marathon just a week later (1st Sep). Frank is always one of the first members to offer words of encouragement and support to new members and members who are struggling themselves or who seek advice.

July 2013 Strider of the Month

CHRIS REYNIER – Chris is going from strength to strength and during July got two consecutive Bradford parkrun PBs. As well as this, Chris recorded a 10k PB and even found the time to take part in his 1st ever relay and track session.

June 2013 Strider of the Month

An amazing month from Hannah who had been put forward once again. Even by Hannah’s standards this could top the lot. A marathon PB in 3.09 at Cork City and 3rd FO has put Hannah in the top 200 quickest marathon ladies in the whole of the UK for the year so far. On the back of that performance Hannah did the Staveley Stampede 10k and was 1st lady (8th overall) and PB’ed. Hannah also did the Otley 10, won that as well, and Pb’ed! and won again at the Penistone 10k.

May 2013 Strider of the Month

Simon Frazer – Simon was nominated once more for argueablly his best month in a Striders vest to date. This was thanks to a great half marathon PB at Leeds, a 5k PB at the John Carrs and a 10k PB at the tricky Apperley Bridge Canter 10k. Not to mention his continued good work as an integral leader at training runs.

April 2013 Strider of the Month

Jen Willingham – Jen has been working very hard after the disappointment of missing out on the last marathon she entered due to unforeseen weather circumstances. Jen has shown great ‘bounce back ability’ by recording a fabulous PB at the London marathon and knocking off 14 minutes in the process in a time of 3hrs 31mins.

March 2013 Strider of the Month

Dairine Nethercott – A fabulously organised trip to Liverpool on board the funbus was just one of Dairines highlights of the month. The fact she got a half marathon PB as well made it an even more successful day. This coupled with a Parkrun PB and her continuous marathon training along with her fantastic committment to the club.

February 2013 Strider of the Month

Helen Love – Helen keeps battling on and as well as coaching she still has time to put in some fantastic performances. During February Helen was the 1st V55 at the Dewsbury 10k as well as 1st V55 in the 4th peco race which helped her to a 2nd place finish in the whole series.

January 2013 Strider of the month

Barney Lerner – Barney continues to put in a great amount of work at the club with his organisational skills. An indispensable club member who has played a big part in helping Saltaire to achieve over 100 runners on the books. During January Barney finished an excellent 5th in the Muddy Fools handicap race and also notched an impressive performance at the 3rd peco race which helped send the vets team storming to the top of the table.

December 2012 Strider of the Month

Martin Fillingham

– Martin has been nominated for the 1st time due to the incredible improvement hes shown which cumulated in an impressive December. Martin started the month with a great time at the Bradford 8.5k where he finished as 3rd V40. He followed this with a 17th place finish at the Ambleside 10k out of 409 runners. The following day Martin improved his best peco placing by 14 places. Martin ended the month with 2 consecutive Bradford parkrun 5k PBs with his final effort knocking 40 seconds off his time from the previous week which saw him narrowly miss out on winning the race.

November 2012 Strider of the Month

Hannah Oldroyd

Hannah’s year has been going from strength to strength and has regularly been nominated for the award. During November Hannah PB’d twice at the Bradford Parkrun which meant she was 1st lady to cross the line on both occasions. Hannah followed these performances with a 10k PB at Abbey dash. Hannah finished the month by becoming the 1st lady Strider to cross the line at Fitzwilliam country park which gave her 13th overall.

October 2012 Strider of the Month

Jen Willingham

Jens hard work, guts, determination and ruthless marathon training paid off! Along with the constant help she puts in on training nights and the extra buzz she creates she was a worthy winner.

September 2012 Strider of the Month

Dairine Nethercott

– Despite the horrible winds and nattering all the way round the Recar half marathon with Helen. Dairine still managed to knock a considerable chunk (10 mins) off her PB to complete it in just over 2hours.

August 2012 Strider of the month

Pete Huby

– Pete has been part of the woodwork for a while at Salts and his enthusiasm and effort hasnt gone unnoticed by other club members with several nominations for the month of August. As well as being cheerful and chirpy and helping other members with training, Pete has also been working very hard towards the Yorkshireman Marathon. Pete is an all round good egg!

July 2012 Strider of the month

Ian Jones

– Ian’s form was superb during July which showed with some great times in all of the relays he participated in. As well as these Ian had a great run at the ‘Northumberland coastal run’ and managed to get a lifetime PB at the Leeds 10k.

June 2012 Strider of the month

Simon Pass

– Simon was nominated for his brilliant race performances which included a 1st place finish on leg 1 of the BMWR with Quentin, 1st V40 at the Ilkley Trial race, 3rd OPEN (2nd V40) at the Apperley Bridge Canter and a brilliant 2nd at the Humber Bridge half marathon which gave him a PB.

May 2012 Strider of the month

Will Kerr

for his commitment and enthusiasm for organising relay teams, offering training advice and chatting up potential new recruits and organising Thursday training sessions. In May Will was rewarded with a PB (after 12 years?) in the John Carr series and an excellent 16th place in the Edinburgh half marathon in 76:26.

April 2012 Strider of the month

Jack Verity

Jack had three podium finishes in his age catergory in various races throughout April…. 3rd at the Meanwood valley trial, 2nd at the Guiseley Gallop and winner of the Baildon Boundary way! These races along with Jacks continued excellent work as a coach and behind the scenes efforts with the John Carrs, BMWR and club website all meant that Jack was a very worthy winner.

March 2012 Strider of the month

Steph Wilson

– Stephs been nominated for each of last 3 months for continued outstanding performances since the turn of the year. Steph began the month with a 10k PB at Dewsbury (over 5 minutes quicker than 12 months ago). She then produced yet another 5k PB at the Bradford parkrun. Steph followed this up with another 5k PB in Lanzarote on holiday before ending the month with amother parkrun PB. This takes Stephs PB tally for the year to 9 or 10.

February 2012 Strider of the month

Michelle Eyres

for proving what a valuable coach she is to the club, always on hand to help out members, new and old and ultra reliable since taking up her role.

January 2012 Strider of the month

Helen Love

for her fantastic commitment to her coaching role and as a great ambassador for the club.

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