BMW relay rules

Rules of the Event


Deviations from the route will be penalised at the discretion of the organising committee. This will vary between time penalties up to team disqualification.


Complaints from other teams must be made immediately to the timekeepers at the end of the leg in question and will be considered at the discretion of the organisers.


All legs must be run by two athletes and efforts should be made for them to finish together. Any team finishing a leg with only one athlete will be given an automatic 30-minute penalty. There will be a mustering point approximately 200 yards before the end of each leg and teams will not be allowed to pass unless both athletes are together or the penalty will be imposed.


Composition of teams by category:

Note: Teams may include 2nd claim members


Open – any combination of runners, male or female


Ladies – all team members must be female


Mixed – five male and five female, each leg being run by one male and one female


Veteran – all team members must be aged 35 or over; the team may comprise a mixture of male and female in any combination.


No athlete may run more than one leg for their team.


At the handover points the outgoing runners must not set off until both incoming runners from the previous leg have finished.


There will be cut-off times for each leg so that all teams whose runners have not completed the previous leg by the cut-off time will be set off together. The cut-off times will be:


End of Leg 1: 10.15


End of Leg 2: 11.30


End of Leg 3: 12:45


End of Leg 4: 14.15


It is the responsibility of the athlete and their club to ensure that they are ready to start at the correct time. No allowance will be made for athletes not being ready to start their leg when needed.


It is the responsibility of the athlete and their club to be able to follow the route. The route is marked by way-markers but will have no extra marking for the race except where the race has to deviate from the official route (mainly at the finish, some road or railway crossings and some handover points).


No runner under the age of 17 may take part in the event.


In all disputes the decision of the organising committee shall be final.