Club Championship

The annual club championship is a competition open to all members, with the results based on attendance and performance across the qualifying races. If you run any of these races, you’ll automatically be entered.


Championship races are selected to be a broad range of distances and terrain, and encourage members to support local races.  The club captains select the races for each season.

For the 2024-25 season, there are 24 selected races, plus your best marathon time between April 2024 and March 2025.

  1. 1. Guiseley Gallop, Sun 31st March, 10k, trail  Guiseley Gallop 10K (
    2. Baildon Boundary Way, Sun 7th April, 13.1m, trail  Baildon Boundary Way 2024 – RaceBest
    3. Bunny Runs, Tues 2, 9&16th April, 5k, trail Bunny Runs – Wharfedale Harriers
    4. Up The Odda, Sat 18th May, 10k, trail  Up The Odda 2024 – RaceBest
    5. John Carr, Sun 26th May, 5k, track.   John Carr 5K – Day Of The 5,000 PBs – RaceBest
    6. Bronte 5 Mile, Weds 6th June, 5 miles, trail  
    7. Otley 10, Weds 12th June, 10 miles, road  Otley 10 Mile 2024 – RaceBest
    8. Solstice Saunter, Thurs 20th June, 5 miles, trail  Solstice Saunter 2024 – RaceBest
    9. Filey Lions Beach Race, Sun June 23rd, Sand
    10. Ilkley Half, Sun 14th July, 13.1 miles, road  Ilkley Half Marathon – Entries for The Ilkley Half Marathon 2024
    11. Baildon Carnival Canter, Sat July TBA, 5k, trail. Enter on the day
    12. Myrtle Park Bingley parkrun, Saturday August TBA, 5k, trail
    13. Even Splits 5k, Weds 28th August, 5k, track
    14. Punk Panther, Sat 7th Sept, 13.1 miles, Trail  Ultramarathon races (
    15. Meanwood Valley Trail, Sat 28th Sept, 10k, trail   
    16. Leeds Abbey Dash, Sun 13th October, 10k, road
    17. Bradford City Runs, Oct TBA, 5k 10k & 13.1miles, road
    18. Guy Fawkes 10, Sun Nov 3rd, 10 miles, road 
    19. Tadcaster 10, Sun 17th Nov, 10 miles, road
    20. Winter Solstice Strider, Sat 21st Dec, 10k/5k, trail Winter Solstice Strider 2024 – RaceBest
    21. Auld Lang Syne, Sun 31st Dec, 7 miles, Fell
    22. Horton Parkrun, Sat Jan TBA, 5k, road
    23. Peco XC, Sun Feb TBA, 4.5 miles, trail
    24. Keighley 10k, Sun Feb TBA, 10K road 
    25. Any Marathon


Members are organised into the Premier, First, and Second divisions. 

The lowest/highest scoring 6 members are promoted/relegated each season.

New members join in the Second division.


Scoring is on the basis of age-grading, using members’ age at the start of the season.

The runner with the highest age grading in each division receives 50 points, the second highest received 49 points, etc.

Click here for a calculator

A member’s 8 highest scoring races are added together to give the total championship score, with a maximum of 400. 

In the event of a tie the result will be based on head to head results between the two members.

Other club awards

There is also a club personality of the year award which recognises those who support the races by volunteering, etc.

  • 10 points: any non-running involvement in Bradford Millennium Way Relay
  • 5 points: any non-running involvement in each John Carr race
  • 5 points: volunteering for Bradford Epilepsy Action 10k or Bradford City Runs
  • 5 points: volunteering for Striders parkrun takeovers
  • 10 points: winner of Strider of the Month
  • 7 points: shortlisted (but not winner) for Strider of the Month
  • Previous results




Stuart Dunbar


Graham D’Arcy


Jenny Shaw
2021Martin FillinghamDavid BowerJoanne Hardaker
2020Not awarded Not awardedNot awarded


Stuart Dunbar

Suzanne Hague

Richard Bond


Stuart Dunbar

Nick Breare

Jeremy Rix


Stuart Dunbar

Sylvia Ross

Pippa Bird


Stuart Dunbar

Frank Masley

Ian Jenkins


1st place

2nd place

3rd place


Will Kerr

Stuart Dunbar

Helen Love


Jeremy Wright

Alistair Nash

Jack verity


Helen Love

Jen Willingham

Will Kerr


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