Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st August 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of the Saltaire Striders newsletter.

If you would like anything to be included in the next edition of the newsletter please submit it here before 27th Sept.

Upcoming races/runs

Sun. 5th Sept. Wetherby multi terrain 10k
Sun. 5th Sept. Leeds half marathon
Sun. 5th Sept. Leeds 10k
Sun. 5th Sept. Yorkshire Wolds half marathon (inc. Yorks. vets championship)  
Sun.12th Sept. Vale of York half marathon (club championship race)
Thurs. 16th Sept. Baildon Runners 'No Watch' race. 
Sun 26th Sept. Calderdale Way relay
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Social Events

Well, it's been a rather challenging eighteen months for all of us, and the role of Social Secretary has been pretty redundant. Aside from some events around Christmas time, it has been a very quiet period of time.

However, no more shall we wait to socialise with our fellow Striders outside a weekly club run! Many have already enjoyed the Burnsall trip - thank you to Dairine for organising again! - and there is much more in the offing over the coming months.

On Friday 10th September, we will enjoy the first of a resurrected monthly curry night - please let  Ewan know ASAP if you would like to attend. October's curry night will take place on Friday 8th, restaurant TBC.

While dates are yet to be confirmed for the major events of the winter, keep your eyes peeled for more information about the following:

- AGM - end of November at Caroline Street Social Club, exact date TBC

- Christmas meal - Don't Tell Titus (TBC), second weekend in December (also TBC)

- Christmas running 'flash-mob'... mid-December (...also TBC)

- Pie & Peas / Christmas Jumper / StravArt night - Nuffield for club runs, followed by The Junction pub, Thursday 23rd December - confirmed!

Looking forward to 2022, we hope to arrange a club trip to a UK race, with food and drinks post-race. If you have any suggestions of an event which you think should be considered (ideally with at least two distance options e.g 10k and HM), please do get in touch with me or another member of the committee. And the club awards night will also take place in late-Spring/early-Summer!

look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events!
New Members
We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members who have recently joined the club:

Rezaul Islam
Sara Mollis
Laura Sykes
David Fox
Steven Cox
September featured race

Baildon Runners 'No Watch' race

This is a friendly race between Baildon Runners and Saltaire Striders and will be held on Thursday 16th Sept. from the Baildon Rugby club with food and drinks in the club house afterwards.

The course varies each year but usually  includes a shorter run of 3 - 4 m and a longer run of 6 - 7 m. You decide which distance you are going to tackle.

They give you the route map/description and you have to estimate how long it is going to take you to complete the course taking into account the hills, etc.

The winner is not the first person across the line but the person who's actual time is closest to their estimated time, but of course you can't wear a watch - hence 'No Watch' race.

There will be no runs from Nuffield on Thurs.. 16th.
Club Championship

Upcoming races and details of how the championship works are on the website.: New members are automatically added to the second division.

Next up is the Vale of York half marathon on the 12th Sept.

Myrtle Park parkrun 21st August

6th Simon Frazer 21:01
16th Dave Bower 22:35
17th Jen Willingham 23:06
52nd Janet Bower 27:18
108th Judith Nunn 36:56
112th Sylvia Ross 38:42

Even Splits August Leeds 5k

6th Martin Fillingham 17:04 (1st V50)
10th Carl Kernick 17:25 (2nd V40)
21st Stuart Dunbar 18:40 (2nd V55)
57th Tim Mosedale 21:34
59th Dave Bower 21:37
98th Janet Bower 26:00 (2nd F55)
106th Louise Dell'Amico 27:15
108th Suzanne Hague 28:00
109th Nick Breare 28:01 (2nd V70)
112th Mervyn Silva 29:48 (3rd V65)
2021 Club AGM and Committee places

The Club AGM will be held at a date to be decided in November, and I thought this year it would be helpful to give members a bit of advance notice and information about the elections to the management committee.

The day to day running of the club is done by a Management Committee of eleven members which meets every month or so. There are also four other officers with specific jobs who are not part of the committee, but attend when needed. All officers are elected for three years at the AGM although they can, and sometimes do, retire before the end of a term in which case the post is filled by cooption if needed until the next AGM. Because of this different officers are elected at each AGM, depending on when they were first elected and if the sequence has been altered by early retirements.

Officers can be re-elected once, at the end of their first term, but cannot be elected for the same post a third time, so have to stand down after a maximum of six years. This helps make sure there is a healthy turnover and gives opportunities for new members to get involved (although there is nothing to stop any member from putting themselves forward for any post, even if the current post holder is standing again). It also prevents an officer from feeling obliged to continue doing a job for longer than they would really want to.

This year the the following posts are coming up for election: Treasurer, Ladies Captain, Membership Officer, Communications Officer (Management Committee posts) and Male Vets Captain and John Carr chair (not Management Committee posts).

The current Treasurer (Richard Stone), Communications Officer (Jack Verity) and Male Vets Captain (Martin Love) are not eligible to stand again so we must find a new member for these positions.

Getting involved with the running of the club is a rewarding experience. If you think you might like to be involved, and want to know in more detail what is involved in a particular role please talk to the current post holders, or any committee member - with no obligation!

Northern Athletics Affiliation

There has been some ongoing discussion on the issue of our affiliation to Northern Athletics who provide running competitions in the region which can lead to National qualification. They cater for most disciplines including road running, Track & Field as well as cross country events. As a club we have competed in the road relays and the cross country relays. The committee thought the best option was for the club to decide as a whole via an online vote. As the membership year begins in September and there are relays scheduled for 18th September the vote could not wait for the November AGM where these things are normally decided.

An email was therefore sent out to all club members asking them to vote online via a google form. For the vote to count we needed at least 50% of the members to vote which equated to 92. By Midnight on 31st August 94 responses to the vote were received.. The results were over 70% in favour so a clear decision as shown by the chart below:

As club captain I am pleased with this result as it shows a few things:

  1. The club members are keen to have a say in how things are done

  2. A large number of members have realised that the NA affiliation is not just about our involvement as a club but is part of the ‘bigger picture’ of promoting athletics in our area.

  3. The club is keen to see us compete at regional (and possibly National) level and thus raise the profile of Saltaire Striders.

So what now? Firstly I need at least a team of 6 men for the road relay on 18th September. A women’s team of 4 would be good too. There was little response to the Email sent out but maybe it ended up in your junk folder….

Details are here: Men’s Event       Ladies

There is also a cross country relay on 23 October. If you are interested in taking part in this then please let either myself or Helen know. Men Teams are 4 legs of approx. 2 miles and Ladies is 3 legs of the same course.

More information is available here: Cross Country relay

There are also the 12 stage relays which are normally in April, further details will follow when they are available. If we finish in the top half of this completion we get the opportunity to compete in the national competition which is usually held in Sutton Coldfield in late April.

Please can I ask that people respond to emails by replying to them rather than sending me a text/WhatsApp/FB message etc. This may sound obvious but I spend a lot of time searching through other applications for messages which are in response to an email request. The email I use for club business is Please add this to your address list to ensure my emails don’t end up in your spam/junk email folder.



Club Records
The club records are now up to date on the website with as many results as we are able to ascertain.

Recent new club records include:

Claire Bond F40 1m 6:34
Bernie Bowden F50 1m 5:56
Martin Fillingham V50 1m 4:58
Martin Fillingham V50 5k 16:45
David Leaf V70 5k 24:02
Martin Fillingham V50 10m 60:51
Stuart Dunbar V55 10m 62:16
Marcin Soszka V35 Marathon 2:29:24
Will Kerr V45 Marathon 2:42:39
Yorkshire Vets

For further details visit the Yorkshire Vets website

Half marathon championships

Yorkshire Wolds half marathon - 5th September

A private facebook group exists to back up the official YVAA website by "pushing" information out to members and to encourage dialogue, comments and enquires.  Details of how to register can be found at 
July Strider of the Month
The worthy winner of the July Strider of the month award was David Leaf, a relatively new member of the club, for his excellent 24:02 5k time for a new club V70 record beating the previous 14 year old record by over 2 minutes - a time many members half his age would be very proud of - well done David.

 All previous winners of the Strider of the Month can be found on the club website. 
Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be held on 6th October - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.

All previous committee meeting and AGM minutes dating back to 2009 are available to view on the club web site

Committee meeting/AGM minutes archive
Tuesday track sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are currently suspended.

They are normally held every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.

Fortnightly Structured training sessions
The structured sessions take place every second Tuesday, meeting at Caroline St. at 7:00 ready for a warm-up jog, stretching and drills and then the main structured session.

This might be 400m repetitions, a pyramid session (e.g. 2x 400, 2 x 600, 1k, 2 x 600, 2 x400), 1k repetitions, mile repetitions, hill repetitions, fartlek, tempo run etc.

These sessions are for all abilities and are designed to get you used to running at pace ready for that next race / parkrun and to understand the benefits of a proper warm-up.

The next structured dates are:

14th Sept.
28t Sept.
Saturday/Sunday long runs

There is a closed facebook group Saltaire Marathon, Long Or Short Run Friends for people who are interested in doing some longer runs (e.g. for company for marathon training)  at a steady pace.  The runs are arranged via the group on an ad-hoc basis.  If interested please ask to join the group.
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Race Results
Nosegay trail race - Thackley

2nd Rich Sykes 28:41 (1st V40)
7th Bernie Bowden 29:43 (1st lady)
John Carr 5k

6th Marin Fillingham 17:43 (1st V50)
11th Stuart Dunbar 19:01 (3rd V50)
14th John Singh 19:35
15th Richrd Sykes 19:45 (3rd V40)
29th Tim Spencer 22:05 (2nd V60)
33rd David Pickles 22:19
35th Jeremy Rix 22:32
36th Noel Fitzpatrick 22:32
42nd Richard West 22:51
53rd Alun Griffiths 24:16
61st Sarah Gracey-Shaw 25:42
64th Tracy Foy 26:06 (1st F50)
66th Laura Sykes 26:41
71st Jenny Shaw 27:06
73rd Gillian Hyde 27:51 (2nd F50)
76th Ian Dickinson 28:05
77th Harriet Fletcher 28:07
83rd Denise Davis 31:40
84th Mervyn Silva 31:52
85th David Fox 32:10
88th Judith Nunn 34:26
89th Reyhana Laher 35:11
91st Sylvia Ross 36:14
Eldwick Gala fell race

10th Andy Brown 19:34 (1st V50)
22nd Rob Henderson 21:14
38th John Singh 22:55
Firefighters 5m

20th Richard Sykes 33:51
45th Mick Brearley 37:02 (3rd V60)
92nd Sarah Gracey-Shaw 42:24 (3rd F40)
105th Nicola Clarke 44:07
Roundhill Fell Race

68th Martin Love 1:26:29
87th Helen Love 1:43:46
89th Mohanlal Mistry 1:50:41
Murder Mile - UAK

Nick Hardy 4:30
Richard Bond 5:18
Tom Kay 5:27
John Singh 5:42
Richard Sykes 5:54
Bernie Bowden 5:56 (new club F50 record)
Ian Jenkins 6:01
Stewart Spink 6:02
Rayaz Mohammed 6:07
Ewan Gibb 6:24
David Bower 6:33
Claire Bond 6:34 (new club F40 record)
Alun Griffiths 6:35
Graham D'Arcy 6:37
Stephen Hillas 6:41
Jenny Shaw 7:27
Janet Bower 7:51+ (timer malfunction)
Mervyn Silva 7:51+ (timer malfunction)
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