Saltaire Striders newsletter 28th February 2019
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.

The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of March so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 29th March.

Upcoming races/runs

3rd Mar. - Brownlee Centre festival of running (1m/5k/10k/hm/20m)
17th Mar. - Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k
23rd Mar. Yorks Vets grand prix race 1 - Middleton Park, Leeds
24th Mar. Northern 6 / 12 stage road relays - Birkenhead
31st Mar. Keighley Big K 10k
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Club Trip Reims 2019
Date : Sunday 20th October
Distances : Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k

For full details see the January newsletter.
If you already know that you will be joining the trip, or have any questions  then please e-mail Lindsey Pearson 

A warm welcome to the following new members who have joined Saltaire Striders in 2019.  We hope you enjoy running with us and we help you to achieve some of the goals you have set yourself.
David McGonigle, Liz Halfpenny, Samuel Sharp, Anthony Doggett, Ian Dickinson and Mark Sutherland.


Happy birthday to the following members who have a birthday in March


Patricia Craven, Anthony Doggett, Hannah Elliott, Michelle Eyres, Anne Foster, Fran Guy, Liz Halfpenny, Kirstie Homes, Simon Latimer, Charlotte Martin, Dairine Nethercott, Laura Parkin, Samuel Sharp, Kath Stone, Graham Terry, Lesley Watson and especially to James Goodall and Matt Lawson who turn 30 this month and Gary Western who, shall we just say, changes vet category this month.
Peco Cross Country league
Race 5 - Roundhay Park


15 ladies, the team finished 5th of 7 in league 1 and preserved their league 1 status for next year. The team were 6th in the Vets premier league. Helen Love claimed individual series honours with 2nd F60.

106th Claire Bond 40:35
107th Louise Nash 40:39
111th Janet Bower 40:46
128th Tracy Foy 41:38
156th Helen Brant 42:56
190th Helen Love 44:31 (2nd F60)
239th Kerry Wood 46:44
242nd Louise Dell'Amico 46:58
248th Harriet Fletcher 47:07
301st Denise Davis 49:41
311th Cat Bruckner 50:12
337th Sheila Bugg 53:26
338th Fran Guy 53:33
344th Carolyn Rix 54:24
355th Sheila Pepper 56:46

Race 5 Ladies results

Race 5 Ladies team results


24 men, the team finished 5th again preserving their premier league status for next year.  The team completed a clean sweep in the Vets league winning the competition in all 5 races with Tim Baldwin (3rd overall), Will Kerr (3rd V40), Martin Fillingham (2nd V45), Andy Brown (1st V50), Stuart Dunbar (1st V55) and Mick Chambers (2nd V65) all taking individual series honours.

6th Tim Baldwin 27:37
31st Martin Fillingham 29:34 (3rd V45)
38th Will Kerr 29:54
40th Andy Brown 29:57 (1st V50)
58th Matt Richardson 30:41
64th Stuart Dunbar 30:53 (1st V55)
101st Steve Fowler 32:02
114th Ewan Gibb 32:26
118th Richard Bond 32:39
123rd Kyle Bethell 32:49
144th Loris Dell'Amico 33:29
238th Jeremy Rix 36:34
246th Mick Chambers 36:38 (1st V65)
271st Tim Spencer 37:53
283rd Martin Love 38:22
288th Alun Griffiths 38:34
298th Jack Verity 38:46
317th Darren Parker 39:16
335th David Bower 40:07
347th Gary Western 40:36
382nd Mohanlal Mistry 42:50
394th Barney Lerner 43:20
427th Mike Moss 47:36
439th Mervyn Silva 50:14

Race 5 mens results

Race 5 mens team results

Series Mens individual results

Series team results

Tim Baldwin 3rd overall
Martin Fillingham 2nd V45
Stuart Dunbar (1st V55)
Will Kerr (3rd V40) and Andy Brown (1st V50)
Helen Love (2nd F60)
Mick Chambers (2nd V65)

Photos courtesy of Nigel Pepper
New John Carr Trail Series

Entries are now open for the new John Carr trail series to be held on Wed. 1st, 8th and 15th May.

The race headquarters for registration, parking, toilets, etc. will be Titus Salts school and the race start is in the field behind the Roberts Park cricket pavilion.

Race 1 Wed. 1st May– 4m trail/fell race – circular route from near Roberts Park in Saltaire, over fields, tracks, woods & moor to Baildon Trig point and back.

Full details and entry via RaceBest

Race 2 Wed. 8th May – 5k flat trail race on riverbank/canal towpath.

Full details and entry via RaceBest

Race 3 Wed. 15th May – 3 x 3m trail relay (lap times will be included in series total).

 Full details and entry via RaceBest

Return to Running

If you're in need of some motivation to get back into your running, Ian Dickinson is leading Return to Running sessions each Monday in March from Caroline Street - these will be in addition to the usual 3 Monday night runs.
Saturday/Sunday long runs

There is a closed facebook group Saltaire Marathon And Long Run Friends for people who are interested in doing some longer runs during the winter at a steady pace.  The runs are arranged via the group on an ad-hoc basis.  If interested please ask to join the group.
Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be held on 27h March - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.
Race Results
Leeds 5k series race 1

9th Martin Fillingham 17:01 (1st V45)
189th Suzanne Hague 27:04
191st Louise Dell'Amico 27:05
192nd Josie Briggs 27:06

Full results

Ilkley Moor fell race

132nd John Singh 56:13
248th Mohanlal Mistry 74:20

Full results

Midgley Moor Fell race

24th Mick Chambers 54:12 (3rd V60)

Full results

Stanley Park 10k

255th Sheila Pepper 61:52

Full results

Oulton Park track half marathon

Gavin Hamilton 1:47:05
Rayaz Mohammed 1:54:29
Claire Thaper 2:08:44

Full results

Snake Lane 10m

Helen Brant 1:23:30
Dairine Nethercott 1:42:17

Full results

English National Cross-Country championships

500th Will Kerr 44:55
656th Martin Fillingham 46:25
690th Matt Nowell 46:44
768th Andy Brown 47:23
802nd Matt Richardson 47:46
849th Stuart Dunbar 48:09
1979th Mohanlal Mistry 72:31

Full results

Liversedge Half Marathon

37th Kyle Bethell 1:28:20
145th Jeremy Rix 1:43:41
169th Ian Dickinson 1:46:35
179th Martin Love 1:47:50
214th Janet Bower 1:51:13 (3rd F50)
225th Lee East 1:51:57
245th Tracy Foy 1:54:54
278th Helen Love 1:58:50 (3rd F60)
463rd Carolyn Rix 2:38:28

Full results

Wadsworth Trog 'The Beast' 19m fell race

6th Matt Richardson 2:58:44
79th John Singh 3:40:46
108th Ewan Gibb 3:53:45
160th Igs Robun 4:27:19

Full results

Dewsbury 10k

20th Tim Baldwin 33:30
122nd Craig Beza 37:10
186th Simon Frazer 38:47
205th Ian Jenkins 39:04
235th Stewart Spink 39:33
317th Chris Jones 41:04
364th Richard Thomas 41:46
411th Jermey Rix 42:30
571st Alun Griffiths 45:18
771st Noel Fitzpatrick 49:00
779th Lee East 48:40
840th Helen Love 50:06 (2nd F60)
892nd Barney Lerner 50:25
1186th Josie Briggs 55:08
1238th Nick Breare 56:37
1244th Suzanne Hague 56:30
1309th Craig Elliott 58:52
1348th Michelle Reynolds 58:06
1448th Carolyn Rix 61:19
1493rd Julia Beaumont 62:50
1605th Judith Nunn 68:05
1649th Heather Bayliss 71:46

Full results

Dewsbury 10k Pbs Simon Frazer (38:47 - 43s improvement), Ian Jenkins (39:03 - 1:14 improvement), Chris Jones (41:04 - 4s improvement), Stewart Spink (39:33 - 24s improvement), Craig Beza (37:10 - 44s improvement).
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2019

Details of the full grand prix schedule are now almost complete with just race 9 to be confirmed (being organised by Roundhay Runners).  Online registration for race 1 should open in early March.

Sat. 23rd March - Middleton Park, Leeds
Sun. 14th Apr. (TBC) - Honley
Tues. 28th May - Kirkstall
Thur. 13th June - West Park, Leeds
Wed. 26th June - West Vale
Tue. 23rd July - Bingley (organised by Saltaire Striders)
Wed. 7th Aug. - Halifax
Wed. 21st Aug. - York (Knavesmire)
Sun. 10th Nov. - Spenborough

Watch this space (or Yorkshire Vets web site) for further updates.
January Strider of the Month

Sheila Bugg - Sheila joined the club 4 years ago completing the beginners course. Since then she has managed to achieve goals in her running despite being set back many times due to her health. More recently she has managed to take part in pecos and run over 100 miles in January shortly after thinking she may never be able to return to running. Sheila shows such determination, perseverance and strength when others would just give up. She is also such a thoughtful person who encourages and supports others who are new to running and is always happy to cheer and support others in the club. We could all learn a thing or 2 from such a lovely lady.
Club Championship 2019
The early leaders after 2 races are Helen Love and Stewart Spink tied on 95 points for the Premiership, Tim Baldwin on 99 closely followed by Jeremy Rix on 97 in the first division and Mick Chambers and Michelle Reynolds tied on 50 points in the 2nd division.
Premier Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Helen Love 95 2
2 Stewart Spink 95 2
3 Alun Griffiths 88 2
4 Carolyn Rix 79 2
5 Nick Breare 78 2
6 Heather Bayliss 68 2
7 Stuart Dunbar 50 1
8 Martin Fillingham 49 1
9 Ian Jenkins 48 1
10 Will Kerr 48 1
11 Bernie Bowden 47 1
12 Simon Frazer 47 1
13 Barney Lerner 45 1
14 Matthew Richardson 44 1
15 Jack Verity 43 1
16 Noel Fitzpatrick 42 1
17 Louise Nash 41 1
18 Craig Elliott 41 1
19 Loris Dell'Amico 40 1
20 Ewan Gibb 39 1
21 John Singh 38 1
22 Mohanlal Mistry 37 1
23 Alan Douglas 35 1
24 Frank Beecroft 33 1
25 Mervyn Silva 32 1
26 Sarah Sherratt 31 1
27 Louise Dell'Amico 30 1
28 Richard Smith 29 1
First Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Tim Baldwin 99 2
2 Jeremy Rix 97 2
3 Andy Brown 50 1
4 Craig Beza 48 1
5 Chris Jones 47 1
6 Stephen Hetherington 47 1
7 Suzanne Hague 46 1
8 Gary Western 46 1
9 Josephine Briggs 45 1
10 Sheila Pepper 45 1
11 Kerry Wood 44 1
12 Lee East 44 1
13 Gemma Hailwood-McCallion 43 1
14 Judith Nunn 43 1
Second Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Mick Chambers 50 1
2 Michele Reynolds 50 1
3 Joseph Rayner 49 1
4 Richard Thomas 49 1
5 Janet Bower 48 1
6 Julia Beaumont 48 1
7 David Bower 47 1
8 Tom Ratcliffe 46 1
9 Wendy Hey 45 1
10 Darren Parker 44 1
11 Brett Jackson 43 1
12 Michael Moss 42 1
13 Simon Furlong 41 1
14 Laura Lickley 40 1
15 Frances Guy 39 1
16 Anne Mason 38 1
17 Shiela Bugg 37 1
The list of the 2019 championship races is listed below.

Note Abbey Dash has been confirmed as 27th Oct. and returns to a straight out and back course starting and finishing outside Leeds Town Hall.
1 Peco cross-country  5m trail Jan 20th
2 Dewsbury 10k 10k Road Feb 5th
3 Epilepsy Action 10k 10k Road Mar 17th Enter online
4 Keighley BIG 10k 10k Road Mar 31st Enter Online
5 Baildon Boundary Way 13.1m Trail Apr 7th Enter online
6 Vale of York 10 10m Road Apr 14th Enter online
7 Guiseley Gallop 10k Trail Apr 21st Enter online
8 Up the Odda 10k Trail May 4th Enter online
9 Leeds Half 13.1m Road May 12th Enter online
10 Apperley Bridge Canter 10k Trail May ?
11 Otley 10 10m Road June 12th Enter online
12 Solstice Saunter 5m Trail June 21st Enter online
13 Rush Round the Rhubarb
14 Eccup 10 10m Road June 30th  Enter online
15 Horton Park Run 5K Road July 20th
16 Arthur James Shakerr 13k Trail Aug. 4th Enter online
17 Even Splits 5K Road Aug ?
18 Vale of York 13.1m Road Sept ?
19 Kirkstall Abbey 7m 7m Trail Sept ?
20 Lister Park park run 5K Road Oct ?
21 Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/13 Road Oct ?
22 Abbey Dash 10k Road Oct. 27th
23 Guy Fawkes 10 10m Road Nov 3rd
24 Harriers v Cyclists 5m Trail Nov ?
25 Peco Cross Country 5m Trail Dec ?
26 Any Marathon 26.2m
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are now every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down. discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Announcements tab on the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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