Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th September
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of October so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 28th October.

Upcoming races/runs

8th Oct. Bramley 10k
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22nd  Oct. Holmfirth 10k/15m
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29th Oct. Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/HM
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5th Nov. Guy Fawkes 10m
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Abbey Dash 10k
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Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
The Pecos are coming

The Pecos are a series of 5 trail/cross-country races throughout the winter usually about 4.5/5 miles with lots of mud, great club camararderie and chocolate!  If you haven't done them before give them a try.

26th Nov. Nostell Priory
10th Dec. Temple Newsam
7th Jan. Roundhay Park
21st Jan. Golden Acre Park
11th Feb. Middleton Park
Social Events


The 2017 AGM will be held on Thursday 7th December at Caroline Street Social Club. The club run for that night will be from Caroline Street rather than Nuffield - in past years, this has been a set time out-and-back on the road to Bingley. All  Striders are encouraged to attend the AGM - a fantastic buffet will be provided and we have the largest room at the Social Club this year!
Christmas meal
This year's Christmas meal will be in the private function suite at The Aagrah, Shipley. This will take place on the evening of Saturday 16th December and will likely feature a beverage or two at Fanny's Ale House post-meal. More details will follow in due course.
Pie & Peas
The thoroughly ridiculous Strava-art, Christmas jumper and pie & peas night will take place on Thursday 21st December. Last year featured a wonky reindeer and an inappropriate snowman. A really fun night with pie & peas provided by the club and a chance to have a final run and drink together before Christmas. Again, more details will follow in due course.
Remember, every single one of you is a member of this running club. As such, you are all encouraged to attend any/all of the events! We hope to see lots of our newer runners joining the longer standing members to celebrate together during the festive period. We are all Saltaire Striders!
Away Runs

The last Tuesday of each month will continue to be an Away run from Esholt, with drinks afterwards in the Woolpack.
Club Welfare

The club welafre officer is Helen Brant.  If there is an accident/incident on a club training run then the relevant leader should complete an accident report form from the meets page on the club web site and report it to Helen.

However, Helen is not just interested in accidents she would also like to know about happier events within the Striders family (weddings, births, exam success, etc.) so that she can send  an appropriate gift from the members.  She will also send appropriate gifts for less happy events.

So if you know about something that is coming up or has happened which involves a fellow strider then please let Helen know about it.

To Pete Hopson and his wife and Chris Stott and Leashia Dickinson on their recent marriages.
Baildon No Watch race

Stuart Dunbars recipe for success ...

1) Don't run as fast you can but rather as slow as you like.
2) Avoid the racing line and don't cut any corners.
3) Do as many recce's of the course as you can as long as they are nothing like the real race.
4) Chat amiably with your fellow runners.
5) Stop for a toilet break half way round.
6) Don't sprint for the line but walk the last few metres.
I hope this is useful advice to some....

Stuart Dunbar Long   0:49:00 0:49:00 0:00:00 1
Sue Gallagher Short   0:46:07 0:45:59 0:00:08 2
Alun Griffiths Short   0:41:00 0:41:35 0:00:35 3
Helen Foster Short   0:43:20 0:42:43 0:00:37 4
Andy Brown Long   0:49:17 0:50:03 0:00:46 5
Claire D'Arcy Short   0:45:40 0:44:47 0:00:53 6
Fiona Farquhar Short   0:45:13 0:44:14 0:00:59 7
Rob Myers Short   0:42:05 0:40:49 0:01:16 8
Gary Weston Long   0:54:23 0:53:00 0:01:23 9
Ewan Gibb Short   0:35:27 0:36:56 0:01:29 10
Liz Hamilton Short   0:45:08 0:46:44 0:01:36 11=
Claire Thaper Short   0:45:07 0:46:43 0:01:36 11=
Kieran Livett Long   0:55:12 0:56:52 0:01:40 13
Pippa Bird Short   0:39:10 0:41:08 0:01:58 14
Shiela Bugg Long   0:49:32 0:47:15 0:02:17 15=
John McNiffe Long   0:51:26 0:49:09 0:02:17 15=
Steven Grimshaw Short   0:54:34 0:52:11 0:02:23 17
Charlotte Hardy Short   0:42:30 0:44:59 0:02:29 18
Sarah Miller Short   0:47:04 0:49:35 0:02:31 19
Richard Carden Short   0:45:10 0:47:52 0:02:42 20
Nat Bottomley Short   0:45:30 0:42:41 0:02:49 21
Mel Akeroyd Short   0:41:05 0:44:00 0:02:55 22
Duane Craven Long   0:45:15 0:48:14 0:02:59 23
Rebecca Carden Short   0:44:50 0:47:50 0:03:00 24
Stewart Spink Long   0:44:30 0:47:36 0:03:06 25
Steve Fowler Long   0:43:15 0:39:57 0:03:18 26
Jo Bloor Short   0:51:20 0:47:57 0:03:23 27
Adam Camp Long   0:50:02 0:46:24 0:03:38 28
Rahul Mehra Short   0:40:42 0:44:21 0:03:39 29
John Crabtree Long   1:05:00 1:01:16 0:03:44 30=
Jo Millsom Short   0:47:00 0:50:44 0:03:44 30=
Graham Corbett Long   0:43:45 0:39:58 0:03:47 32
Carolyn Hargreaves Long   1:08:02 1:04:14 0:03:48 33
Cathryn Berry Short   0:45:44 0:49:34 0:03:50 34
Helen Western Short   0:36:04 0:40:00 0:03:56 35
Kingswoth Long   1:07:04 1:03:07 0:03:57 36
Amanda Hibbert Short   0:48:59 0:45:00 0:03:59 37
Sarah Willis Short   0:49:12 0:44:53 0:04:19 38
Jess Alred Short   0:46:56 0:51:20 0:04:24 39
Steve Hargreaves Short   0:31:30 0:35:59 0:04:29 40
Helen Thornton Long   1:09:30 1:04:43 0:04:47 41
Darren Jukes Long   0:54:55 0:50:01 0:04:54 42
Karen Baildon Short   0:47:30 0:42:27 0:05:03 43
John Buddle Long   0:54:54 0:49:48 0:05:06 44
Ian Dickinson Short   0:39:50 0:44:58 0:05:08 45
Liz Caven Long   1:00:34 0:55:16 0:05:18 46
Stephen Brown Long   0:57:45 0:52:20 0:05:25 47
Geoff Perigo Short   0:48:00 0:42:28 0:05:32 48
Jonathan Picken Long   1:02:24 0:56:50 0:05:34 49
Claire Cockcroft Short   0:45:40 0:51:22 0:05:42 50
Dave Armstrong Short   0:39:58 0:45:44 0:05:46 51
Pippa Jones Short   0:51:07 0:45:16 0:05:51 52
Nigel Shaw Long   0:55:04 0:49:06 0:05:58 53
Jeff Singleton Long   0:56:06 0:49:47 0:06:19 54
Craig Elliott Short   0:43:52 0:37:27 0:06:25 55
Piero Tozzi Long   0:59:10 0:52:34 0:06:36 56
Ben Watson Long   0:50:36 0:43:46 0:06:50 57
Helen Pennington Short   00:34:06 00:41:02 0:06:56 58
Gary Pennington Long   0:57:36 0:50:36 0:07:00 59
Joe Percival Long   0:56:18 0:49:16 0:07:02 60
Richard Smith Short   0:36:40 0:43:53 0:07:13 61
David Long Long   1:01:29 0:53:31 0:07:58 62
Kerry Wood Short   00:33:50 0:41:55 0:08:05 63
Ian Hartman Short   0:51:00 0:42:14 0:08:46 64
Ben Pearson Long   0:47:47 0:58:33 0:10:46 65
Richard Lund Long   1:02:50 0:51:59 0:10:51 66
Liz Redmond Short   0:58:30 0:46:40 0:11:50 67
Tony Grant Short   1:00:00 0:47:16 0:12:44 68
Farewell to Keith Abson

A lot of you won't know or appreciate that Keith Abson has been a member of the club for more than 25 years.  Keith has recently moved house and has decided to change clubs to join Rothwell Harriers.

Keith and I ran as pairs a few of times in the early 90s in the Yorkshireman Off-road marathon (when it was only open to pairs) the first one being nearer 28 miles than 26 and also the 33mile Haworth Hobble.  In 1992 we had a great run almost sprinting across Penistone Hill after 32 miles to get home in an Elite time of 4hrs 58m.

Keith also had a good turn of speed over 10k running 35:12 as a V40 in the Beckfield 10k which would give the likes of Graham Corbett and Matt Richardson a run for their money (note a young Quentin Lewis left in his wake).

We wish you well Keith and hopefully see you at the Peco races in the winter.

After 27 years of competing in this event, Saltaire Striders were victorious in emphatic fashion, winning by almost 5 minutes. The B team were 18th in 8:44:14 and the C team 37th in 10:20:07 out of a record entry of 54 teams.
1st  Will Kerr 01:10:17 18th Richard Stone 01:23:07 37th Helen Love 01:40:51
07:04:40 Marcin Soszka 2nd 08:44:14 Greg Hull 15th 10:20:07 Tracy Foy 36th
  Matt Nowell 01:17:34   Lesley Watson 01:30:18   Mel Akeroyd 01:53:37
  Martin Fillingham 3rd   John Singh 18th   Alun Griffiths 41st
  Ali Nash 01:09:50   Duane Craven 01:27:12   Tim Spencer 01:23:44
  Steve Fowler 4th   Alan Douglas 27th   Martin Love 23rd
  Tim Baldwin 01:16:30   Hannah Partner 01:46:11   Gary Pennington 01:42:53
  Andy Brown 1st   Louise Nash 31st   Craig Elliott 27th
  Tom Lee 01:08:08   Ian Jenkins 01:21:56   Kath Stone 01:45:05
  Stuart Dunbar 4th   Darren Parker 24th   Helen Pennington 45th
  Simon Themistocleous 01:02:21   Ewan Gibb 01:15:30   Jayne Hart 01:53:57
  Matt Richartdson 4th   Bernie Bowden 13th   Tony Hart 54th
Full results
Race Results

English half marathon

627 Laura Richardson 1:44:33
916th Frank Beecroft 1:50:00
1833rd Josie Briggs 2:05:55
2005th Mervyn Silva 2:08:37
20082 Suzanne Hague 2:09:47

Full results

Tadcaster 10m

365 Ann Upton 1:53:40
376 Heather Bayliss 2:00:40

Full results

Three Shires fell race

139th John Singh 3:22:26

Full results

Salomon World Series Vertical Kilometre

63rd Ali Nash 64.22

Longshaw Sheepdog Trials Fell Race

17th Ali Nash 49.10 (1st V45)

Hardmoors 60m trail race

Igs Bobun 15:14:00
Graham Terry 15:59:00

Kirkstall Abbey 7m trail race

17th Ali Nash 45:01 (2nd V45)
53rd Bernie Bowden 50:25 (2nd F45)
74th Louise Nash 51:50
106th Gary Pennington 54:59
112th Alan Douglas 55:20
181st Philippa Bird 62:29
198th Frank Masley 63:20 (2nd V65)
211th Sarah Sherratt 64:35
262nd Sylvia Ross 68:02 (1st F65)
268th Pete Huby 69:02
302nd Claire Thaper 73:34
314th Carolyn Rix 75:13

Full results

Northern 6 stage road relays

 49th Saltaire Striders 2:16:50
1 Will Kerr (61) 22:11
2 Peter Hopson (56) 22:27
3 Matthew Nowell (55) 22:33
4 Martin Fillingham (54) 23:02
5 Graham Corbett (52) 23:25
6 Matthew Richardson (50) 23:12

Full results

Tiree Ultra

124th Alun Griffiths
The conditions were bloody awful, 30mph headwinds for most of the last 9 miles, rain hail, you name it

Full results

Yorkshireman off-road Marathon/Half Marathon


26th Richard Stone 4:14:33

Half Marathon
57th Paul Disney 2:17:40

Full results

Vale of York Half Marathon

6th Will Kerr 75:14 (2nd V40)
21st Matt Richardson 78:50
34th Matt Nowell 81:25
35th Stuart Dunbar 81:24 (2nd V55)
234th Ian Jenkins 1:32:48
289th Ewan Gibb 1:34:50
377th Craig Beza 1:38:24
415th John Singh 1:39:03
434th Alan Douglas 1:40:16
Mohanlal Mistry 1:55:26
Kamil Zakowski 1:56:36
Frank Masley 2:00:01
Sarah Sherratt 2:07:41
Esther Silva 2:08:52
Carolyn Rix 2:25:30
Sheila Pepper 2:33:51

Full results

Great North Run

Simon Frazer 1:28:31
Stewart Spink 1:30:51
Ben Pearson 1:35:18
Graham Terry 1:35:57
David Wilson 1:39:51
Will Collinson 1:56:23
Dairine Nethercott 2:00:46
Charlotte Martin 2:26:35
Laura Greenwood 2:40:48
Nicola Willoughby 2:46:51

Guernsey Marathon

=71st Gary Western 4:29:09
=71st Helen Western 4:29:09

Full results

Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
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Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2017
It has now been confirmed that there will only be 6 races in this years grand prix the final race is

12th November - Cleckheaton

August Strider of the Month
Helen Western for her Marathon performance in Guernsey. I have been inspired by her training, particularly how she has upped her distance since starting at the club but also in her fantastic pace. Helen has also run in many of the Vets races, putting in the effort when the runs have been a distance to travel. 
Club Championship 2017

Only 4 races left in this years championship (and 2 of those are on the same day).  Next up are the Bradford City runs on 29th Oct, with a choice of 5k/10k or half marathon followed by the choice of Abbey Dash 10k or Guy Fawkes 10m.

29th Oct. Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/HM
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5th Nov. Guy Fawkes 10m
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Abbey Dash 10k
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Latest standings
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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