Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th November 2021
Welcome to the latest edition of the Saltaire Striders newsletter.

If you would like anything to be included in the next edition of the newsletter please submit it here before 23rd Dec.
Social Events

Curry Night

The next meet-up will be on Friday January 14th at the Cardamon in Bingley. Time TBA. Drinks prior to this are planned to be at Chip N Ern.

Please let Ewan know if you would like to attend. Partners/friends welcome - the more the merrier!

Christmas meal Friday 10th December

Get your festive season off to a crack(er)ing start by joining us at the Saltaire Striders Christmas Meal 2021.
We will have exclusive use of the upstairs dining room at Don't Tell Titus, and there will be 'spot prizes' for some lucky Striders!
We have reserved an area in the downstairs bar - with cocktails, if you should fancy, on offer at 2 for £14 -  from 19:00 for Striders and their guests to share a pre-dinner drink and natter before we head upstairs for 1930 for a sumptious three-course feast.
Places are limited so don't miss out - book your ticket now!
  • Tomato and red pepper soup, shaved pakoras with toasted sourdough. (V. G f on request)
  • Smoked Salmon and prawn fishcakes, goat’s cheese mousse and a micro herb salad.
  • Baked honey truffle camembert, rosemary and thyme and chutney with toasted sourdough. (V. G f on request)
  • Punjabi scotch egg, Keema, cucumber and mint salad with a creamy dahl sauce.
  • Roast breast of butter turkey, Cumberland and apricot stuffing, pigs in blankets, duck fat roasted potatoes, and a rich red wine gravy.
  • Punjabi platter:
    • Meat- mum’s chicken curry, Keema, dahl and bhatura bread.
    • Vegetarian- baigan bharta, aloo chole, dahl and bhatura bread.
  • Chargrilled Yorkshire bred Sirloin, confit field mushroom, vine roasted cherry tomatoes, spiced gravy and chunky chips. (£3 supplement)
  • Stuffed peppers with baigan bharta, bombay betroot salad, cumcumber and mint raita with a fruity pilaf. (V. G f on request)
  • Luxury Christmas pudding, with brandy cream.
  • Punjabi apple crumble, cardamom custard.
  • Chocolate brownie, forest fruits and white chocolate ice cream.
  • Cheeseboard selection, three cheeses, Yorkshire biscuits, chutney and fruits.

Christmas running 'flash-mob'..

mid-December (TBC)

Pie & Peas / Christmas Jumper / StravArt night -

Nuffield for club runs, followed by The Junction pub, Thursday 23rd December.

Looking forward to 2022, we hope to arrange a club trip to a UK race, with food and drinks post-race. If you have any suggestions of an event which you think should be considered (ideally with at least two distance options e.g 10k and HM), please do get in touch with me or another member of the committee. And the club awards night will also take place in late-Spring/early-Summer!

look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events!
New Members
We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members who have recently joined the club:
Garry Pennington Full
Jane Hughes Social
Laura Sykes Full
Mike Lodge Full
John Hudson Full
David Fox Social
Josie Cram Full
Laurence Crummay Full
Anne Barber Full
December Featured Race-The Chevin Chase

The ever popular Boxing Day 7 mile off-roader is back for 2021, and is a very amusing and entertaining run enjoyed by 1400 hardy souls looking to burn off some calories from the excesses of the day before. A challenging up and down route from Guiseley and back including the legendary Chevin sees a guaranteed large Strider presence. Fancy dress or Christmas related outfits are almost compulsory!  
Chevin Chase - YouTube
Selected Local Upcoming Races in December

December 11th Lister Park Park Run 5k (Club Championship Race)
December 12th Bingley Baubles 5k/10k/Half Marathon/Full Marathon
December 26th Chevin Chase 7 miles (race full)
December 31st Auld Lang Syne Fell Race 7 miles 

Club Championship

Upcoming races and details of how the championship works are on the website.: New members are automatically added to the second division.

The championship race is now well under way, and the standings in the three divisions are shown below, and is up to date following the Tadcaster 10 race on Sunday November 21st. The qualification is completing 8 of the selected races from the list on the website. If you do more than this, then the best 8 results count.

The next scoring 'race' is Lister parkrun on 11th December, followed by the West Park Peco in the new year.  Hope to see as many of you there as possible - while it might just be too late for Stuart to catch Martin, there are plenty of promotion & relegation places yet to be decided!
Note that your fastest marathon (2020-2021) also counts for the club championship.  If you're not sure whether yours has been counted (i.e. if you didn't see the recent Facebook post) please get in touch with Tim Mosedale and he'll add you on.
Now to the scores:
- Both Martin Fillingham and Stuart Dunbar added a single point at Tadcaster at the top of the premier division with Alun Griffiths moving up into 3rd place with his 8th race.
- David and Janet Bower are both still sitting at the top of the first division, with Donna Hector stretching her lead in the second division.

Premier Division                                                    First Division                                             
Rank                               Score   Races                Rank                       Score  Races      
       1 Martin Fillingham      398      8                           1 David Bower            390    8                      
       2 Stuart Dunbar           396      8                           2 Janet Bower            339    7                  
       3 Alun Griffiths             372      8                           3 Andy Brown             250    5                  
       4 Nick Breare              353       8                           4 Judith Nunn            185     4                 
       5 Mervyn Silva             340      8                           5 Richard Thomas     175     4                
       6 Claire Thaper            335      8                           6 Richard Bond          147    3                 
       7 Tim Mosedale           301      7                           7 Paul Parkins            145    3                 
       8 Suzanne Hague        266      6                           8 Rayaz Mohammed  143    3                  
       9 Rachel Parker           255      6                           9 Sylvia Ross             143    3                  
     10 Will Kerr                    247      5                         10 Claire Bond             143    3                 
     11 Helen Love                240      5                         11 Ian M Dickinson      143    3                 
    12 Stewart Spink            239      5                         12 Darren Parker          139    3                   
     13 Helen Brant               227      6                         13 Chris Jones             139    3                  
     14 Alan Douglas             223      5                         14 Stephen Hillas        137    3                  
     15 Noel Fitzpatrick         223      5                         15 Stephen Heth'ton    100    2                   
     16 Craig Elliott               188      5                         16 Gary Western            91    2                   
     17 Martin Love               186      4                         17 Helen Western          90    2                  
     18 Simon Frazer            144      3                         18 Heather Bayliss        90    2                
     19 Jez Rix                      139      3                         19 Liz Hamilton             89    2                  
     20 Loris Dell'Amico        125      3                          20 Sheila Pepper          87    2                  
     21 Tracy Foy                  128      3                          21 Frances Guy            83    2                   
    22  Louise Dell'Amico     125     3                           22 Gillian Hyde             49    1                  
     23 Kerry Wood               120      3                          23 Steven Fowler         49    1                    
     24 Josie Briggs              119      3                          24 Jack Verity               49    1                    
     25 Denise Davis             117     3                          25 Craig Beza               46    1                    
     26 Ian Jenkins                  92     2                          26 Richard Stone          40    1                   
     27 Louise Nash                91     2                          27 Fiona Farquhar        38    1                    
     28 John Singh                  82     2                          28 Phillipa Bird                0    0                  
     29 Frank Beecroft            70      2                         29 Darren Longhorn        0    0                  
     30 Mel Aykeroyd              61      2                         30 Harriet Fletcher          0    0                   
     31 Bernie Bowden           47      1                         31 Diane Nethercott        0    0                  
     32 Mohaniel Mistry          46      1                                                                                     
     33 Ewan Gibb                  44      1                                                                        
     34 Barney Lerner             44      1                                                                           
     35 Gavin Hamilton           43      1                                                                        
     36 Carolyn Rix                 39      1                                                                        
     37 Frank Masley                0      0                                                                         
     38 Richard Smith               0      0                                                                            

Second Division
      1  Donna Hector           321      7 
      2 Joanne Hardaker       232      5
      3  Richard Airey            229      5
      4  Marcin Soszka          200      4
      5  Richard Sykes          197      4
      6  Graham D'Arcy         186      4
      7  Michael Moss           183      4 
      8  Tom Kay                   147      3
      9  Deborah Moore        129      3 
    10  Tim Spencer             100      2
    11  Carl Kernick                98      2
    12  Mick Brearley             97      2
    13  David Pickles             96      2
    14  Jonathan Mullin         96      2
    15  Wendy Hay                93      2
    16  Cat Bruckner             91      2
    17  Richard West             89      2 
    18  Anne Forster              86      2
    19  Sheila Bugg               84      2
    20  Emma Lishman         83      2
    21  Maria Mullin               83      2
    22  Jen Willingham          50      1
    23  Mick Jones                50      1
    24  Nicola Willoughby     50      1
    25  Lisa Prosho               49      1
    26  Alice Lilley                 49      1
    27  David Leaf                 49      1
    28  Ali Azfar                     49      1
    29  Helga Tolentino         49      1
    30  Kathleen Dixon         48      1
    31  Sarah Jones             48      1  
    32  Simon Ford               48     1     
    33  Kris Hale                   48     1
    34  Kathryn Wood           48     1
    35  Jennifer Tutton          48     1
    36  Emma Findlay           47     1
    37  Josh Yeadon             47     1
    38  John Walton              46     1
    39  Vicky Johnston         45     1
    40  Michelle Eyres          45     1
    41  Adam Willoughby      44     1
    42  Reyhana Laher         43     1
    43  Michael Wigglesworth 42    1
    44  Dvaid Stephens        42     1
    45  Ian J Dickinson         42     1
    46  Clare Cockcroft         40     1
    47  Natalie Ellis               38     1
    48  Alistair Nash              38     1   
    49  Amanda Race           37     1


Club Records
The club records are now up to date on the website with as many results as we are able to ascertain.

Recent new club records include:

Martin Fillingham V50 57:02 at the Tadcaster 10

Stuart Dunbar V55 62:03 also at the Tadcaster 10
Yorkshire Vets

For further details visit the Yorkshire Vets website

A private facebook group exists to back up the official YVAA website by "pushing" information out to members and to encourage dialogue, comments and enquires.  Details of how to register can be found at 
October Strider of the Month
Congratulations to Helen Western who is the October Strider of the month. Helen completed the Manchester Marathon in a very impressive time of 3:58:53. Brilliant Helen!

All previous winners of the Strider of the Month can be found on the club website. 
Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be on December 13th  - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.

All previous committee meeting and AGM minutes dating back to 2009 are available to view on the club web site

Committee meeting/AGM minutes archive
Track sessions
Interval sessions at Keighley track are back on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 - Carlton Keighley (formerly UAK), Green Head Rd, Keighley, BD20 6EB

We have a track share arrangement with Ilkley Harriers, each club paying half of the booking fees. Since re-starting, these sessions have proved to be very popular, regularly attracting 20+ Striders every week. This IS NOT just for the rapid runners, all capabilities are catered for!

• Start time is 7.30pm, so arrive a few minutes before, ready for warm up and drills before the main session.

• Entry is £3 collected on attendance - please bring the correct  change.

22 happy Striders following the latest session on November 24th pictured below!

May be an image of 13 people and people standing
Saturday/Sunday long runs

There is a closed facebook group Saltaire Marathon, Long Or Short Run Friends for people who are interested in doing some longer runs (e.g. for company for marathon training)  at a steady pace.  The runs are arranged via the group on an ad-hoc basis.  If interested please ask to join the group.
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Race Results

Great Whernside

51st Mohaniel Mistry  61:08

Guy Fawkes 10 (Club Championship Race)

7th Martin Fillingham 60:51 (1st V50)
33rd Stuart Dunbar 65:39 (1st V55)
124th Rayaz Mohammed 75:39
146th Dave Pickles 77:04
154th Loris Dell'amico 78:04
159th David Bower 78:13
161st Jeremy Rix 78:23
192nd Tim Mosedale 80:13
235th Martin Love 83:11
256th Richard Airey 84:09
402nd Alun Griffiths 91:33
412th Helen Love 92:09
560th Denise Davis 1:40:01
561st Joanne Hardaker 1:40:06
562nd Helen Brant 1:40:13
571st Rachel Parker 1:40:43
573rd Claire Thaper 1:40:44
575th Liz Hamilton 1:40:51
678th Donna Hector 1:52:42
679th Craig Elliott 1:52:44

Peco XC Race 1 Middleton Park

Ladies' Race:

12th Josie Cram (Guest)  36:05
41st Helga Tolentino  39:01
64th Alice Lilley  40:53
68th Rachel Barnes  40:58
69th Jen Willingham  40:58
153rd Helen Western  46:06
161st Tracy Foy  46:37
164th Wendy Hay  47:02
208th Laura Sykes  49:15
223rd Helen Love  50:05 (3rd F60)
239th Louise Dell'amico  50:38
253rd Jenny Shaw  51:37
285th Claire Thaper  54:08 
303rd Donna Hector 56;10
333rd Miami Holt  1:02:04
334th Sheila Pepper  1:02:06 

Mens Race:
2nd Nick Hardy  30:44 (2nd MSEN)
15th Will Kerr  32:20
16th John Navis  32:31
26th Martin Fillingham  32:59 (1st M50)
52nd Stuart Dunbar  34:09 (2nd M55) 
56th Carl Kernick  34:23
111th Rob Henderson  36:19
135th Rich Sykes  36:50
136th Loris Dell'amico 36:51
181st John Singh  38:05
186th Ian Ogden 38:24
211th Jeremy Rix  39:26
214th Rayaz Mohammed  39:34
238th Tim Mosedale  40:39
257th David Bower  41:13
280th David Leaf  42:11 (1st M70)
303rd Andrew Pine  43:14
306th Ian Storey  43:39
327th Stephen Hillas  44:27
351st Alan Douglas  45:56
361st Gary Western  46:38
417th Mervyn Silva  52:38
421st Michael Moss  53:05      

Burley Moor

3rd Andy Brown  50:10
59th Martin Love  1:07:21  

Saltergate Gallows Fell Race

112th David Stephens 2:40:40 

Tadcaster 10 Mile Road Race (Club Championship Race)

6th Martin Fillingham 57:02 (1st MV50) New club record

35th Stuart Dunbar 1:02:03 (1st MV55) New club record

94th Rich Sykes 1:06:58

166th Helga Tolentino 1:12:55

177th Josh Yeadon 1:13:24

232nd Richard Airey 1:17:42

247th Claire Bond 1:18:29

325th Alan Douglas 1:22:47

378th Alun Griffiths 1:25:30

401st Janet Bower 1:26:41

447th Rachel Parker 1:30:47

457th Claire Thaper 1:31:58

587th Donna Hector 1:45:24

649th Michelle Eyres 2:18:51

650th Heather Bayliss 2:18:51

Tadcaster 10 2021 results – RaceBest

Race Reports

Peco XC at Middleton Park

After a long break the first race of the 2021/22 season was held at Middleton Park on 14th November. Following a bit of detective work (and a trip to specsavers) the Gazebo was found and given a bit of a makeover. There were also a few last minute entries to the competition including the daughter of fairly well known Olympic medal winning runner…
With over 60 Striders entries before the day there were around 40 (including a few second claim members) who turned up on fine morning with near perfect conditions for a cross country race. After the traditional team huddle and introductions it was off to the start where the race brief was given. There was a minutes silence prior to the start as it was remembrance Sunday. The usual lap around the field was slightly different this time and the lead runners disappeared into the woods, my theory is that Nick Hardy was caught short and decided to head into the woods and everyone else followed him… The official version is that a marshal had been given conflicting information and was not where he should have been to direct the runners around the field. As most of the field went on this detour the majority decision was to make the results stand as the only other alternative was to scrap the results which would result in a curtailed race series. Personally I don’t think the net effect will have not been significant on the overall results as the mistake happened early on in the race and the consequent advantage/disadvantage would be minimal.
After a lap of the field we then headed into the woods where the path thinned out and became a bit more technical after which we returned to the club tent area and into the woods again on the other side of the field. The route was different from previous years and went into a more open section of Middleton park before returning to the field and finish straight. There were no really hard or steep hills and very little mud for those who don’t like it and maybe not enough for those who do like it but there is still plenty of time to change that…
The individual results were available almost immediately after the race but the team results took a little longer as they are a bit harder to compile. The details are on the Peco XC website:
In short it is the first 9 to finish (7 for ladies) who score points for the club. The points are added up for these positions and the team with the lowest score is ranked highest. You are only allowed one second claim runner per team. It is important to remember you still make a difference for the club even if you don’t finish in a ranked position as you can prevent other clubs scoring as highly by getting in before their runners. There is also a separate division for vets as well as individual points so we all have a part to play. If you haven’t already signed up please consider doing so as it is only £15 for the rest of the series (4 left) Please note that if you enter on the day you will not be eligible to score points for the team.
We are currently 2nd in the ladies first division and 4th in the Men’s premier league and hopefully can maintain those positions or improve them and ensure promotion for the ladies back to the premier league. The next race is on 5th December at Temple Newsham so hopefully we will see lots of you there. If you entered before the first race I will have your race number which you will use for all the races so if you have one already don’t throw it away!



Annual General Meeting Minutes


Saltaire Striders
Annual General meeting
11th November 2021 at 8.15
Caroline Street Club (and viewable on Zoom)
1)         Apologies for absence
There were 50+ members present (including Zoom)
Apologies were received from Suzanne Hague Richard Stone Steve Fowler Tim Mosedale Darren Parker Nicola Willoughby Gillian Hyde Josie Briggs Fiona Farquhar Lindsay Pearson Kerry Wood Mick Jones Alice Lilley Louise and Ali Nash and Nick Brear
although some of these were watching on Zoom
2)         Minutes of the last AGM 25th November 2020
Were accepted as a true record
3)         Election of officers
The Secretary (Alun Griffiths) reported that there had been only one nomination for some posts so the following had been elected unopposed:
            Chair                           Ewan Gibb
            Treasurer                    Tim Mosedale
            Membership                Martin Fillingham
            Communications         David Bower
            Male Vets Captain      Andy Brown
There had been no nomination for the post of John Carr Chair so nominations were opened at the meeting in accordance with the constitution. Richard West was nominated and elected unopposed.
Alun explained that as Ewan would be resigning from the role of Social Secretary this post would become vacant and would be filled by cooption in accordance with the constitution.
There had been 2 nominations for the post of Ladies Captain, and a ballot had been opened as laid out in the constitution, with a number of votes having been received by email. Before the ballot was continued at the meeting a member (Will Kerr) stated that he felt  the ballot should be open to all club members, not just women and spoke giving his reasons. The secretary advised that he did not believe that the ballot could be extended to all members at this point as it was already underway under the rules in the constitution. It would be possible for the meeting to agree to suspend the ballot, after which the constitution could be changed by agreement at an EGM and a new ballot held under any new rules.
After some discussion the meeting voted to continue with the ballot as currently constituted. Some members requested that the committee discuss this issue and bring a constitutional amendment to a future EGM to be decided on by the club. The Secretary committed to do this.
The ballot was then completed and Claire Thaper was elected to the post of Ladies Captain.
4)         Treasurers Report (Year to 31/3/21)
The treasurer was unable to be present due to work commitments and there was no report. One will be circulated to all members as soon as possible.
5)         Chairmans Report
The Chair (Rachel Parker) Gave her report:
I dont know how many Catholics we have in the club, but in the 70s there was a Pope that ruled for a long time, who was replaced by another Pope who didnt really hang around very long. 33 days in fact
This is pretty much my position as Chair. I took over from Mike who had been chair since the dinosaurs walked the earth and sadly only managed to stay a short while
So, this is my report from Nov 2020 to August 2021
After the last AGM, which you will remember was Zoom only, no sandwiches, but probably still plenty of wine, things were quiet for the club. There was no Christmas do to look forward to, no PECOs to attend. The first and most significant thing for the club was getting the female captain to do her first post-partum run, so when Erin was six weeks Captain and Chair went for a run and did not parkrun, complete with gurns. Nature was healing.
Covid meant we could not have a Christmas night out, but Ewan organised a virtual Christmas quiz. 2020 was the year of the lockdown quiz which were always well attended, and this was no exception. With the prize being wine and chocolate, the stakes were high, and it was very competitive, I wont say who won but she may be standing not a million miles away from you
Ewan also organised a fun Saturday run a few days before Christmas where in striders took to the street of Saltire in a socially distance fancy dress flash mob. Jingle bells, stripey tights and antlers galore with Ewan giving out yet more chocolate (are you just a feeder Ewan?)  like the happy Christmas elf that he was
In the absence of any races, the height of winter coincided with more virtual races and Sheila Pepper, Heather Bayliss and Sheila Bugg were more people to complete Land End John O Groats 874 miles over the year. These challenges kept people motivated, a medal is a medal however you earn it.
January started full of optimism but by the 4th things were to change. That Monday night its fair to say Noah was out building his ark, such was the nature of the rain, but most of us knew lockdown was about to be announced that night and out of sheer bloody mindedness many of us attended the last club training run for some time as we knew it was out last chance. Rumour has it Noah took a pair of Striders into the ark that night with the rest of the animals. We never worked out which two.
I cant remember when we came out of lockdown and couldnt bear to have to trawl official website to find out, but by spring some sense of normality was returning, and races and training were happening again.
Once racing began again, people really took the bull by the horns and did some crazy distances. Bernie Bowden did her first ultra and won SOTM for her 34-mile trot. Rob Henderson won SOTM for completing Bob Graham round unsupported, for those not familiar with Bob Graham its the equivalent of 21.29 park runs back-to-back but whilst climbing Kilimanjaro with only some Kendal mint cake for company. Its a bit tough. I think he may have won a Blue Peter badge as well as SOTM.
(More to come about silly distance runs later)
Speaking of stamina, Noel Fitzpatrick won SOTM for running every day for a year as he promised his daughter that he would, and as we all know you cannot break promises made to a female or heaven forbid!  Other winners included Jack Verity for his contribution to structured training as track was off, this benefited many in terms of building stamina and speed. David Leaf also won for setting a V70 5K club record in 24.02 (took 2 mins off previous record). And lastly and by no means least, our well-loved Craig Elliot won in Sept for helping a stranger in distress at Leeds Half marathon (a half which he calculated as being 18 miles when he added on his extras!) As an aside I would like to add Craig has been a delightful newcomer to the committee this year in being chair of coaches, a role he does with precision, dedication, and passion. He really cares about getting it right and getting leaders for your runs and communicates this well on social media.
Other successes this year included the return of the BMW and the John Car race. Anthea was chair for BMW and carried out a blinder with this. There is a lot of organisations behind the scenes, risk assessing (with covid), managing and ordering water and mementos, first aid, volunteers.  Starting the race was very emotional, I may have done a tear when we set the runners off. We were back hosting. This year had a record 63 teams enter; this increase was managed well. captain Dunbar will mention about overall results, but a mention goes to him and Chris Ireland   for winning the prize for fastest leg 3. Feedback was very good at ground level from other competitors
The John Carr was also another welcome return that Andy Brown organised with his trademark enthusiasm and aplomb, Donna was also a big help with volunteer organisation and coordination and there was so much amazing feedback about how good the marshals were. The course record was smashed in 15.52 by Dan Garbutt, he trains with a couple of local lads, you may have heard of them, The Brownlees, apparent they too have won Blue Peter Badges or something similar
After both these races the committee decided that we would become a green club and once current water bottle stock has run out, we will no longer be providing bottled water and competitors will carry their own fold up bottle which we will fill up. we see this as part of being a responsible running club
Other significant races that happened this year was as always, the Striders representation at London Marathon, some runners Craig Elliot, Debbie Moore did it for the 1st time and a total of 10 striders completed it. A Mention to Martin Fillingham for getting a PB in 2.46.42 (by 2 mins) he puts this down to not wearing magic shoes, no carbon plates for him, old tatty shoes all the way. (It is no coincidence that Martins continued improvement has a direct correlation with Captain Dunbars worry over defending his win in the Club Championships 😊…..)
Our own club marathon specialist Marcin Szoska ran VLM one week after smashing his marathon time at Berlin in 2.26.41. He puts his success and training regime down to being single. Wise man! His goal is sub 2.20 watch this space…
Stu will discuss more of the race success stories this year.
But we are more than a running club, we are a social club too and we saw the Return of The Red Lion (which sounds like one of those Skandi novel trios). Dairine worked tirelessly with Craig as chief encourager to get this working. I dont know how many people attended in the end, but there was much enjoyment of runs and good food. A hot summers night and good beer, whats not to love.
Our new social secretary will be filling our diary with the first being the Christmas night out 10th December, keep an eye on your emails.
Away from Striders, we kept out parkrun links strong. Alun and Anthea continue to RD and volunteer at Horton regularly. Striders were involved heavily in the Roberts Park dress rehearsal which was appreciated by Sam the ED. Most significantly Mike Moss has taken over as RD at Bradford parkrun since Linda Bussey left, talk about huge shoes to fill but fill them he has, and he is supported by Helen and Merv and Claire Fitz as regular RDs
In conclusion striders is about running, it is about racing, but it is about comradeship and support and volunteering.  I may not run very much currently with the club, but I am a Strava spy and see the deep friendships that have grown out of running and see you go off in pairs doing crazy challenges and Sunday runs. Striders is very much about friendship
Speaking of good friends, a long-standing member and good friend to many has moved away this year. Mick Jones was one of the first batch of Striders when it was St Bedes and is a good friend of Jack and Mike. He was always an advocate for the club, and it was his passion with Jack and Graham Eastell (the magic 3) that kept the club going when it was on itsknees by recruiting members to run from the gym that is now Nuffield. We all owe Mick a lot, without his efforts there may have been no Striders anymore, and we could all have become Baildon Runners, think of that!  Mick will be missed but promises to keep in touch. He doesnt know Ewan has planned another striders flash mob to his house to take him to his local parkrun in Hampshire…..
On the subject of leaving, this year sees many people leave the committee, talk about a cabinet reshuffle
People who are out going who deserve thanks for their time, commitment, and attention to detail are Richard Stone, Merv Silva, Helen Brant, Jack Verity and lastly Martin Love. There is a lot of new blood coming into the committee and I know that this blend of old and new will give a new flavour to it, new ideas and new energy. Welcome to all the new members. I also hand over to Ewan (or as we now call him King of The Backyard Marathon, 114.89 mils in a day) as the next Pope, erm chair, it is a pleasure to know the committee is in safe hands. As always remember the committee is there to represent you, and if any of you want anything taking to committee meetings, feel free to let a committee member know, this is YOUR club.
A big thank you to all Striders for making our club what it is, you wear blue and yellow with pride and will always be the best local running club.
Thank you and stay strong and safe
Outgoing Chairwoman
6)         Membership update and 2022/23 fees
The membership Secretary (Mervyn Silva) presented his report:
We look at membership numbers and discuss membership matters during each management committee meeting.
During my time as membership secretary,  over the past 3 years, highest number of members we reached was 246 and that was at our 2019 AGM on Nov 28.
Membership numbers plummeted like everything else, during the pandemic and it went down to 149 in 2020 April during total lockdown a 40% drop.
And with the lockdown easing since the 2020 autumn and club runs restarting numbers began to rise - people had a reason to be a member.
With the return of races and the need to have England Athletics number to compete in them, and get discounts when entering them, demand for membership zoomed.
Today we stand at: 

Membership Numbers          
As on: 11 November 2021 AGM  
  Competitive Non-competitive Total
  Male Female Male Female  
Full members 111 88     199
2nd Claim members 9 3     12
Honorary members 4   1 1 6
Social members     8 6 14
Total 125 91 8 7 231
a total of 231 (93% of our highest number, 155% growth during last 12 month from our lowest).
He proposed the recommendation from the management committee:
            That the Membership Fee for the year 2022/23 be unchanged at £30
This was passed
8)         Constitutional amendment
The secretary proposed the recommendation from the management committee to amend the constitution to clarify the categories of membership, and bring them in line with EA rules and terminology as follows (Additional words are in bold, words to be removed in strike through.) :

4. Membership

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of practice that the club has adopted.
The minimum age for membership is 18 years.  Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:
  • Full member with England Athletics Registration
  • Honorary life member.
  • Long Standing member (full or non-competitive)
  • Non-Competitive (Social)  Social member.
A member who has given exceptional service to the club can be elected to Honorary Life Membership at the AGM, and will no longer be liable for membership fees. The club will pay their EA registration if they wish to compete
Any person who has been a paid up member of the club for 25 years (a long standing member) will pay a reduced subscription equal to their registration fee to England Athletics if they wish to compete, but will have the privileges of a non competitive member at no charge.
(moved from section 5)


5. Membership fees

Membership fees, to include any registration fee payable to England Athletics, will be set annually at the Annual General Meeting, taking note of the recommendation of the Management Committee.
The membership year will be 1st April to 31st March. Fees will be paid annually.  Fees for continuing members are due before 31st March.
A member joining during the year will pay a reduced fee as a non-competitive member, on a scale to be decided by the committee, but will be liable for the full England Athletics registration if they wish to compete during any part of the year
Any person who has been a paid up member of the club for 25 years will pay a reduced subscription equal to their registration fee to England Athletics if they wish to compete, but will have the privileges of a non competitive member at no charge.
(moved to section 4)
This was passed.
7)         Captains’ Address
Stuart gave the report on behalf of the captains.
Because of Covid there was not much to report before June, and the main role of the captains was to motivate the members.
In June the BMWR returned and was a great success with a record entry and 3 teams from the club. The A team was 3rd overall, the B team - 7th overall/ 2nd vets and the C team was the 3rd placed mixed team. 42 Striders entered the Solstice Saunter and we had 7 age category wins 
In July we had teams at Endure 24 and we were victorious at the Esholt relays
In August the John Carr 5K was held with 23 Striders competing and many helpers/marshals, and the Burnsall Trip was the first social event for over a year
In September the club voted to continue membership of Northern Athletics and we entered 2 teams in the 6 stage relays,. We could only manage one team for the CWR but achieved 11th position overall.
In October we made our debut at the Fell Relay competition and had many Marathon successes
And now in November the PECOs are back
He looked forward to the Christmas social events and into next year the National Cross country Championships, the NA 6/12 stage relays  and the return of the Vets races
He noted that members had posted 13 new club records in the year
8)         London Marathon
The Secretary reported that as the London Marathon will again be in October, and the Ballot results will not be out until Feb 2022 there would be no draw for club places at this AGM. Details and arrangements for the club draw will be circulated as soon as possible
9)         Social events
The Social Secretary (Ewan Gibb) reported on the  limited events that had taken place  over the last year, and those that were planned. It is hoped that a club trip to the “Run Aintree” festival can be organised
10)       Club Championship
Stuart reported on behalf of Tim Mosedale who has taken over the administration of the championship
The 2-year-long club championship is drawing to a close, with only 3 races left to go.  Across the 15 races we've seen more than 300 Strider performances, with 42 the record at the Solstice Saunter in the summer.
Current division leaders are Martin Fillingham (premier division), David Bower (first), and Donna Hector (second).
Donna Hector also leads the “personality” championship (based on helping at events and SOTM nominations.
From 2022 the club championship will run alongside the membership year, April 2022 - March 2023.  The schedule of races will be announced in the new year.
11)       Open discussion
There was a short open discussion and opportunity for members to raise issues for the committee.
The captains raised the difficulty in getting teams together for events such as the CWR and 6 stage relays. Jen Willingham felt that part of the problem was all the races being squashed into the second half of the year. Graham D’Arcy felt that there was still a perception that you needed to be fast to join in. members were assured that this was not the case.
He also raised the possibility of holding a Christmas pub crawl/run.
Rachel Parker reminded us that we had committed to reducing single use plastic and asked that as supplies of eg race marking tape were used up we should consider greener alternatives.
the meeting was closed at 10.30 approx


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