Striders of the Month

The lockdown striders of the month are:

May 2020 Strider of the Month
Rachel Parker – for her efforts getting the two Baildon challenges underway and being one of our leading contributers on both weekends, together with collating all of the results. She has helped keep everyone motivated to keep getting out running in a difficult time which got a lot of people pushing themselves in their running.

April 2020 Strider of the Month
Bernie Bowden – Who started / came up with the idea of the “Woody Fred “Rock & “Wilma Roxy” Rock Relay – great idea to lift spirits and keep everyone in contact, a bit of much needed fun during these very strange times!

For someone like myself who is a slower runner, and didn’t think I was able to contribute anything to the team, and also been struggling with my running. I think her idea of the rock relay was great and motivating.

I loved following and seeing the updates on both rocks. It motivated me to join in when I was able and kick-started me try to go out running more too.

March 2020 Strider of the Month
Loris Dell’Amico – Loris completed his first ultra run finishing 34th in the Punk Panther 40 mile run in 8:37:54.