Autumn Sir Titus trot

10k 54th Kathryn Wood 54:5259th Debbie Moore 57:37 Full results Half Marathon 8th Richard Thomas 1:41:5028th Gavin Hamilton 2:04:54 Full results

Canal Canter half marathon

35th Clare Thaper 2:16:24 Full results

Podium 5ks, Barrowford – 8th Aug.

Imagine what he might have run in a real race with people pushing him and people to chase down! – June SOTM nomination. Well no need to imagine as Tim Baldwin moved the club 5k record to another level with a magnificent 15:15 for 8th place in the Sub 16mins race at the Podium 5k ...

Esholt virtual relay

154 people took part in the virtual relay with 39 teams. Baildon team C won the “race” but Saltaire were victorious in the points competition. Tim Baldwin set a new course record of 8:02. NameTeamTeam NameLeg timeTotal TimePointsTeam PointsRankNameTimeMichael MalyonTeam C  8.09  Baildon3271Tim Baldwin8.02Cerys Jones  10.40    2Michael Malyon8.09John Buddle  9.57    3Will Kerr8.18Stephen Brown  11.1239.5836  4=Paul Parkins8.36Claire BondFWill to win11.36  Saltaire3394=Andy Robinson8.36Rachel BarnesF 10.02    6Tom Lee8.40Richard StoneF 11.03    7Martin ...

England Athletics virtual 5k championships 11th – 13th July

77th Tim Baldwin 15:46287th Tom Kay 17:17325th Lee Casson 17:301553rd Mike Moss 26:09

John Carr Virtual Relay – Individual times

MenLadiesTim Baldwin00:18:54Bernie Bowden 00:25:43 Paul Parkins 00:20:13 Jen Willingham00:27:38Martin Fillingham 00:21:23 Liz Porter 00:28:36 Will Kerr 00:21:30 Claire Bond 00:28:45 Stuart Dunbar 00:21:51 Rachel Parker 00:30:32 Andy Brown 00:21:55 Helen Western 00:31:16 James French 00:22:33 Kerry Wood 00:31:48 Steven Fowler 00:23:10 Pippa Bird 00:32:10 Robert Henderson 00:23:12 Suzanne Hague00:33:15Simon Frazer 00:23:15 Claire Thaper 00:34:56 Loris Dell’Amico 00:23:59 Donna Hector 00:36:18 James Gardner 00:24:04 Carolyn Rix 00:37:27 John Singh 00:24:11 Fran Guy 00:37:30 Owen Jones 00:24:26 Michelle Eyres 00:38:27 Tom Kay00:25:36Bernadette Cook 00:39:09 Tim Spencer00:25:57Miami Holt 00:39:27 Kris Hale00:25:58Natalie Ellis 00:41:30 Stephen Hillas 00:26:48 Sheila Pepper 00:41:40 Gary Western 00:27:00 Julia Beaumont 00:48:01 Tim Mosedale 00:27:08 Brett Jackson00:27:51 Alan Douglas 00:29:29 Alun Griffiths 00:30:20 Barney Lerner 00:30:55 Craig Elliiot 00:31:48 Mike Moss 00:32:36 Mick Brearley 00:33:00 Richard Smith 00:37:59 Mervyn Silva 00:41:26 

John Carr Virtual Relay

Team Name Leg time Total Time RANK Tim BaldwinTim Tim & Tom 00:18:5401:10:27 1Tim Spencer00:25:57Tom Kay00:25:36Robert Henderson Bernies Boys 00:23:12 01:12:54 2Bernie Bowden 00:25:43 Loris Dell’Amico 00:23:59 Mick Brearley Segment busters 00:33:00 01:16:28 3Paul Parkins 00:20:13 Simon Frazer 00:23:15 Andy Brown TBD 00:21:55 01:18:42 4Stuart Dunbar 00:21:51 Claire Thaper 00:34:56 Claire Bond Team bonding 00:28:45 01:24:12 5Helen Western 00:31:16 John Singh 00:24:11 Donna Hector Emergency services 00:36:18 01:24:36 6Stephen Hillas 00:26:48 Will Kerr 00:21:30 Jen WillinghamFrankies heroes 00:27:3801:26:51 7Kris Hale00:25:58Suzanne Hague00:33:15James French Mervyns men 00:22:33 01:27:09 8Mervyn Silva 00:41:26 Steven Fowler 00:23:10 Alun Griffiths Doctors & Nurses 00:30:20 01:29:28 9Liz Porter 00:28:36 Rachel Parker 00:30:32 Bernadette Cook Tuba army 00:39:09 01:30:21 10James Gardner 00:24:04 Tim Mosedale 00:27:08 Alan Douglas Dug Inn 00:29:29 01:31:22 11Carolyn Rix 00:37:27 Owen Jones 00:24:26 Brett JacksonA bird in the bush 00:27:51 01:38:28 12Michelle ...

Striders of the Month

The lockdown striders of the month are: May 2020 Strider of the Month Rachel Parker – for her efforts getting the two Baildon challenges underway and being one of our leading contributers on both weekends, together with collating all of the results. She has helped keep everyone motivated to keep getting out running in a ...

Trans Atlas Marathon virtual race

6 stages across 6 consecutive days, totalling 120km, racing for entry into the 2021 Trans Atlas marathon 2nd Ali Nash 8hr 51 mins13th Loris Dell Amico 11hr 8 mins21st Igs Robun 12hr 15min Full results

Thirsk 10m – 15th March

735th Joise Briggs 95:16 756th Suzanne Hague 96:06 Full results