Leeds half marathon

93rd Mark Wityszyn 1:27:49 275th Gareth Ward 1:30:23 294th Simon Frazer 1:34:56 377th Bob Hudson 1:33:35 438th Steph Wilson 1:37:52 495th Jeremy Wright 1:39:14 557th Dave Reynier 1:35:32 613th Helen Love 1:41:30 (1st F55) 885th Frank Beecroft 1:45:51 1553rd Stephen Midgeley 1:52:44 1669th Simon Brown 1:50:30 2581st Elaine Frazer 2:04:37 3404th Judith Nunn 2:11:55 3642nd ...

April Strider of the Month

Please vote for the ‘THREE’ members you deem most worthy of Aprils member of the month award. Remember, you dont have to know the candidate but if there performance stands out more then give them a vote!! The nine nominees are on the link below:   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T8DG63V   You have until Wednesday 15th to get your votes ...

John Carr 5k series Race 1 results now online

Results from Race 1 of the 2013 John  Carr 5k series http://saltairestriders.org.uk/site/john-carr-5k-series-2013-race-1/ Any queries/errors please let us know.  

Stainland Lions Bluebell Trail 10m

33rd Martin Fillingham 1:17:20 Full results

Dick Hudsons fell race

17th Ian Jones 57:30 (2nd V45) 25th Dave Reynier 60:50 38th Ben Marchant 67:31 40th Laura Mayo 68:13 (3rd Lady) 43rd Stewart Spink 68:34 Full results

Bradford Epilepsy Action 10k

5th Simon Pass 34:39 (1stV40) 24th Martin Fillingham 38:16 39th Gareth Ward 40:11 51st Nick Trinder 40:50 55th Chris Jones 41:19 80th Paul Disney 42:53 89th Stuart Dunbar 43:11 98th Steph Wilson 43:38 (4th Lady) 113th Simon Buckden 44:19 135th Jeremy Wright 44:59 151st Malcolm Foy 45:39 174th Frank Beecroft 46:23 188th Helen Love 46:52 ...

Over the Odda trail race – Hawksworth

2nd Simon Pass 41:13 30th Paul Disney 53:44 Simon Pass reports… Great to do a Saturday morning race. And a fantastic day at that. Nearly didn’t make it as at 9am found myself in Nick Trinder’s vetinary surgery with his hand down my dog’s throat. The dog was duly brought back to life and no ...

Meanwood Valley trail race

67th Gareth Ward 56:19 102nd Barney Lerner 60:43 (3rd V60) 149th Tracy Foy 65:02 160th Helen Love 66:12 (2nd F55) Full results

London Marathon

Hannah Oldroyd 3:16:29 (pb by 20 mins) Jen Willingham 3:31:16 (pb by 14 mins) Richard Stone 3:50:27 John Hunt 3:55:36 Stewart Spink 3:57:55 Dairine Nethercott 4:08:19 (pb by 48 mins) Katie Phillips 4:25:36 Barbara Winslow 5:17:36

Bunny Run 3

102nd Ian Jones 20:22 106th Nick Trinder 20:30 122nd Gareth Ward 21:05 Full results