Harrogate town centre 10k

72nd Chris Jones 41:51 107th Steph Wilson 43:49 149th Stewart Spink 46:01 207th Chris Reynier 49:00 295th Mark Walker 53:24 Full results

Blackpool summer 10k

10th Hannah Oldroyd 38:47 (2nd Lady) Full results

Pudsey 10k

108th Stephen Midgley 49:37 Full results

Doncaster town centre 5k

43rd Hannah Oldroyd 18:25 (2nd Lady) Full Results

Priory 10k, Nostell Priory

56th Steph Wilson 46:52 (5th Lady, !st FO) Full results

Golden Acre park 3 x 2.75 mile relay

40th Saltaire Pickles 57:34 Leg 1 Jack Verity 17:52 Leg 2 Louise McGechaen 21:07 Leg 3 Chris Jones 18:35 53rd Saltaire Scorpions 59:54 Leg 1 Jeremy Wright 20:45 Leg 2 Stewart Spink 20:27 Leg 3 Mick Jones (Aka Jack Verity) 18:42 67th Saltaire Scratchers 63:56 Leg 1 Louise Higgins 22:23 Leg 2 Chris Reynier 22:54 ...

Club championship update

The club championship points have now been updated to include up to Leeds 10k An impressive 85 club members have scored points in the competition. Updated scores

Baildon Canter fell race

19th Pete Huby 28:50 Full results

Leeds Jane Tomlinson 10k

15th Andy Bedford 34:44 292nd Jeremy Wright 43:41 575th Stewart Spink 46:19 806th Liam Verity 47:24 874th Chris Reynier 48:50 971st Georgina Katborg 49:33 Mark Walker 53:25 Full results

Hyde Park Harriers Summer Mile

21st Gareth Ward 5:10.7 34th Hannah Oldroyd 5:25.3