Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th September 2018
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of October so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 28th October.

Runs are now starting in the diminishing light so please remember to wear your fluorescent vest/T shirt, flashing arm bands or whatever is your preferred option.


Upcoming races/runs

6th Oct. - Lister park park run (club championship)
14th Oct. Yorkshire 10m/marathon
21st. Oct St. Aidans trail half marathon
28th. Oct. Bradford City runs 5k/10k/half marathon
4th Nov. Guy Fawkes 10m
4th Nov. Abbey Dash 10k
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Race entries opening soon

2 races that fill up very quickly will be opening their entries soon.

7th Oct. 17:00 - entries open for the 7m Otley Chevin trail race to be held on 26th Dec.

20th Oct. 7:00 - entries open for Brass Monkey half marathon to be held on 13th Jan 2019
The Pecos are coming

If you haven't done them before then get them in your diary.  A series of 5 trail races with Saltaire Striders organinsing the second race at Temple Newsam on 16th Dec. so volunteers will be required for mashalling, course set up, etc.
Social Events
Dates for your diary

29th Nov.

Club AGM with supper at Caroline St. Social club

7th Dec.

Christmas 'Do' upstairs at Don't Tell Titus.  Details to follow.

Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be held on 17th October - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.
Race Results

Blenheim Palace 10k

Dave Streeton 56:10

Tissington trail half marathon

202nd Josie Briggs 2:00:29
228th Suzanne Hague 2:05:36
249th Frank Beecroft 2:08:38

Full results

Pontefract half marathon

Kyle Bethell 87:58

Cheltenham half marathon

42nd Steve Fowler 82:26

Full results

Leeds 5k series

Leeds 5k series race 8
72nd Claire Bond 21:02
109th Barney Lerner 23:47
133rd Josie Briggs 26:57
144th Suzanne Hague 29:10

Full results

Worcester City half marathon

6th Will Kerr 75:18 (2nd V40)

Full results

North of England 6 stage road relay

42 (out of 127 teams) Saltaire Striders 2:18:44

Matthew Nowell (71) 23:18
Tim Baldwin (54) 22:17
Matthew Richardson (63) 24:10
Andy Brown (59) 23:30
Martin Fillingham (52) 23:07
Marcin Soszka (43) 22:22

Knaresborough Crag Rats 5m trail race

23rd Ewan Gibb 34:04

Full results

Krkstall Abbey 7m trail race

4th Pete Hopson 40:32
73rd Mohammed Rayaz 51:24
102nd Jack Verity 52:56
129th Rachel Parker 56:30 (3rd F45)
157th Lee East 58:33
175th Kirstie Holmes 60:24
192nd Mohanlal Mistry 62:08
219th Sarah Sherratt 64:15229th Nick Breare 65:13
265th Esther Silva 67:10
337th Chris Upton 75:49
342nd Sheila Pepper 80:17
355th Heather Bayliss 83:41

Full results

Spen Greenway 10k

76th Rachel Parker 51:01
106th Claire Thaper 57:13

Full results

Baildon 'No Watch' race

Well done to Donna Hector who took first place with an actual time just 16 seconds off her predicted time. Brett Jackson finished 3rd with a 21 second difference. The wooden spoon went to David Blanchard with an 8 minute 52 second difference (but at least he was 8 mins 52 faster than his estimate).
Name Long/Short  Estimated Time  Actual Time Difference
Donna Hector  Short  48.30 48.46 16.00
Richard Lund Short  38.00 37.40 20.00
Jo Milsom Short  51.30 51.51 21.00
Brett Jackson  Short  36.30 36.51 21.00
Richard Barnes Long 54.00 53.38 22.00
Piero Tozzi  Long 44.15 44.39 24.00
Jane Adams  Short  49.50 50.21 31.00
Duncan Ashton Long 48.00 47.22 38.00
Jack Verity  Long 44.10 43.25 45.00
Mark Whitley Long 44.30 45.19 49.00
Janet Haigh Short  45.00 45.54 54.00
Andrew Dean Long 42.30 43.38 1.08
John Cawley Short  44.00 45.09 1.09
Darren Walker Short  50.51 49.34 1.17
Ben Walker Short  50.51 49.33 1.18
Paul Rhodes Long 44.00 42.34 1.26
Sheila Bugg Short  47.32 49.03 1.31
Craig Elliott Short  38.27 40.10 1.43
Liz Redmond Long 59.00 57.13 1.47
Owen Jones Long 44.22 42.29 1.53
Steve Hargreaves Short  30.30 32.25 1.55
Sue Gallagher Short  48.03 50.01 1.58
Barney Lerner Long 51.35 49.32 2.03
Sue Wardman Short  50.35 48.27 2.08
Claire Thaper Short  44.17 46.26 2.09
Craig Beza Short  31.24 33.36 2.12
Kris Hale Long 48.18 45.49 2.29
Natalie Bottomley Long 50.37 53.12 2.35
Jamie Nicklin Long 43.00 40.23 2.37
Joe Perciva Long 40.12 42.56 2.44
Jo Bloor Short  48.20 51.05 2.45
Pippa Bird Short  46.03 43.14 2.49
Nicola Howe Short  45.11 48.03 2.52
Helen Brant Short  34.37 37.47 3.10
Liz Caven Long 50.00 46.44 3.16
Denise Davis Short  42.16 45.41 3.25
Sarah Anderton  Long 59.00 55.26 3.34
Ian Dickinson  Short  50.03 46.20 3.43
Ben Kingsnorth  Short  43.30 47.13 3.43
Maïlys Delachenal  Long 61.45 68.00 3.45
John Crabtree  Long 55.00 51.12 3.48
Nigel Shaw  Long 46.58 43.00 3.58
John McNiffe  Long 43.32 39.33 3.59
Dave Lonsdale  Long 72.00 68.00 4.00
Chris Jones  Long 47.00 42.41 4.19
Pete Gallagher  Long 59.17 54.55 4.22
Mike Moss  Short  36.12 40.35 4.23
Sara Dyer  Short  44.33 48.59 4.26
Claire D’Arcy  Long 59.35 55.00 4.35
Adrian Murfitt  Long 51.32 46.32 5.00
Simon Frazer Long 43.00 37.54 5.06
Mel Akeroyd  Short  38.18 43.32 5.14
Mark Delaney  Long 47.11 53.12 6.01
Robert Boughen  Long 49.27 43.25 6.02
Jeff Singleton Long 40.43 33.54 6.49
Michael Malyon  Long 40.58 32.45 8.13
Daniel Naylor  Long 42.38 33.55 8.43
Ewan Gibb  Long 48.23 39.40 8.43
David Blanchard Short  52.17 43.25 8.52
Hardmoors 60

134th Igs Robun 16:44:51

Salomon Skyline Series

Mamores Vertical Kilometre – 13th Sept.

147th Ali Nash 63:06

Ben Nevis Ultra – 14th Sept.

98th Ali Nash 5:47:39

Glen Coe Skyline 16th Sept.

196th Bernadette Cook 8:29:08

Ali Nash reports ...

Mr Huntsman, our PE master at school, he was a right twat. All crisp manufacturers, mostly Seabrooks, but I'll happily throw KP in the mix for beefy Hula Hoops.... and Mr McVitie for all of his digestive-based confection range. Jane and Malcolm from across the road, and Mr Shigeru Miyamoto, who invented the Nintendo wii fit. A random selection? No, a 30 year perfect storm. The use of cross country as a punishment..... introduced my hatred of endurance running, vast quantities of confection made me a right fatty and then the 2013 New Years Party at 2am after stepping onto a Wii fit and it categorising me as obese.....something had to change.....

Run the Vertical Kilometre in the afternoon and then next morning be ready on the start line for the Ben Nevis Ultra...... Off to Scotlands West Highlands for the Vertical Kilometre World Series, Ben Nevis Ultra World Championships, Ring of Steall Skyrace and then the Glencoe Skyline, throw in 3 film nights and after party.... what a 4 day programme! 

"....with the exception of the World Championships or the Olympics, this is without doubt the greatest elite field ever assembled on U.K soil of Sky, Trail and Mountain runners. It's a who's who of the Skyrunning world with the best all assembled in one place in what will be an absolutely incredible weekend of racing...." although when I entered I had no idea that the VK and Ultra were going to feature so high on the world calendar. I may have ( yet again) bitten off more than I can chew..... Nowhere else could you have been rubbing shoulders with the worlds elite, Dakota Jones having toast and a brew in the Kinlochleven Ice Factor cafe, Sage Canaday, Remi Bonnet, Laura Orgue... the whole Salomon team..... bumping into Kilian Jornet buying a 6 pack of jam tarts in the CO-OP ( I did the same and ate all 6 just to be on the safe side...) Insane!

The VK - An incredible leg burning and lung busting ascent from sea level to Munro summit at 3327ft in 3 miles. 480 runners, 40 nationalities and 80 internationals.... It's just a parkrun. I was ready for it this year, plenty of seriously hard hill work combined with ultra distance training. Bring it on. Tuning in to the local weather forecast was a mistake "'s all set to go to shit at 3pm..." I was starting at 3:10pm. Oh cock. Little did I know how accurate that forecast was, Scotweather reports from the mountain started to filter through.... lower levels "pishing doon" turning to "bullet stanes" at mid mountain, with "it's pure f***ing Baltic, pal" on the summit. Throw in a wind gusting 60mph....and a -8c wind chill for fun.

Feeling a tad overdressed with a t-shirt under my club vest, introduced to the crowds on the start line as " the familiar face of Ali Nash" as usual, Nash style it was full beans from the off, going bloody well until about 2500ft when the half of my body facing the weather started to seize up. It looked a bit like the death zone up there, I'll forever remember the haunting sight of a bearded ginger chap perched precariously on a 50 degree slope facing the maelstrom with a look of utter befuddlement...slowly shaking his head. By the top 500ft summit ridge I was in a mess, certain death to both sides, 'pure f***ing Baltic' and reaching the summit cairn falling over twice, failing 3x to hit the timer and worst of all forgetting to stop Garmin. In the lee of the ridge I joined a huddle of runners putting on every possible piece of clothing for the hypothermic descent. The ginger chap was still there on the way down....
How bad was it? apparently the three event safety teams were all up there and Glencoe Mountain Rescue assisted the last  off the mountain at 1am. All for a 50 second PB.

No way was I doing the ultra in the morning. No bloody way. 

6am, back in the zone, dressed for action, the camp breakfast of champions inside me (ready brek, toast, tea and crumpets), feeling ever so slightly the poor relation as the team managers for the Czech, Dutch and Polish teams fetched them breakfast, although listening to the poor Aussies complaining that this wasn't their usual gourmet peanut butter made up for it.......ffs. 
An announcement that we would be avoiding Ben Nevis summit due to 100kph winds, lying snow and dire conditions, meant a slightly revised route, but still a toughie. The first 3 miles a 2500ft climb, then rough single track, trackless tundra followed by bog and swamp descent, waterfalls, river and stream crossings and good tough ground. 13 miles in - Bloody loving it. 19 miles in - looking for a suitable stream to wash down the desperation nutrition of a mouthful of leaves and moss. A kindly rambler informed me the aid station at the Ben Nevis visitor centre was 200 yards away with tables loaded with grub and drinks. Arse. At this point I'll cut Mr McVitie some slack, forcing down some Jaffa cakes during a smash and grab raid through the aid station before joining the West Highland Way for 12 miles or so back to Kinlochleven. I hate the West Highland Way, every rocky, pebbly, steppy, wet, undulating inch of it. After the hundredth a false summit I happened upon a bearded ginger chap, sat facing the next undulating section disappearing over the horizon uttering the immortal words "git oot ma face ya wee scunner". He was beyond help. Again.
Who were those Baildon  runners supporting everyone in the middle of nowhere??? They said it was 11km was 13.... ( never trust a Baildon Runner) with 2k left "you can smell Kinlochleven from here!" even better I could see it!  5hrs 47 minutes....EXACTLY the same time it took to drive the 287 miles home.

What a blast, finished off watching the elites come down from the Ring of Steall, a 29km/ 2500m skyrace. Unfinished business. VK & Ring of Steall 2019???

English half marathon

Frank Beecroft 2:04:55
Josie Briggs 2:05:41
Suzanne Hague 2:13:29

Copenhagen half marathon

Joanne O’Dwyer 2:33:57
Darren Longhorn 2:33:57

Berlin Marathon

Stewart Spink 3:16:09

Stainland trail 10k

21st Jeremy Rix 53:32 (1st V55)

Full results

Leeds Golden Mile

5th Martin Fillingham 4:49
87th Alun Griffiths 6:35
88th Rachel Parker 6:37

Full results

Meanwood Valley 7m trail race

8th Andy Brown 48:22 (1st V55)
82nd Bernie Bowden 60:15 (1st F45)
88th Stephen Hetherington 61:04

Tour of Wirral half marathon

629th Tony Hart 2:12:05
776th Jayne Hart 2:37:30

Full results

Yorkshireman off-road marathon/half marathon

Half marathon (15m)

116th Martin Love 2:31:00
154th Alan Douglas 2:41:32


2nd Matt Richardson 3:26:41
29th Richard Stone 4:20:14

Gt. North run half marathon

Craig Beza 1:28:03
Simon Frazer 1:32:54
Gavin Hamilton 1:51:35
Claire Thaper 2:09:52
Liz Hamilton 2:13:18
Gemma Hailwood-McCallion 2:19:26
Eleanor Hughes 2:43:15
David Blanchard 2:44:20
Kate Healey 2:55:41

Vale of York half marathon

8th Marcin Soszka 75:06 (3rd V35)
9th Will Kerr 75:30 (3rd V40)
12th Tim Baldwin 75:35
27th Pete Hopson 78:45
30th Matt Nowell 78:49
42nd Steve Fowler 80:26
56th Martin Fillingham 82:16
58th Stuart Dunbar 82:22 (1st V55)
115th Graham Corbett 87:09
244th Ben Parker 94:38
261st Mohammed Rayaz 95:40
516th Alun Griffiths 1:46:03
531st Tracy Foy 1:46:18
616th Sikander Khan 1:50:11
660th Barney Lerner 1:51:29
702nd Wendy Hey 1:53:29
814th Mohanlal Mistry 1:56:36
903rd Deborah Moore 1:59:37
960th Sarah Sherratt 2:01:23
1033rd Esther Silva 2:04:41
1112th Nick Breare 2:08:43
1114th Mervyn Silva 2:08:46

Full results

Wetherby 10k

425th Nick Breare 58:38
437th Mervyn Silva 59:20

Full results

Leeds Country Way relay
  A' team    B' team     Ladies  
LEG 1 2nd 7:15:15   22nd 9:09:44     48th 11:36:46  
WILL KERR 1:14:49 (3rd)   JOHN SINGH 1:32:19 (28th)   HELEN WESTERN 1:46:05 (47th)
LEG 2              
ANDY BROWN 1:23:51 (10th)   ALUN GRIFFITHS 1:40:27 (33rd)   CLAIRE BOND 1:45:37 (38th)
LEG 3              
SIMON PASS 1:08:02 (2nd)   KYLE BETHELL 1:17:34 (11th)   RACHEL PARKER 1:42:53 (39th)
LEG 4              
MATT NOWELL 1:17:16 (1st)   RAYAZ 1:47:05 (24th)   HELEN PENNINGTON 2:16:37 (46th)
LEG 5              
GRAHAM CORBETT 1:07:51 (3rd)   MARTIN LOVE 1:30:29 (21st)   CHARLOTTE HARDY 2:14:15 (57th)
LEG 6              
MATT RICHARDSON 1:03:26 (2nd)   TIM SPENCER 1:21:50 (19th)   MICHELLE EYRES 1:51:19 (49th)
Brackets indicates ranking for leg            
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2018
The final race of the 2018 grand prix series takes place at Spenborough on 11th Nov.
August Strider of the Month

John Singh – for some strong performances on the fells recently and 2 brutal races within 2 hours at the Burnsall Feast sports tough 10m road race followed by classic fell race.
Club Championship 2018

6 races left in this years club championship

6th Oct. - Bradford Lister Park park run
21st Oct. - St, Aidans trail half marathon
28th Oct. Bradford city Runs 5k/10k or half marathon
4th Nov. Abbey dash 10k or Guy Fawkes 10m
11th Nov. Bolton Abbey festival - 10k/10m or HM
25th Nov. Peco XC race 1 - Middleton Park, Leeds
The current top 10 in each division:
St. Aidans trail half marathon
Bradford City runs 5k
Bradford City runs 10k
Bradford City runs Half Marathon
Guy Fawkes 10m
Abbey Dash 10k
Bolton Abbey festival
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are now every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.
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