Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st May 2018
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of June so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 28th June.

Upcoming races/runs

7th June - Bronte 5, Haworth
10th June - Northowram burner trail 10k
13th June - Otley 10m
17th June - Pudsey 10k
21st June - Solstice Saunter
24th June - Bradford Millennium Way relay
26th June - Rush around the Rhubarb
27th June Yorkshire Vets - South Leeds
28th June - Saltaire Stampede
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Social Events
Ladies Book Club

The next ladies’ book club will take place on Friday 22 June at 7.30 pm at Martinez in Bingley.

Martinez is on the main road through Bingley and is close to the station.  The books are Ready Player One and Lucky (Jackie Collins).

The former is available everywhere because it has just been released as a film. Dog eared copies of the latter, with gold bits on the cover, can be got from second hand book websites for 75p plus P&P.

If you haven’t been before and you are a lady why not give it a go? No cliques allowed in the ladies’ book club, and we don’t take the literature too seriously.
Away Runs


The June away run will be the Saltaire Stampede race organised by Racebest from Saltaire Brewery.

A 5 mile (approx.) handicap trail race alongside the River Aire and Leeds and Liverpool canal. The race will start and finish at Saltaire Brewery, with start times determined by your current runbritain handicap score (or recent parkrun performances for runners who do not have a runbritain handicap). The race should end with a stampede along Dockfield Road back into the brewery yard, with everyone having an equal chance of winning. Even if you don’t win, you can take consolation in your finisher’s beer voucher: good for a pint of any of Saltaire Brewery’s wonderful cask beers. The brewery’s tap room and VIP bar will both be open until 10.00pm, so the sooner you finish, the longer you will have to slake your thirst!


26th July - Catch the 18:57 train from Baildon to Ilkley (fare £3.20) and then run back over the moors.  Everyone welcome.
Burnsall run

Date for your diary Sat. 21st July 2018

Club trip Mallorca - October 2018
The Saltaire Striders overseas trip / race for 2018 is Palma in Mallorca.  If you want to be part of the trip then see the January newsletter.
Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be held on 12th June - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.
Race Results
Apperley Bridge Canter trail 10k

22nd Stuart Dunbar 39:01
139th Darren Parker 47:58
181st Rachel Parker 50:25
194th Alun Griffiths 50:59
195th Amanda Bellwood 51:00
196th Tracy Foy 51:04
202nd Gary Pennington 51:13
214th Alan Douglas 51:52
218th Craig Elliott 52:02
235th Helen Brant 53:16
260th Mohanlal Mistry 54:23
302nd Harriet Fletcher 57:11
316th Kerry Wood 58:14
353rd Tim Bellwood 60:23
368th Mike Moss 61:41
369th Louise Dell'Amico 61:42
389th Nick Breare 64:03
391st Darren longhorn 64:23
400th Michelle Eyres 65:05
401st Richard Smith 65:21
406th Urmila Mistry 67:16
440th Heather Bayliss 81:13

Full results

Ilkley trail race
15th Matt Richardson 47:48
18th Steve Fowler 48:02
145th Mohanlal Mistry 67:10

Full results

Colne 10k

88th Robert Boughen 44:34

Full results

Edinburgh Marathon

Noel Fitzpatrick 3:57:15
Alan Douglas  3:59:32
Claire Bond 4:05:50

Full results

Goatfell fell race
4th Matt Richardson 1:28:44

Full results

Even Splits 5k series - race 4

6th Hannah Oldroyd 17:21 (1st Lady - Obviously)
121st Barney Lerner 23:43
147th Matt Lawson 25:35
157th Suzanne Hague 26:42
161st Josie Briggs 27:27

Full results

Calderdale Way relay

9th Saltaire Striders 'A' 6:53:46
(1st line indicates time for leg and fastest on leg)
(2nd line indicates overall position and time after the leg)

Tom Lee
Martin Fillingham (12th) 1:22:42

Graham Corbett (26th) 1:12:18
Steve Fowler (14th) 2:35:00

Simon Frazer (22nd) 46:26
John Singh (15th) 3:21:26

Will Kerr (6th) 1:14:56
Greg Hull (12th) 4:36:22

Simon Pass (3rd) 58:02
Pete Hopson (9th) 5:34:24

Andy Brown (13th) 1:19:22
Simon Themistocleous (9th) 6:53:46

Full results

77th Saltaire Striders 'B' 9:53:14

Jack Verity
Stephen Hillas (78th) 1:58:24

Bernadette Cook (87th) 1:42:40
Harriet Fletcher (85th) 3:41:04

Cat Bruckner (98th) 1:21:10
Charlotte Hardy (92nd) 5:02:14

Jen Willingham (61st) 1:42:42
Bernie Bowden (85th) 6:44:56

Alun Griffiths (71st) 1:28:54
Louise Nash (82nd) 8:13:50

Martin Love (49th) 1:39:24
Tim Spencer (77th) 10:53:37

Highgate night of the 10,000m PBs
Ladies C race

2nd Hannah Oldroyd 35:42

Full results

Fairfield Horseshoe fell race
16th Matt Richardson 1:33:15
154th John Singh 2:03:28

Full results

Pinhaw fell race
89th Rob Boughen 40:42

Full results

Blackpool beach 10k
66th Vicki Johnston 49:28

Full results

Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10k
Tim Mosedale 45:31
Rachel Partner (Parker) 51:58

Full results

Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll half marathon/marathon
Half Marathon

Liz Hamilton 2:04:25
Gavin Hamilton 2:04:25


Graham Terry 3:42:03
Helen Western 4:33:51
Gary Western 4:37:49

Full results

Windermere Marathon
337th John Walton 4:16:48

Full results

Exeter Marathon

13th Stuart Dunbar 3:00:34 (1st V55)

Full results

Copenhagen Marathon

6th Hannah Oldroyd 2:45:32

Beverley 10k

Sylvia Ross 78:28 (3rd F70)

Full results

Bluebell trail 10m
9th Martin Fillingham 1:19:30 (3rd V45)
77th David Scrivener 1:33:57
321st Josie Briggs 2:05:35
409th Suzanne Hague 2:20:54

Full results

Leeds half marathon

90th Craig Beza 1:25:58
214th Tim Forster 1:30:13
462nd Andy Hutchinson 1:35:54
560th Ewan Gibb 1:37:11
660th Darren Parker 1:38:29
758th Jeremy Rix 1:40:21
885th Igs Robun 1:41:56
1237th Noel Fitzpatrick 1:45:24
1502nd Alun Griffiths 1:48:07
1795th Stewart Spink 1:50:38
1934th Craig Elliott 1:51:58
1949th Gavin Hamilton 1:52:03
2534th Claire Burrill 1:57:06
2559th Frank Beecroft 1:57:19
2570th Jennifer Bartlett 1:57:23
2809th Lee East 1:59:25
3443rd Liz Hamilton 2:05:11
3253rd Sarah Sherratt 2:03:25
3734th Lucy Johnston 2:07:51
4084th Claire Thaper 2:11:19
4125th Gemma Hailwood-McCallion 2:11:46
4129th Elaine Frazer 2:11:47
5771st Kate Reed 2:43:11
5907th Heather Bayliss 2:51:39

Full results

Jack Bloor fell race
146th Mohanlal Mistry 73:20

Full results

Up the Odda


3rd Tom Lee 41:45
4th Martin Fillingham 42:38 (1st V45)
5th Stuart Dunbar 43:26 (1st V55)
8th Craig Beza 44:28
24th Simon Frazer 47:39
46th Jeremy Rix 51:13 (3rd V55)
96th Craig Elliott 59:07
105th Louise Nash 59:51
109th Gary Pennington 60:16
152nd Darren Longhorn 67:56
181st Claire Thaper 77:24
184th Richard Smith 78:04

Full results

5k duo teams

5th Alun Griffiths / Rachel Parker 54:40 (3rd Mixed duo)
14th Helen Brant / Mel Akeroyd 62:13 (3rd Ladies duo)

Full results

Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2018
Race 2 - Roundhay


Non counter Laura Ryall 35:52
26th Helen Love 40:27 (2nd F60)
30th Helen Brant 41:03
39th Kirstie Holmes 42:03
58th Cat Bruckner 45:04
63rd Mel Akeroyd 45:44
68th Bernadette Cook 47:11

Full results


1st Will Kerr 28:33
15th Stuart Dunbar 31:57 (2nd V55)
52nd Simon Frazer 34:08
97th Stewart Spink 36:49
112th Martin Love 37:37
116th Jack Verity 37:44
128th Alun Griffiths 38:37
150th Gary Western 40:17
157th Gary Pennington 41:05
195th Nick Breare 48:13
197th Mervyn Silva 48:24
206th Richard Smith 51:44
Race 3 -Kirkstall


25th Helen Love 48:44 (1st F60)
26th Helen Brant 48:51
32nd Louise Nash 49:53
43rd Kirstie Holmes 51:44
63rd Helen Western 54:35
73rd Mel Akeroyd 55:51

Full results


3rd Martin Fillingham 35:04 (2nd V45)
15th Stuart Dunbar 37:47 (2nd V55)
127th Martin Love 46:55
130th Stephen Hetherington 47:08
132nd Gary Western 47:14
138th Alun Griffiths 47:47
168th Barney Lerner 49:59
183rd Mohanlal Mistry 52:45
215th Mike Moss 59:06
219th Richard Smith 61:41
3rd June - Lythe, Nr. Whitby
27th June - South Leeds
5th July - Keighley

24th July - Bingley (organised by Saltaire Striders)
8th August - Halifax
22nd August - West Vale
11th November - Spenborough

April Strider of the Month

Hannah Oldroyd - Nothing else needs saying!! - our perennial Queen of Speed who took on jet lag and the heat in London to produce an astonishing result of second lady outside the elite field and first British lady. Wearing her Saltaire Striders vest and smiling the whole way round, Hannah has done the club proud. Followed only 3 days after the marathon with a 17:30 5k for 6th overall at the Even Splits race then first lady at Bradford 10k and all the time being modest about her achievements.
Club Championship 2018

After the Leeds half marathon the top 10 in each division are:
  Premier Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Alun Griffiths 323 7
2 Helen Love 293 6
3 Claire Thaper 270 7
4 Jack Verity 190 4
5 Rachel Parker 188 4
6 Martin Love 183 4
7 Martin Fillingham 148 3
8 Stewart Spink 141 3
9 Simon Frazer 137 3
10 Noel Fitzpatrick 136 3
  1st Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Heather Bayliss 228 5
2 Craig Elliott 193 4
3 Liz Hamilton 144 3
4 Sarah Sherratt 142 3
5 Bernie Bowden 100 2
6 Loris Dell'Amico 98 2
7 John Singh 98 2
8 Ann Upton 94 2
9 Jadine Smith 93 2
10 Mervyn Silva 91 2
  2nd Division    
Rank Name Score Races
1 Jeremy Rix 288 6
2 Craig Beza 241 5
3 Tim Bellwood 175 4
4 Matthew Lawson 149 4
5 Helen Pennington 126 3
6 Igs Robun 117 3
7 Lee East 117 3
8 Andy Brown 99 2
9 Amanda Bellwood 97 2
10 Tom Lee 96 2
The next races in June are Otley 10m, Solstice Saunter and Rush around the Rhubarb.

The full results can be found here

A number of races later in the year are now open for entries

Otley 10m
Solstice Saunter
Eccup 10m
Saltaire Shakerr
Vale of York half marathon
Guy Fawkes 10m
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are now every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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