Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th June 2018
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of July so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 29th July.

Upcoming races/runs

3rd July - Danefield relay - Otley Chevin (3 x 3m)
10th July - Golden Acre Park relay (3 x 2.75m)
13th July - Washburn Valley relay - Swinsty reservoir
18th July - Esholt relays (4 x 1.5m)
24th July - Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix, Bingley
4th August - Horton Park run (club championship)
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Social Events
Away Runs


26th July - Catch the 18:57 train from Baildon to Ilkley (fare £3.20) and then run back over the moors.  Everyone welcome.


30th August - run round Thornton from the New Inn - organised by Alun Griffiths.
Esholt Relays - Wednesday 18th June

This is a 4 x 1.5m fun relay around Esholt Woods against Baildon Runners.  Meet at the Woolpack pub at 7:00 to sort out mixed teams.  Afterwards there will be free food in the Woolpack (sorry you have to buy your own drinks).  With prizes for successful teams.
Burnsall run

Sat. 21st July 2018

Every year we do a social outing to the Dales if you are new to the club ask an older member about the trip, its good fun, running, eating and drinking with fellow striders. You can bring your wife/husband/partner (they don’t have to run, they can go straight to the bar). This year we are going on a Saturday so no pressure to leave work early…..just need to get the baby sitter booked.

The pub is the Red Lion at Burnsall and we have been going there for 6+ years. Good food, cask ales and fine wines and the company isn’t bad either!

There are three runs to cater for all abilities. Please travel dressed to run, you can leave your change of clothes on the bus. After the run, there will be two rooms for the ladies to take advantage of fluffy white towels and nice shower gels. The men get their annual wash in the Wharfe and ladies are welcome to join them…..please bring your swimming cossies and a towel.

Cost per person

Meal Only option £27.45 – includes 3 course dinner, choice of 3 runs and optional dip in the Wharfe

Bus and Meal option £30.00 – includes all of the above and transport to and from Burnsall

Bus Pick up and drop off locations and departure times.

Baildon – Acorn Park, Otley Road – 4.00pm

Shipley – Town Centre Bus stop – 4.15pm

Saltaire Shell Garage Bus Stop – 4.30pm

Bingley Rail Station – 4.45pm

If you are travelling up to Burnsall by your own means i.e. cycling and coming back on the bus you will have to pay £30.00

Estimated run start time for the campers 5.15/5.30pm

This year we are starting all the runs in Burnsall, so no surprise mystery location. There will be three runs, they are social runs. Please choose a run that suits your capabilities, a social run is not the time to test yourself. Similarly if you drop down to a slower, shorter run you will be expected to run at the slower run pace….social runs are not races and there are no prizes for being first in the bar!

Please book your places via webcollect

When booking via Web Collect, log on to your Striders membership account. Click on social and go through the various booking options – it’s a bit long winded but you’ll get there in the end. Menu choices/dietary requirements and bus pick up location to Dairine  as well as problems with booking or any questions. Places need to be booked by 16/07/18

Red Lion Fish Soup with aioli and gruyere cheese or homemade cream soup - GF
Chicken Liver terrine, Cumberland Sauce, toasted granary bread -GF
Yorkshire blue cheese croquettes, crunchy seasonal salad (contains nuts) maple syrup & balsamic dressing - GF
Smoked trout & leek tart, black pudding, half soft boiled egg, brown shrimp hollandaise

Roast pork, apple sauce, sage and apple stuffing – GF WITH NO STUFFING
Chicken breast stuffed with blue Wensleydale, wrapped in Parma Ham, creamy leek sauce - GF
Fillet of cod, on a bed of spinach with a clam chowder
Braised brisket of beef, braised leeks, horseradish & parsley mash
Chilli marinated halloumi, falafel, pepper stuffed with harissa cous cous, chargrilled courgette, chick pea, mint & olive salad, aubergine & yoghurt dip, pitta bread - V
A light fresh Lemon Tart, Lemon Sorbet
Chocolate sponge, chocolate & honey sauce, vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Panacotta, warm honey figs, blackberries, biscotti -GF with no biscotti
Fruit crumble with custard – GF
Eton mess GF ONLY
Coffee and Mints
Club trip Mallorca - October 2018
The Saltaire Striders overseas trip / race for 2018 is Palma in Mallorca.  If you want to be part of the trip then see the January newsletter.
Bradford Millennium Way relay

A big thank you to everyone who helped out in any way to help  make the Bradford Millennium Way relay another successful Saltaire Striders production.
  Striders A   Striders Mixed   Striders B   Striders Ladies  
Leg 1 Martin Fillingham 1:20:41 (4th) Jen Willingham 1:55:11 (35th) Martin Love 1:48:14 (28th) Kath Stone 2:38:16 (50th)
  Tom Lee 80:41 (4th) Craig Beza 01:55:11 Jack Verity 01:48:14 Michelle Eyres 02:38:16
Leg 2 Andy Brown 2:22:03 (2nd) Bernie Bowden 3:26:58 (34th) Stephen Hillas 3:26:13 (33rd) Mel Akeroyd 4:29:51 (50th)
  Colin Walker 67:22 (3rd) John Singh 1:31:27 (27th) Alan Douglas 1:37:59 (35th) Helen Brant 1:51:35 (43rd)
Leg 3 Stuart Dunbar 3:27:12 (2nd) Claire Bond 4:41:33 (27th) Jayne Hart 5:26:13 (42nd) Gillian Hyde 6:14:39 (49th)
  Graham Corbett 59:09 (3rd) Tim Mosedale 01:14:35 (25th) Tony Hart 2:00:00 (49th) Denise Davis 1:44:48 (46th)
Leg 4 Matt Richardson 4:34:38 (2nd) Laura Ryall 6:08:23 (24th) Stewart Spink 6:49:18 (34th) Helen Pennington 8:22:45 (50th)
  Simon Themistocleous 67:26 (2nd) Jeremy Rix 1:26:50 (18th) Ewan Gibb 01:23:05 (11th) Esther Silva 2:08:06 (45th)
Leg 5 Will Kerr 05:49:36 (2nd) Claire Hern 7:48:59 (23rd) Gary Western 8:39:32 (33rs) Helen Love 10:33:42 (48th)
  Tim Baldwin 74:58 (1st) Carl Kernick 1:40:36 (21st) Alun Griffiths 1:50:14 (26th) Helen Western 02:10:57 (43rd)
Committee meetings

The next committee meeting will be held on 1st August - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.
Race Results
Saltaire Stampede 5m trail handicap race

1st Claire Cockroft 56:30
6th Joe Broadbent 66:37 (35:35)
13th Chris Jones 67:23 (38:21)
14th Victoria Baker 67:25 (43:23)
16th Alun Griffiths 67:42 (39:41)
17th Pippa Bird 67:48 (45:47)
20th Jeremy Rix 67:59 (35:57)
22nd Simon Furlong 68:06 (41:04)
24th Adam Camp 68:13 (34:42)
27th Richard Smith 68:21 (50:20)
33rd Carolyn Rix 68:54 (56:54)
34th Amanda Race 68:56 (68:56)
38th Jack Verity 69:37 (39:06)
40th Claire Thaper 69:53 (51:52)
41st Claire Bond 69:53 (39:22)
42nd Lee East 70:01 (43:30)
44th Stuart Dunbar 70:05 (33:33)
47th Helen Brant 70:25 (43:23)
54th Brett Jackson 71:11 (47:09)
60th Gavin Hamilton 71:32 (43:01)
65th Sarah Miller 71:46 (55:44)
69th Tim Mosedale 72:05 (40:35)
70th Mike Moss 72:21 (51:19)
72md Heather Bayliss 73:49 (63:47)
73rd Sheila Pepper 73:53 (60:51)
75th Jessica Alred 77:36 (63:35)
76th Kate Reed 77:37 (63:35)

Full results

Hyde Park Hariers summer miles

5th Martin Fillingham 4:51 (1st Heat 11/1st V40)
85th Laura Ryall 6:02 (15th Heat 9)
100th Tim Mosedale 6:10 (6th Heat 7)
119th Noel Fitzpatrick 6:23 (12th Heat 7)
146th Rachel Parker 6:38 (22nd Heat 7)
150th Alun Griffiths 6:41 (14th Heat 6)
207th Darren Longhorn 7:15 (21st Heat 5)
233rd Claire Thaper 7:46 (18th Heat 3)
246th Suzanne Hague 7:58 (22nd Heat 3)
270th Sheila Bugg 8:31 (24th Heat 2)

Full results

Rush around the rhubarb 6km trail race

2nd Will Kerr 20:26 (1st V40)
11th John Singh 24:45
21st Jeremy Rix 25:59 (2nd V50)
36th Jack Verity 27:50 (1st V60)
41st Alun Griffiths 28:48 (2nd V60)
42nd Craig Elliott 29:04
49th Helen Brant 30:13
71st Mohanlal Mistry 33:01
81st Kerry Wood 34:03
84th Mel Akeroyd 34:18
87th Darren Longhorn34:42
105th Richard Smith 36:56
111th Claire Thaper 38:05
118th Carolyn Rix 40:39

Full results

Beamsley Beacon fell race

38th Tim Forster 41:38
55th John Singh 44:12

Full results

Buckden Pike fell race

31st John Singh 50:11

Otley Chevin fell race

8th Will Kerr 19:31 (1st V40)
119th Mohanlal Mistry 29:33

Full results

Settle Saunter 13m trail race

42nd= Liz Hamilton 3:34:00
42nd= Claire Thaper 3:34:00

Isle of Jura fell race 17m 7775ft climb

129th John Singh 5:23:01

Solstice Saunter 5m trail race
1st Will Kerr 30:13 (1st V40)
2nd Martin Fillingham 31:35 (1st V45)
3rd Steve Fowler  31:59 (2nd V45)
4th Stuart Dunbar 33:01 (1dt V55)
18th Adam Willoughby 36:54
22nd Simon Frazer 37:15
24th Jeremy Rix 37:13 (2nd V55)
25th Ewan Gibb 37:24
28th Ian Jenkins 38:09
51st Bernie Bowden 40:24 (2nd F45)
62nd Claire Bond 41:07 (1st FSEN)
65th John Walton 40:59
73rd Rachel Parker 41:33
78th Alun Griffiths 41:58 (2nd V60)
85th Noel Fitzpatrick 42:35
92nd Helen Brant 42:58
108th Gary Pennington 43:54
117th Kirstie Holmes 44:33
124th Barney Lerner 45:10 (1st V65)
126th Wendy Hey 45:28
137th Jennifer Bartlett 46:03
171st Mel Akeroyd 48:03
180th Kerry Wood 48:27
199th Denise Davis 49:16
200th Liz Hamilton 49:04
208th Pippa Bird 49:28
236th Nick Breare 50:12 (3rd V65)
250th Lucy Johnston 50:48
281st Josie Briggs 51:25
309th Michell Eyres 52:47
326th Richard Smith 53:05
347th Sheila Bugg 53:53
400th Gemma Hailwood-McCallion 55:12
434th Gillian Hyde 55:55
438th Claire Thaper 56:27
441st Mike Moss 56:54
472nd Catherine Berry 57:39
473rd Carolyn Rix 57:14
475th Charlotte Hardy 57:48
476th Charlotte Martin 57:38
477th Eleanor Hughes 57:39
506th Sheila Pepper 58:50
640th Heather Bayliss 67:23
664th Amanda Race 70:53

Full results

Killamarsh 3 lakes classic 16m

4th Steve Fowler 1:43:44 (3rd V)

Full results

Pudsey 10k

14th Craig Beza 40:27
105th Stephen Hetherington 49:08
171st Rachel Parker 52:12
191st Noel Fitzpatrick 53:34
195th Craig Elliott 53:47
233rd Mohanlal Mistry 56:02
237th Lee East 56:16
427th Urmila Mistry 69:02

Full results

Midnight Sun Marathon

230th John Walton 3:48:29

Full results

Otley 10m

5th Will Kerr 58:15 (2nd V40)
27th Stuart Dunbar 64:24 (1st V55)
78th Simon Frazer 70:05
80th Stewart Spink 70:16
147th John Singh 76:56
180th Jack Verity 79:52
192nd Stephen Hillas 80:31
196th Stephen Hetherington 80:49
215th Emma Cartledge 82:07
247th Alan Douglas 84:57
251st Alun Griffiths 85:14
259th Rachel Parker 86:06
274th Helen Brant 87:20
284th Craig Elliott 88:05
307th Barney Lerner 91:01
311th Mohanlal Mistry 91:55
352nd Matt Lawson 99:45
372nd Nick Breare 1:44:10
385th Urmila Mistry 1:48:13
388th Claire Thaper 1:48:45

Full results

Bronte 5

19th Stuart Dunbar 31:44 (2nd V55)
20th Craig Beza 31:49
147th Mohanlal Mistry 44:28
169th Claire Thaper 50:13 (3rd Yorks Vets F35)

Full results

Neolithic marathon

1st Marcin Soszka 3:06:16

Full results

Derby half marathon

16th Steve Fowler 81:10 (3rd V40)

Full results

Morecambe 10k

Sheila Pepper 72:54

Full results

Huddersfield marathon

55th Lee East 5:40:25

Full results

Wharfedale trail half marathon

10th Matt Richardson 1:35:34
19th Martin Fillingham 1:38:10
163rd Loris Dell'Amico 2:08:05
304th Mohanlal Mistry 2:30:56

Full results

Ali's been out and about

A 23mile, 50km and 50m all in the space of 20 days in June!!!

Mountain Yomp 7th/ 1st V45

Keswick 50k was 14th/ 3rd V45

Pennine Barrier 15th=/ 1st V45

Race report: 36th Mountain Yomp 23m 4200ft fell race – Kirkby Stephen 3/6/18

Running the ‘Mountain Yomp’ was a bit of a last minute decision – 6.30pm the night before, meaning a very early start to get to registration for 8am in Cumbria…..

Thick cloud, and clag on the tops as I drove over didn’t bode well, given I had no idea of the race route and hadn’t set foot on any single one of the fells before. I think that’s called race prep….. oh, and as for slotting a race into ‘taper week’ 7days before the Keswick 50k ultra….mmmmm……we shall see….

Registration at the school was perfectly organised as you’d expect of a race that’s been in existence for 36 years and as the start approached runners started to mingle near to the first checkpoint with ‘dibbers’ poised (there were 12 checkpoints at which you had to ‘dib’ an electronic tag).

The start was staggered so you could set off from 9am, I chose (aka toilet break no.4) to allow 5-10 minutes to elapse so at least I had a trail of runners to follow across the fell for route finding (and to chase), and the race tactic was to try and keep it steady as a tester for Keswick next Sunday. I needn’t have worried about route finding – it was a doddle – with canes and markers about every 100m and at changes in direction, the clouds cleared, so the views and visibility was stupendous – looking out to the Lakeland fells on one side and the Yorkshire Dales to the other.

After clearing the main street of Kirkby Stephen and a mile or so of farm tracks it was onto the moors, underfoot being comprised completely of….moor….. no tracks or nice gravel up here, just grasses, heather, reeds, moss, tussocks and a few swampy bits for good measure, lots of rocky bits, and some more tussocks…...

The plan of following the first wave of runners was playing out nicely, and for the first 7 miles (of climb) up the considerable summits of ‘Little’ Fell and then Wild Boar Fell it was a nice game of chase. By mile 8, I was completely on my own, no footprints to follow and the pressure was always going to be on from the runners who ‘dibbed’ after me and were now the chasers….it’s a strange place to be, out front.

The terrain and underfoot was pretty much consistently ‘moor’ throughout, with a great welcome at every one of the checkpoints/water stations - most of them on exposed fell tops, manned by volunteers and mountain rescue. Although my favourite was a cattle trailer with 3 farmers in flat caps on sun loungers, one of who just pointed in the general direction of the refreshments with his thumb and said ‘water’. Class!

6 more fell tops came and went in quick succession – Swarth Fell Pike, Hugh Seat, Gregory Chapel, Black Fell and High Pike, before the last bugger of a climb up 9 Standards Rigg and then the long descent (kept telling myself – its just a parkrun left!) back to the start, at this point joining the runners who had opted for the 11 mile version, through a few twists and turns in the edge of Kirkby Stephen and back to the school for copious tea and biscuits.

Well pleased with a 7th overall (and 1st V45) in the end out of 145, in 3:44:59

Keswick Mountain Festival 50km Ultra

It’s entirely Tim’s fault. He made me enter. It's only 2 weeks until my target race – The Pennine Barrier (‘50ish’ miles). It’ll be a good test of kit, strategy, fuelling and on similar terrain he said. It’ll be a laugh he said……(mental note.....must unfriend Tim on facebook ??)

Friday night and we’re travelling up to Keswick, Saturday dawns and its roasting hot, ambling around the Mountain Festival site signing up to websites, multiple visits to the 'Wines of new Zealand' stand, some tomfoolery on the canoeing stand and getting a stack full of freebies – after all what fool doesn’t want a ‘Visit Andorra’ sweatband set or an Arnold Clarke yellow plastic poncho & sunglasses combo?

Watching the open water swimmers drag themselves through the shoreline mud (aka mostly goose poop) and then cheering the 5k and 25k trail runners as they set off like the clappers – we made a promise that neither Tim or me would set off on the 50k at that pace……

Saturday night – final kit check, lay everything out in the order it goes on (including the vaseline), set 3 alarm clocks.

Sunday morning, 5am, fuelled by the previous night’s excellent scampi (the food of champions), dressed and greased, its off on the 5 minute easy stroll across to the festival site at Crow Park…..and the realisation its 5.30am and its bloody roasting hot. The mountains in the distance sat in a tropical haze and not a breath of wind. The race briefing was thankfully very short (i.e. put lots of suncream on. Now!).

The race countdown started, 1 minute left, so I go and rock up on the front row of the starting grid with the big boys (Tim sensibly stayed in mid pack) and ‘cus the official photographer was taking snaps. (Media tart moment) I think we made a promise that neither Tim or me would set off on the 50k at 5k pace…… well, I’d had a change of plan…… go out like a tw*t with the really fast lads whilst it’s still cool and avoid the worst of the days heat.

Well that worked for the first 1½ miles and 1000ft, til I was on top of Walla Crag in full sun. Unfortunately the race photographers were there as well, drone filming – following me for several hundred metres, so had to put some effort in for the camera. (Media tart).

Ashness Bridge (another media tart moment) , Surprise view, and the riverside path (aka loose collection of boulders and outcrops) to Watendlath brought up the first 10k then up and over Grange fell, heading for Checkpoint 1 at Rosthwaite in Borrowdale, with the chance to refill with another litre of water/some red sport drink to get me to Honister Pass. Given the heat, the plan was to get at least a litre down between checkpoints, given I was estimating to be running at 30mpg (ie 150ml of sweat per mile) at the same time slurping in a gel.

Up Borrowdale was lovely – in the shade of the oakwoods with cuckoos cuckooing and green woodpeckers yaffling. The pleasure before the pain (part 1)…all too soon and it’s the biggy, climbing up Honister Pass to the slate mine and checkpoint 2 (banana and another litre of some red). The 1500ft climb continued straight up onto the shoulder of Fleetwith Pike (media tart moment), with astounding views of Great Gable and Haystacks to the west. Coming off Fleetwith, the path may drop 1000ft down, but given that’s in the space of under ½ mile you get an idea how steep it really is….its slower than going up.

After not dying on the descent, Buttermere and Crummack water shimmered away in front – the next part of the race through to mile 20ish and checkpoint 3. Wham! The heat on this section was incredible, with waves of hot air descending off the fell and sun reflecting off the lake and not a breeze or any shade to be had. Talking with runners afterwards – this was the section that really started to soften you up big time.

Checkpoint 3 – another litre of red stuff and fresh orange wedges (heaven!!) before heading off towards Rannerdale . At this point I could see Tim on the opposite side of the lake, running through hell and getting properly softened up! Checkpoint 4 at the bottom of Rannerdale – another litre of red please! They did mention that there was a deep pool in Mill Beck coming up. I was straight in up to my waist and plunged head in, ready for the 1500ft climb up to the col below the mountains of Sail and Crag Hill at 26 miles – that’s called putting the boot in!

At this point with the heat and climb the last thing anyone needed was for horsefly swarms. After swatting, flapping, swiping, and thwacking to no effect, I resorted to giving them a stern talking to. ‘Look you worthless f*****s I need all this blood, it’s inside me for a good reason’. I may have become delirious.
 Checkpoint 5 marshall….‘what do you need?’ ‘Ali waves arm in the general direction of drinks table whilst staggering sideways’ as it turned out it was another litre of red.

Half a mile of tarmac over to Little Town at the foot of Catbells felt so nice. At least from here you can see Dewentwater, Portinscale and Keswick in the distance, and just 2 parkruns left….. pick up the pace and try and keep up with the tail enders of the 10k run, as the two races converged as I rounded Catbells, over the river, into Keswick, come on come on keep going, I can hear the announcer at the finish line – there’s Louise!! 100 yards left! (uphill!) and finish line in just over 6 hours, 14th overall and 3rd V45 (finish line media tart moment) before my last litre of red for the day.

 Ali Nash 6:04:53
 Tim Forster 6:58:42

What a day – superbly organised, marshalled and flagged. Get out there and go fell running. Other shorter races are available.

Pennine Barrier 50m

How hard is it to run an ultra......? Bloody hard. But if you're sitting comfortably let me tell you about it...... The Pennine Barrier Ultra.....50 miles & 8500ft including 4 of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks....(Penyghent twice)

This was one of my target races for 2018, with lots and lots of miles and climbing factored into the training schedule over the past 6 months, heat training in a tree suit at London Marathon and in June both the 23m Mountain Yomp fell race and the 33m Keswick Mountain Festival ultra as 'sharpeners' as Will Kerr would say.

Hydration and nutrition planned in minute detail (1 litre & 400 cals per 8 miles on top of a 4am belly bustin' 2000cal crumpet and peanut butter breakfast) was off to Malham ready for a 5.40 race briefing, which was mainly 'slap on the suncream and wear a hat' as well as the chaff briefing...... 'thoroughly grease all moving parts' not forgetting the vitally important 'thoroughly grease all stationary parts next to moving parts' Almost a full tub of vaseline later I slid over to the start line and joined the good natured banter and shared out some of my personal midge cloud with fellow competitors.

6am, warm and with a gentle westerly, the first mile took you through Malham and straight up the steps ascending Malham Cove, across the limestone pavement and away up Watlowes valley to Malham Tarn. By the top of the cove I'd teamed up with Andy Smith, another 50mile debutant from Huddersfield, little did we know that almost 10 hours later we'd cross the finish line together. Bromance. Climbing away from the Tarn, its up Fountains Fell, (at this point already muttering how much I hate rocky paths) from the top at mile 10 loomed the hulking profile of Penyghent.

Checkpoint 1 between the two, was a simple litre top up of water and Tailwind powder (other products are available, but if the CEO of Tailwind sees this - I am available for sponsorship.....) passing the ever cheerful Rachel Barnes/Boyd and another 2 miles of climb, negotiating the hoards of '3 peakers' saw us to the top. The long, rough, uppy downy route across to Ribblehead brought us to checkpoint 2, more fluid (and Tailwind - did I say how good this stuff is ?) and the ascent of Whernside.

The mountain to start the 'softening up process....' hitting the trig at around marathon distance. That rocky descent off  Whernside is bloody diabolical, good job the next checkpoint at Hill Inn wasn't far off - discovering fresh pineapple chunks taste like heaven after 5 hours of gels (did I say how good Tailwind tastes?)

Ingleborough.....the 'destroyer of souls......' never, never, never, never ever look up before starting that north face ascent.....too late..... Andy just said 'Ali - I've just looked up...... oh for f###$ sake.....' an hour later we were finally heading downwards for the 4 miles to Horton. Rough underfoot just isn't the word for it, and I had a sneaking suspicion something nasty and slightly mushy was happening to my big toenail...... (it was....very... and involved needles, scissors and spurting later that evening).

At the Horton checkpoint we discovered the delights of watermelon slices - oh the joy! (the tailwind was still going down, 400 cal per 1/2 litre by now). Andy did it again and looked up at Penyghent as we ascended for a second time..... 'Ali - I've just looked up.......its doing that steep thing again.....'

Deja vu struck yet again on Fountains Fell..... but at least we had sight of Malham Tarn - just the matter of a final 10 miles, and going by my somewhat shaky maths at this point, we were still on for a sub-10 hour finish, although pushing the heady speeds of 11:30 miling we were far from guaranteed..... approaching Gordale and Janets Foss, the lure of an ice cream was tempting, as was jumping in the river.

....just 2 miles left....I think we both said out loud 'I'd like this to stop now......' both watches had run out of juice so we had no idea what time we were on, but coming into Malham, the first dulcet tones I hear are Dame Rachel Parker 'for ####$ sake Nash you slacker, get running!' followed up by some supportive cheering from Louise, 100 yards left and those two took off at a sprint to get the finish line photos as me and Andy came in arms aloft for =15th (and 1st V45) in 9hrs 58mins. Gold finishers medal and some soup. Result!


Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
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Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2018
Race 3 - Whitby

20th Helen Love 57:33 (1st F60)
29th Helen Western 62:22

40th Stephen Hetherington 51:38
42nd Martin Love 51:55
59th Gary Western 54:29
64th Alun Griffiths 55:19
81st Barney Lerner 58:33
105th Nick Breare 69:37
108th Richard Smith 71:57

Full results

Race 4 results from South Leeds are not yet available due to holidays.

The scheduled race 5 at Keighley on 7th July has now been cancelled so the next race in the series is our fixture from Bradford & Bingley rugby club - Martin Love will soon be asking for volunteers from the youngsters (and injured) to help marshall.

24th July - Bingley (organised by Saltaire Striders)
8th August - Halifax
22nd August - West Vale
11th November - Spenborough

May Strider of the Month

Liz Hamilton  - For nearly two years Liz has been struggling on and off with injury reducing her running considerably. Recently she has managed to pick it up again with the odd PECO and other races but again with some problems. However, her patience and persistence has paid off in the last few weeks with the return of regular running and, following a PB in April at the Bradford 10K, 2 half marathon PBs in May on consecutive Sundays in Leeds and Liverpool.
Club Championship 2018

After the Otley 10m  Alun Griffiths continues with his healthy lead in the Premier division but Stuart Dunbar is coming up fast on the rails with 4 maximum points performances.  In the First division Craig Elliott takes over at the top with John Singh moving up quickly. Not much change in the second division but Kerry Wood has moved into the top 10 and will make further advances when the Rush round the rhubarb points have been calculated.
The next races in July are Eccup 10 and Saltaire Shakerr and then the Horton Park run on the 4th August

A number of races later in the year are now open for entries

Saltaire Shakerr
Vale of York half marathon
Kirkstall Abbey 7
Guy Fawkes 10m
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are now every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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