Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st March 2018
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of April so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 27th April.

Upcoming races/runs
2nd April - Ackworth half marathin (inc. Yorks vets championships)
8th April - Baildon Boundary Way half marathon
15th April - Vale of York 10m

Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races

Northern Running Guide
Social Events
‘Periods in Landscape’ is a personal dialogue; hours spent wandering, climbing, falling through the hills and fells and how these moments can captivate and develop the character of a person.Timothy uses landscape painting to further his understanding of running and its relationship with nature, but also as a tool to confront and calm his ongoing battle with depression. As an ultra runner, Timothy spends long periods of time focusing on the body and how it cooperates with a particular environment. This ongoing series attempts to extract such meditative qualities, creating quick expressive moments that can either break or enhance the flow of running'.
Away Runs


The away run for April on Thursday 26th April will be from the Surprise View car park at Otley Chevin near the Royalty pub.  There will be options for 4, 5 and 7 mile runs and vists to the Royalty pub afterwards for refreshments.


The May away run on 31st May will be the club championship Apperley Bridger Canter 10k trail race from Woodhouse Grove school and we can retire to the Stansfield Arms pub afterwards for drinks and a chat.
Burnsall run

Date for your diary Sat. 21st July 2018

Club trip Mallorca - October 2018
The Saltaire Striders overseas trip / race for 2018 is Palma in Mallorca.  If you want to be part of the trip then see the January newsletter.
England Athletics Club Run Application

The club has been successful in an application to take part in the England Athletics Club Run programme.  Full details of what the programme is can be found here.

In summary:

A free series of practical coaching sessions led by coaches linked to the England Athletics coach development programmes with experience in off track running.

The Club Run sessions aim to support the club and our runners to achieve more through their love of running.

Three coach-led visits to the club over a 3 month period
Three practical coach-led sessions, each lasting between 90 minutes to 2 hours
An experienced and qualified coach associated with the England Athletics coach development programmes
Focused and progressive sessions in line with the aspirations of the club’s runners and leading towards helping them prepare for a particular event or distance
Endurance specific warm up and cool down session components
Support and guidance for the club’s coaches and leaders
The opportunity for informal discussion around key topics linked to training and race preparation.

You can see what Spa Striders had to say about the programme
Club Awards

Strider of the year:
Awarded for person with most points for volunteering at events and Strider of the Month nominations.  The trophy winner was  Kath Stone with Lindsey Pearson runner-up and Mike Moss 3rd.

Peco most Improved:
Vets- Louise Dell'Amico & Martin Fillingham
Open - Jadine Smith & John Singh

Deja Vu:

Awarded to the person who receives the most Strider of the Month nominations throughout the year without actually winning the vote in any month.  3 members tied with 4 monthly nominations each
Tim Mosedale, Bernie Bowden, Andy Brown

Club Championship 2nd Division:
Winner Pippa Bird, runner-up John Singh, 3rd Sarah Sherratt

Club Championship 1st Division:
Winner Sylvia Ross, runner-up Ian Jenkins, 3rd Ewan Gibb

Club Championship Premier League:
Winner Stuart Dunbar, runner-up Will Kerr, 3rd Martin Fillingham
Committee meetings

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 5th March are now available here on the club web site.

The next committee meeting will be held on  25th April - if you have anything which you wish to be discussed please contact or speak to any member of the committee.
Race Results
Liverpool Half Marathon

13th Martin Fillingham 76:11

Full results

Liverpool 10m

45th Tim Mosedale 74:56

Full results

Northern 6 /12 stage road relays - Birkenhead


25th Saltaire Striders 'A' 2:12:13

Rachel Boyd       (26) 31:06
Rachel Parker     (31) 17:36
Bernie Bowden    (26) 15:50
Laura Ryall         (29) 34:22
Hannah Partner   (28) 16:57
Jen Willingham   (25) 16:22

42nd Saltaire Striders 'B' 2:31:19

Louise Nash       (47) 36:44
Helen Western    (47) 19:32
Jadine Smith       (44) 19:00
Olivia Gregory     (42) 36:11
Claire Thaper      (41) 20:42
Pippa Bird          (42) 19:10

Full results


32nd Saltaire Striders 'A' 3:39:59

Tim Baldwin             (39) 26:33
Simon Frazer           (46) 15:04
Matthew Richardson (43) 27:37
Stuart Dunbar           (45) 14:26
Matthew Nowell        (41) 26:57
Graham Corbett        (43) 14:16
Will Kerr                   (40) 26:45
Andy Brown              (40) 13:34
Steven Fowler           (36) 14:02
Tom Lee                   (34) 13:28
Martin Fillingham      (32) 13:06
Alistair Nash             (32) 14:11

Disqualified/Incomplete team Saltaire Striders 'B'

Stewart Spink           (58) 31:31
Gary Western           (59) 17:00
John Singh (DQ)        (23) 15:48
David Blanchard         (44) 19:12
Adam Camp              (50) 31:02
Martin Love               (52) 16:09
Chris Jones              (55) 33:19
Mick Brearley           (56) 19:40
Jack Verity               (56) 17:03
Alun Griffiths            (56) 17:37
Frank Beecroft          (56) 18:32

Full results
Leeds 5k series race 2

113th Rachel Parker 22:44
146th Matt Lawson 24:54
160th Suzanne Hague 26:47

Full results

Bunny Run 1

49th John Singh 20:58
118th Alan Douglas 25:19
166th Mike Moss 31:33

Full results

Cartmel 10k Trail race

132nd Helen Brant 62:11

Full results

Edale Skyline AL fell race

72nd Matt Richardson 3:14:50
221nd John Singh 4:02:25

Full results

Spen 20
6th Will Kerr 2:04:55 (2nd V40)
25th Matt Nowell 2:14:59
153rd Mohanlal Mistry 3:11:34

Full results

Keighley Big K 10k

9th Martin Fillingham 37:30 (2nd V40)
22nd Craig Beza 40:06
94th Jeremy Rix 45:44
104th Tim Bellwood 47:15
140th Amanda Bellwood 49:12
152nd Rachel Parker 49:34
173rd Helen Love 50:51 (1st F60)
195th Alun Griffiths 50:57
274th Frank Masley 54:45
335th Harriet Fletcher 56:39
336th Matthew Lawson 57:18
341st Denise Davis 57:23
376th Simon Kingsnorth 58:56
418th Tony Hart 60:21
432nd Fiona Farquhar 61:08
471st Lee East 62:31
475th Lucy Garropd 62:41
476th Claire Thaper 62:54
564th Jayne Hart 65:34
570th Ann Upton 66:36
636th Heather Bayliss 71:23
713th Judith Nunn 81:22

Full results

Big Half - London

Marcin Soszka 1:18:43
Anna Harding 1:58:09

Full results

Yorkshire Vets Cross Country championships


42nd Helen Love 29:33 (3rd F60)
47th Kirstie Holmes 30:12 (5th F40)
52nd Helen Brant 31:10 (10th F35)
53rd Helen Western 31:16 (11th F45)

Full results

Men V50 - V65

17th Stuart Dunbar 38:54 (6th V55)
41st Martin Love 45:07 (10th V55)
49th Gary Western 47:30 (11th V55)
50th Alun Griffiths 47:35 (10th V60)
64th Mervyn Silva 61:04 (14th V60)

Full results

Men V35 -  V45

5th Andy Brown 34:10 (3rd V45)
8th Will Kerr 35:46 (3rd V40)
12th Martin Fillingham 37:07 (6th V45)

Saltaire Striders 1st Team

Full results
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2018
With the Horsforth race on 18th March having been cancelled the first race of the 2018 Grand Prix will now be at Honley on 22nd April followed by the Yorkshire Vets AGM.   2 more dates have been added for the 8th May at Roundhay and 27th June at South Leeds.  The full list of dates / venues for the series are now :

22nd April - Honley
8th May - Roiundhay
29th May - Kirkstall
3rd June - Lythe, Nr. Whitby
27th June - South Leeds
5th July - Keighley

24th July - Bingley (organised by Saltaire Striders)
8th August - Halifax
22nd August - West Vale
11th November - Spenborough

February Strider of the Month

Stewart Spink - Stewart has been utterly dedicated to his training. He’s tried various techniques to improve his running performance and over the years has slowly chipped away at his PB times. It certainly looks like his hard work is starting to pay dividends. Since the start of 2018 he has beaten 3 of his PB time’s at different distances. In January, he finally went sub 1hr30 at the Brass Monkey half marathon. He started off Februaury with sub 40 mins at the Dewsbury 10k and has finished the month with a new marathon PB of 3:06 in Tokyo (despite running 26.5 miles).
Club Championship 2018

After race 3 in the 2018 championship

Premier league
1st Helen Love 148 pts
2nd  Alun Giffiths 136 pts
3rd Denise Davis 121 pts

First Division
1st Ann Upton 94 pts
2nd Heather Bayliss 91pts
3rd Bernie Bowden 50 pts

2nd Division
1st Jeremy Rix 142 pts
2nd Craig Beza 98 pts
3rd Tim Bellwood 80 pts

The full results can be found here

The next races in the championship are the Guiseley Gallop trail 10k followed by the Vale of York 10m and Up the Odda

A number of races later in the year are now open for entries

Apperley Bridge Canter
Otley 10m
Solstice Saunter
Eccup 10m
Saltaire Shakerr
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track are now every Tuesday and are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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