Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st January 2018
Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of February so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 26th February.

Upcoming races/runs

4th Feb. Dewsbury 10k (club championship race)


11th Feb. Peco race 5 - Temple Newsam

25th Feb. Harewood House HM /10k
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
The Pecos continue

The final race in the Peco series is at Temple Newsam on Sun. 11th Feb. 

After 4 races the men ar in 3rd place in the premier division but can be caught by Hyde Park if we don't put in a good final performance.  In the vets league we are in 2nd place just (on countback) but can win it with a good performance.

The ladies are comfortably in second place in division 1 and looking good for promotion to the Premier league for next season but lets make sure.  In the vets they are again looking comfortable in 2nd place.

Race 4 - Middleton Park


10th Lesley Watson 35:39 (2nd F45)
34th Bernie Bowden 37:58
60th Claire Bond 39:54
72nd Laura Ryall 40:43
133rd Tracy Foy 44:38
141st Helen Love 45:11 (3rd F60)
195th Sarah Sherratt 47:31
196th Jennifer Bartlett 47:32
200th Mel Akeroyd 47:49
206th Kerry Wood 48:15
264th Louise Dell'Amico 52:14
267th Denise Davis 52:24
275th Claire Thaper 53:01
292nd Helen Western 56:49
298th Sylvia Ross 58:25 (3rd F65)
301st Ann Upton 59:27
307th Heather Bayliss 61:55

Ladies race 4 full results

Ladies race 4 team results

Race 3 - Roundhay Park


8th Lesley Watson 34:04 (1st F45)
38th Bernie Bowden 36:20
79th Claire Bond 39:05
108th Laure Ryall 40:36
135th Tracy Foy 42:04
165th Helen love 43:24 (2nd F60)
189th Mel Akeroyd 44:17
201st Helen Pennington 44:50
253rd Sarah Sherratt 47:16
254th Harriet Fletcher 47:19
260th Jennifer Bartlett 47:38
280th Fiona Farquhar 48:55
284th Kerry Wood 49:18
300th Jadine Smith 50:06
303rd Denise Davis 50:23
307th Louise Dell'Amico 50:35
310th Gillian Hyde 50:41
317th Sylvia Ross 50:57
322nd Elaine Frazer 51:20
324th Claire Thaper 51:21
349th Carolyn Rix 54:22
375th Ann Upton 58:36
380th Heather Bayliss 60:31

Ladies race 3 full results

Ladies race 3 team results


13th Tim Baldwin 30:05
23rd Andy Brown 30:42 (1st V45)
37th Will Kerr 31:30
47th Matt Richardson 31:55
95th Martin Fillingham 33:49
107th Simon Frazer 34:25
109th Stuart Dunbar 34:33
110th Adam Camp 34:35
156th Ian Ogden 36:14
167th John Singh 36:33
186th Jeremt Rix 37:29
236th Alan Douglas 39:35
237th Martin Love 39:36
274th Alun Griffiths 41:31
285th Gary Western 42:06
298th Pawel Tryc 42:59
323rd Barney Lerner 44:55
357th Tony Hart 48:23
366th Rahul Mehra 49:10
369th Mike Moss 49:31
379th Mervyn Silva 53:29

Race 4 mens results

Mens race 4 team results


20th Greg Hull 28:57 (1st V50)
24th Tom Lee 29:10
25th Tim Baldwin 29:11
36th Andy Brown 29:54 (1st V45)
38th Will Kerr 30:00
58th Simon Themistocleous 30:35
67th Steve Fowler 31:00
74th Matt Nowell 31:15
79th Matt Richardson 31:24
87th Kevin Armstrong 31:50
136th John Singh 33:19
154th Simon Frazer 33:45
179th Ian Ogden 34:36
183rd Adam Camp 34:39
209th Stewart Spink 35:20
225th Jeremy Rix 36:01
244th Loris Dell'Amico 36:24
257th Tim Spencer 36:49
295th Martin Love 38:00
303rd Jack Verity 38:11
305th Tim Mosedale 38:11
363rd Alun Griffiths 40:11
377th Gary Western 41:05
387th Tim Bellwood 41:27
405th Craig Elliott 42:29
408th Barney Lerner 41:41
424th Mohanlal Mistry 43:43
432nd Darren Longhorn 44:02
435th Gavin Hamilton 44:14
471st Matthew Lawson 47:34
474th Mike Moss 48:22
490th Mervyn Silva 50:52
495th Dave Armstrong 52:24

Race 3 mens results

Mens race 3 team results

Social Events
Club Dinner / Awards presentation evening

Sat. 10th March - Halfway House, Baildon

Carvery meal and entertainment.  Details to follow.

Burnsall run

Date for your diary Sat. 21st July 2018

Club trip Mallorca - October 2018
The Saltaire Striders overseas trip / race for 2018 is Palma in Mallorca.  If you want to be part of the trip then you need to do the following:
Book your flights
Flight out on Friday 12 October with Jet 2 departs at 06:30
Flight back on Monday 15 October with Ryanair departs at 13:45
These are suggested flights for everyone to travel together, and were the cheapest options, however you can book days/times to suit yourself if these don't meet your needs.
Note that prices have been going up and down so you will need to take a call re when you book, waiting may mean prices go down but you run the risk of not getting your preferred flight.
Also note, that there are cheaper options to fly back later in the week if anyone wants to add one or more days onto their trip and other airlines.
Book the hotel
The hotel is Tryp Palma Bellver Hotel.  Please make sure you search for the Mallorca one.
This is centrally located, overlooks the marina, and is reasonably priced.  It is 15/20 minutes walk to the cathedral and the park where the race expo and race start is, and located well for strolling into the old town.
The hotel is right on the bus route which serves the airport for those who want to transfer using public transport.
You can find the hotel on sites like and can reserve without having to pay up front.
For anyone looking for a much cheaper option there is a basic but nice looking hostel - similar to the one we stayed in on the Iceland trip. Contact Lindsey Pearson if you want the details.
Enter your race of choice
Here is the website for the race, which offers marathon, half marathon and 10k options. 
The sooner you enter the better as the entry fees raise periodically over time.
Let Lindsey Pearson know you are going
Please let Lindsey Pearson know if you are going on the trip, and if anyone else is joining you.  She will make arrangements for airport/hotel transfers if required, discuss whether we want trip t.shirts, arrange social activity etc.
Partners, including non runners are more than welcome.
Please do get in touch if you want any information or help with your booking.
AGM 2017

The minutes of the 2017 AGM are available on the club website.
Proposed changes to club training sessions

The proposed changes to the training sessions and feedback has been reviewed and will commence on a 3 month trial period from 1st March.  The only changes to the proposals are that Monday night warm-ups will not change and will continue to be led by the individual run leaders.

We are also looking at the possibility of introducing a Wednesday night social run from Caroline St. depending on interest and availability of leaders (watch this space).

Please provide any feedback on the new trainging sessions (once you have experinced them) to Jack Verity
Race Results

St. Annes 10m

221st Cathryn Smith 92:44

Full results

Northern cross-country championships - Harewood


267th Laura Ryall 44:28
327th Rachel Parker 47:25
425th Jane Hart 60:45

Full results


142nd Tim Baldwin 46:51
249th Matt Richardson 49:49
269th Will Kerr 50:23
316th Matt Nowell 51:39
381st Stuart Dunbar 53:12
463rd Simon Frazer 55:31
740th Frank Beecroft 72:31
750th Mohanlal Mistry 76:16

Full results

Inskip half marathon
112th Graham Terry 94:52
195th Gary Pennington 1:47:20
201st Rachel Parker 1:47:48
280th Helen Brant 1:53:03

Full results

Stanbury Splash fell race

16th Matt Richardson 51:58
93rd John Singh 60:58
196th Martin Love 70:53
277th Helen Love 83:17

Brass Monkey half marathon

98th Will Kerr 80:45
Simon Frazer 86:23
271st Stewart Spink 88:41
359th Ian Jenkins 92:08
529th Laura Ryall 98:16
530th Tim Mosedale 98:18
595th Claire Bond 1:40:48

Full results

Temple Newsam 10m trail race

478 Urmila Mistry 1:40:10
479 Mohanlal Mistry 1:40:10
663rd Claire Thaper 1:51:26

Full results

Sir Titus Trot 5k

3rd Rachel Parker 25:06 (1st Lady)

Full results

Giants Tooth 3m fell race

7th Matt Richardson 19:29
43rd John Singh 22:04
70th Tim Spencer24:27
91st Gary Western 26:02
106th Alun Griffiths 26:40
139th Mohanlal Mistry 32:43

Full results
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2018
The first race of the 2018 Grand Prix will be at Horsforth on 18th March followed by the Yorkshire Vets AGM.  The other dates / venues for the series are:

22nd April - Honley
29th May - Kirkstall
3rd June - Lythe, Nr. Whitby
5th July - Keighley

24th July - Bingley (organised by Saltaire Striders)
8th August - Halifax
22nd August - West Vale
11th November - Spenborough
Yorkshire Vets Cross-Country Championships

These will be held on 4th March at Cleckheaton with sepearte races for ladies & V70+, Vets 50 - 60 and Vets 35 - 49.  Please let Martin Love or Helen Western know if you would like to run (£6 entry fee).
December Strider of the Month

Mike Moss for all the work he does as chairman, a lot of it is behind the scenes, managing emails and difficult situations, he is a strong voice of reason in our club. He also regularly volunteers at parkrun and is great at encouraging others. A regular run leader and someone who always thinks of other runners not just himself.
Club Championship 2018

The next race in the new championship is the Dewsbury 10k which is followed by a flurry of races in March and April.

A number of races later in the year are now open for entries

Up the Odda
Solstice Saunter
Eccup 10m
Saltaire Shakerr
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down.

Tuesday 6th Feb.
Tuesday 20th Feb.
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing. To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity or see the Saltaire Striders chat page on facebook (but please don't share it on social media).

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