Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th June
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of July so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 28th July.

Upcoming races/runs

7th July East Leeds 10k trail race, Swillington
8th July Baildon Carnival Canter fell race
8th July Kirkstall Canal Canter 10k/HM/m/Ultra
19th July Roundhay Rampage trail 10k
22nd July Bingley Show 10k trail
23rd July Arthur James Shakerr, Saltaire 12k trail
9th August Yorks Vets Grand Prix, Halifax
13th August Firefighters 5m Road race, Birkenshaw
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Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
Ladies Book Club - Fri. 14th July

The next ladies book club is on Friday 14 July at 7.30 pm at Martinez in Bingley.
The books are 'Thin Air' by Michelle Paver, a short and scary book about a Himalayan expedition in 1935, and 'The Ascent of Rum Doodle' by WE Bowman, also about a Himalayan mountain expedition but a comedy. So mountaineering very much the theme for July. The thought of all that snow will keep us cool.
As ever, you can read both, either or neither.
Club trip to Burnsall - Fri. 21st July

There are still a small number of places available on the main bus cost £25.95.  Please contact Dairine Nethercott if you are interested.  Menu choices and payments are required by 13th July from those that have already booked a place on the trip.

For the newer members, we take a coach from Shipley/Saltaire/Bingley to somewhere near Burnsall (but not too near) then get off the bus in our running gear and head off on foot to the Red Lion at Burnsall.  After a shower for the ladies and a quick dip in the river Wharfe for the men we have a meal in the Red Lion and then get back on the bus at last orders for the trip back to Striderland.

Biomechanics talk - Monday 17th July 20:15 Caroline Street Social Club

A lot of members have expressed interest in improving how they run and reducing injury risk.  So we've been on the hunt for an expert to help us out - and we've found one!

On Monday 17 July, Dr Tom Hughes has agreed to come and talk to us at Caroline Street Social Club - starting at 20.15, after the usual Monday night club run.

Dr Tom says he will be talking about the basics behind running biomechanics, why running form is about how our body is set up and what patterns or lifestyle factors can lead to running injuries.

Following the talk every athlete should have a better understanding about how their everyday life affects their running and how to reduce injury risk by modifying lifestyle and work related habits, positions and movements.

In addition every attendee will receive a discount on services at trimechanics as well as a chance to win a free running analysis session as we will hold a raffle on the night. 

It should take about 45 minutes - or a bit longer if there are lots of questions.

This is for everyone, from beginner to elite athlete - we should all get something from it.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Away Runs

Thursday 6th July - The next away run will be  the annual train ride to Ilkley from Baildon and then the social run back over the moors.  Meet at Baildon station at 18:45 to catch the 18:56 train to Ilkley,  The fare is £3.00.

3rd August - Ogden Water lead by Martin Love

Throughout the summer the last Tuesday of each month will continue to be an Away run from Esholt, with drinks afterwards in the Woolpack.
John Carr 5k Series

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make the John Carr 5k series another huge success, with each of the 3 races a complete sell-out.
Race 1 Race 2  Race 3
33rd Matt Richardson 17:56 26th Graham Corbett 17:31 15th Will Kerr 16:45
46th Rachel Boyd 18:26 48th Rachel Boyd 18:26 28th Graham Corbett 17:24
66th Simon Frazer 19:01 61st Simon Frazer 18:51 29th Martin Fillingham 17:27
73rd Ian Jenkins 19:22 68th Stuart Dunbar 18:55 44th Andy Brown 18:05
91st Ewan Gibb 19:34 73rd Ian Jenkins 19:09 50th Rachel Boyd 18:12
115th Paul Disney 19:57 90th Ewan Gibb 19:28 122nd Ewan Gibb 19:19
126th Chris Stott 20:21 123rd Jane Kemshall 20:04 93rd Ian Jenkins 19:30
182nd John Singh 21:40 125th Paul Disney 20:15 119th Ian Jenkins 20:02
188th Laura Ryall 21:58 164th Jeremy Rix 21:01 121st Paul Disney 20:02
220th John Walton 22:27 168th John Singh 21:22 138th Jeremy Rix 20:44
252nd Barney Lerner 23:52 177th Larua Ryall 21:38 146th Laura Ryall 20:52
256th Helen Love 24:04 183rd Stephen Hetherington 21:39 149th John Singh 21:01
281st John Hunt 24:29 199th Alan Douglas 22:08 174th Anna Harding 21:53
302nd Josie Briggs 25:49 210th Anna Harding 22:17 198th Barney Lerner 22:37
308th Ian Dickinson 25:50 226th Noel Fitzpatrick 22:49 203rd Noel Fitzpatrick 22:33
316th Rahil Mehra 26:16 230th Darren Longhorn 22:54 219th Tracy Foy 23:23
325th Suzanne Hague 26:47 247th Gavin Hamilton 23:22 221st Alun Griffiths 23:33
346th Liz Hamilton 27:40 249th Sam White 23:26 225th Helen Love 23:45
357th Frances Guy 28:26 251st Barney Lerner 23:34 231st Gary Pennington 23:45
358th Claire Thaper 28:21 256th Simon Furlong 23:33 260th Mel Akeroyd 24:58
372nd Heather Bayliss 30:11 271st Helen Love 24:22 266th Ian Dickinson 25:20
374th Anne Forster 30:31 305th Josie Briggs 26:00 283rd Rahul Mehra 26:21
379th Ann Upton 31:03 320th Suzanne Hague 26:34 287th Suzanne Hague 26:36
380th Alex Ayling 30:56 323rd Ian Dickinson 26:27 292nd Rachel Parker 26:48
382nd Claire Cockroft 31:07 343rd Kelly Smith 27:26 293rd John Walton 26:48
387th Joshua Rose 31:18 350th Claire Thaper 27:47 298th Liz Hamilton 26:55
389th Louise Hawksworth 31:33 356th John Walton 28:09 299th Gillian Hyde 27:25
396th Sheila Pepper 32:31 370th Sheila Bugg 28:58 307th Frances Guy 27:44
400th Clair Fitzpatrick 32:56 378th Heather Bayliss 29:52 316th Claire Thaper 28:06
404th Patricia Craven 33:28 389th Ann Upton 30:52 325th Sheila Bugg 28:39
407th Sara Atkinson 34:27 401st Natalie Ellis 32:03 337th Catherine Berry 29:38
  402nd Sheila Pepper 32:14 338th Heather Bayliss 29:48
Full results 406th Claire Cockroft 32:45 343rd Ann Upton 30:21
  407thPatricia Craven 32:46 352nd Claire Cockroft 30:56
  408th Clair Fitzpatrick 32:33 355th Sheila Pepper 31:26
  415th Sara Atkinson 34:16 359th Clair Fitzpatrick 31:47
    361st Patricia Craven 33:06
  Full results 362nd Sara Atkinson 33:07
    Full results
Bradford Millennium Way relay

Another big thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make the Bradford Millennium Way relay a huge success, especially those who took on 2 or 3 jobs on the day or helped out and also ran a leg as well.
4 Saltaire Striders Open A Leg 1 Martin Fillingham 01:27:46 9 36 Saltaire Striders Open B Leg 1 Graham Terry 01:47:00 31
      Simon Pass 01:27:46 9       Loris Dell'Amico 01:47:00 31
      Gain/Loss 00:03:46 L       Gain/Loss 00:10:36 G
    Leg 2 Ali Nash 01:09:09 4     Leg 2 Martin Love 01:31:11 30
      Matt Richardson 02:36:55 6       Alan Douglas 03:18:11 29
      Gain/Loss 00:00:51 L       Gain/Loss 00:04:26 G
    Leg 3 Steve Fowler 00:58:47 4     Leg 3 Claire Thaper 01:43:15 53
      Simon Themistocleus 03:35:42 5       Liz Hamilton 05:01:26 40
      Gain/Loss 00:00:32 L       Gain/Loss 00:21:42 L
    Leg 4 Andy Brown 01:07:29 3     Leg 4 Alun Griffiths 01:43:42 46
      Tim Baldwin 04:43:11 4       Tony Hart 06:45:08 39
      Gain/Loss 00:02:48 G       Gain/Loss 00:05:19 L
    Leg 5 Graham Corbett 01:16:56 3     Leg 5 Gary Western 01:39:02 32
      Carl Kernick 06:00:07 4       Jeremy Rix 08:24:10 36
      Gain/Loss 00:02:22 G       Gain/Loss 00:11:59 G
19 Saltaire Striders Mixed Leg 1 Jen Willingham 01:43:17 27 49 Saltaire Striders Ladies   Laura Richardson 01:59:14 42
      Matt Nowell 01:43:17 27       Louise McGechean 01:59:14 42
      Gain/Loss 00:01:50 L       Gain/Loss 00:11:43 G
    Leg 2 Louise Nash 01:26:44 25       Mel Akeroyd 01:50:45 49
      John Singh 03:10:01 23       Helen Brant 03:49:59 45
      Gain/Loss 00:04:15 L       Gain/Loss 00:04:17 L
    Leg 3 Amanda Bellwood 01:15:28 27       Gillian Hyde 01:35:01 51
      Tim Bellwood 04:25:29 25       Denise Davis 05:25:00 45
      Gain/Loss 00:05:07 L       Gain/Loss 00:04:13 L
    Leg 4 Bernie Bowden 01:26:36 26       Helen Love 01:57:01 52
      Ian Jenkins 05:52:05 25       Jayne Hart 07:22:01 50
      Gain/Loss 00:01:43 L       Gain/Loss 00:07:27 L
    Leg 5 Rachel Boyd 01:22:52 11       Jadine Smith 01:59:24 49
      Simon Frazer 07:14:57 19       Helen Western 09:21:25 49
      Gain/Loss 00:12:55 G       Gain/Loss 00:04:14 G
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

To view what kit is available
Click here
Race results
Rush around the rhubard 6k trail race - Pudsey

52nd Tim Bellwood 29:37
57th Barney Lerner 30:00 (2nd V60)
71st Helen Brant 32:02
81st Mel Akeroyd 32:39
133rd Claire Thaper 37:48
143rd Joanne Woods 39:53

Full results

Pudsey 10k
13th Andy Brown 41:27
114th John Singh 52:58
129th Craig Elliott 54:15
214th Mohanlal Mistry 59:29
217th Noel Fitzpatrick 59:32
Full results
Chase the train - Grosmont
29th Ali Nash 65:23
292nd Helen Brant 1:37:21
Full results
Settle Saunter 23m trail race

2nd Ali Nash 3:20:28
Wainstones trail Marathon/half marathon
Half marathon

103rd Kath Stone 3:12:12
Wainstones trail marathon
20th Richard Stone 4:43:51 (1st V50)
Full results
Flaming June half marathon
139th Jeremy Wright 1:48:04
Full results
Keswick mountian festival Ultra 50+ (32m 6000ft)

110th Bernadette Cook 8:24:40

Penshaw Monument 2m hill race - Sunderland

10th Andy Brown 18:30 (2nd V45)

Report and full results

Wharfedale off-road half marathon, Grassington

84th Paul Disney 1:52:43
139th Loris Dell’Amico 2:02:19
332nd Mohanlal Mistry 2:34:25

Full results

Apperley Bridge Canter trail 10k

116th Stephen Hetherington 47:49
202nd Ambrose Griffiths 53:00
216th Alun Griffiths 53:54
229th Barney Lerner 54:24
252nd Mohanlal Mistry 55:31
258th John Colwell 56:07
291st Kath Stone 59:57
313th Louise Dell’Amico 61:34
316th Denise Davis 61:49
324th Jenny Colwell 62:39
355th Michelle Eyres 67:52
364th Keith Jump 69:30

Full results

Fairfield Horseshoe fell race

150th Paul Disney 1:55:42
230th John Singh 2:06:45

Full results

Roche Abbey trail races

28th Rachel Parker 61:14

Half marathon
16th Jadine Smith 2:12:52

8th John Walton 8:01:00

Full results

Geneva 10k

1136 Richard Smith 55:18
Solstice Saunter 5m trail race - Bolton Abbey

1st Will Kerr 30:12
3rd Martin Fillingham 32:43 (1stV45)
4th Stuart Dunbar 33:39 (1st V55)
12th Ewan Gibb 35:49
18th Adam Willoughby 37:34
24th Bernie Bowden 38:12 (2nd F45)
40th John Walton 40:43
42nd Alan Douglas 41:05
51st Gary Western 41:33 (2nd V55)
56th Barney Lerner 42:39 (2nd V65)
72nd Alun Griffiths 43:38 (3rd V55)
76th Tracy Foy 44:03
91st Noel Fitzpatrick 45:12
103rd Helen Brant 45:54
120th Helen Western 47:04
124th Gemma Bell 47:04
126th Mel Akeroyd 47:09
138th Kerry Wood 48:11
140th Claire Burrill 47:53
151st Kirstie Holmes 48:39
167th Rachel Parker 49:12
171st John Colwell 48:52
189th Dairine Nethercott 49:58
207th Kath Stone 50:32
221st Denise Davis 51:10
294th Richard Smith 54:21
297th Sylvia Ross 54:19
298th Jenny Colwell 53:56
302nd Liz Hamilton 54:12
312th Claire Thaper 54:43
324th Sheila Bugg 55:03
349th Fiona Farquhar 56:34
400th Ann Upton 58:47
440th Alex Ayling 59:59
452nd Heather Bayliss 61:04

Full results

Otley 10m

3rd Will Kerr 58:07 (1st V40)
16th Carl Kernick 63:06
26th Stuart Dunbar 65:00 (1st V55)
65th Stewart Spink 71:29
78th Ian Jenkins 72:39
148th Stephen Hetherington 78:50
159th Alan Douglas 79:37
165th Gary Western 80:17
194th Craig Elliott 83:00
201st Louise Nash 83:45 (2nd F45)
202nd Martin Love 83:47
205th Helen Love 84:03 (3rd F55)
217th Barney Lerner 85:25 (1st V65)
249th Mohanlal Mistry 89:44
269th Helen Western 91:27
277th Pippa Bird 92:16
286th Rachel Parker 92:59
341st Richard Smith 1:47:33
342nd Urmila Mistry 1:48:07

1st Team - Saltaire Striders

Full results

Leeds Half marathon

Simon Frazer 1:28:51
James Gardner 1:31:11
Andy Hutchinson 1:35:16
Ewan Gibb 1:36:33
David Scrivener 1:42:12
Duane Craven 1:43:01
Tracy Foy 1:50:31
Noel Fitzpatrick 1:51:39
Frank Beecroft 2:01:44
Tom Lee 1:59:25
Philippa Bird 1:59:01
Jadine Smith 2:12:05
Claire Thaper 2:18:27
Sarah Sherratt 2:11:09
Esther Silva 2:11:09
Louise Dell’Amico 2:17:29

Full results
Ilkley trail race 7m

23rd Stuart Dunbar 47:52
98th Bernie Bowden 55:48
119th John Singh 57:17
135th Alan Douglas 58:55
136th Martin Love 58:56
187th Alun Griffiths 64:55
188th Pippa Bird 65:06
214th Mohanlal Mistry 67:53

Full results

Edinburgh Marathon/half marathon/10k/5k

Matt Richardson 2:59:54
Stewart Spink 3:11:14
Loris Dell’Amico 3:55:38
Anna Harding 4:07:05
Helen Brant 4:18:52
Laura Richardson 4:27:30
Dairine Nethercott 4:29:11
Gavin Hamilton 4:42:48

Full results

Half Marathon
Will Kerr 1:16:15
Graham Corbett 1:22:59

Full results

Louise Dell’Amico 60:35

Full results

Liz Hamilton 31:52

Full results

Calderdale Way Relay

17 Saltaire Striders A
Richard Stone    Rachel Boyd       Ewan Gibb     Will Kerr             Andy Brown     Matt Nowell
Stewart Spink     Matt Richardson Ben Marchant Graham Corbett Marcin Soszka Martin Fillingham
1:37:45 (50)       1:07:44 (18)        0:46:03 (21)    1:14:45 (12)       0:56:43 (6)       1:18:28 (12)
1:37:45 (50)       2:45:29 (30)        3:31:32 (29)    4:46:17 (25)       5:43:00 (20)     7:01:28 (17)

89 Saltaire Striders B Mixed
Graham Terry     Claire Thaper     Sam White             Laura Ryall        Amanda Bellwood    Robert Donkin
Gary Western      Helen Western    Laura Richardson   Bernie Bowden Tim Bellwood            Alun Griffiths
1:49:03 (74)        1:59:11 (95)        0:58:22 (69)           2:24:35 (95)       1:20:00 (70)              1:47:18 (69)
1:49:03 (74)        3:48:14 (91)       4:46:36 (86)            7:11:11 (95)        8:31:11 (93)             10:18:29 (89)

Full results

Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2017


14th Bernie Bowden 44:05
32nd Louise Nash 47:32
37th Tamsin Treasure-Jones 48:48
42nd Louise McGechaen 49:04
45th Helen Love 49:19
56th Helen Brant 51:24
71st Helen Western 53:48
75th Harriet Fletcher 54:29
76th Josie Briggs 54:41
91st Suzanne Hague 57:37
95th Louise Dell'Amico 57:50
125th Ann Upton 65:22

2nd Will Kerr 34:42 (1st V40)
27th Stuart Dunbar 39:08
28th Andy Brown 39:12
92nd Tim Mosedale 45:03
98th Stephen Hetherington 45:46
104th Alan Douglas 46:19
111th Gary Western 47:01
118th Martin Love 47:31
131st Barney Lerner 48:52
142nd Alun Griffiths 49:50
167th Keith Abson 55:25
176th Nick Beare 57:41

Full results


21st Helen Love 55:22
41st Helen Western 63:50

Full results

2nd Will Kerr 38:47 (1st V40)
41st Stephen Hetherington 51:10
50th Martin Love 53:46
58th Gary Western 56:11
66nd Alun Griffiths 57:48
68yh Barney Lerner 58:01
75th Keith Abson 62:16
176th Nick Beare 57:41
The next confirmed  date is 9th August at Halifax

1st October - Horsforth
12th November - Cleckheaton

3 other races are listed but with dates TBC.

April Strider of the Month
SIMON FRAZER - Simon's recent PB of 1:27:06 at Liverpool half was a fantastic performance, especially after the injury probems he had suffered earlier in the year. Then when he crossed the finish line he ended up saving the life of a collapsed runner, who had suffered a full cardiac arrest. Simon and three other health professionals provided life support to revive & stabilise him before he could be taken to hospital. The runner has now made a full recovery. Simon then found time to go back along the course & run the last section with his wife Elaine. That day Simon really was our very own Superman Strider.
May Strider of the Month

MATT RICHARDSON - Matt started the month with an excellent 1/2 marathon time of 1:21 in Sunderland which set him up nicely for the Edinburgh marathon. Having also run a good leg in the Calderdale ay Relay the week before Matt arried in Edinburgh hoping the break the magic 3 hour barrier for the marathon. Despite the hot conditions he managed this with an amazingly consistently paced race bringing him home in a time of 2:59:54.
Club Championship 2017

The next races in the club championship are
 the SaltaireShakerr, then a few weeks off before the Vale of York half marathon (10th Sept.) and the Kirkstall Abbey trail race (17th Sept.) both of which have plenty of places left so get yourself signed up.
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down

Next track Tuesdays are:

Tues. 11th July
Tues. 25th July
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing.  To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity

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