Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st March
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of April so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 28th April.

Upcoming races/runs

4th April - Bunny Run 1, Haworth

9th April - Vale of York 10m

11th April - Bunny Run 2, Haworth

16th April - Guiseley Gallop trail 10k

18th April - Bunny Run 3, Haworth

23rd April - Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix race 1 - Honley

3rd May - John Carr 5k Series race 1

6th May - Over the Odda 10k trail race

10th May - John Carr 5k Series race 2

14th May - Leeds half marathon

17th May - John Carr 5k Series race 3
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
Ladies Book Club

The next ladies' book club meeting will be at Don't Tell Titus on Friday 7th April, at 7.30 pm.
This time, on a one-off basis, we will be allowing boys to attend, in a sort of 'parkrun tourism' arrangement.
Our books are:
The Tea Planter's Wife by Dinah Jeffries
Love Story by Erich Segal
You can read both books, either or neither. As usual I'll lead a discussion on each book before we settle into the wine drinking. Don't Tell Titus have kindly reserved an area for us, because they love us.
Everybody is welcome, irrespective of whether you've attended in the past. See you there!
Club trip to Burnsall

Put Friday 21st July in you diary for the annual trip to Burnsall.

For the newer members, we take a coach from Shipley/Saltaire/Bingley to somewhere near Burnsall (but not too near) then get off the bus in our running gear and head off on foot to the Red Lion at Burnsall.  After a shower for the ladies and a quick dip in the river Wharfe for the men we have a meal in the Red Lion and then get back on the bus at last orders for the trip back to Striderland.
Club vest /kit

If you would like to purchase a club vest or any Saltaire Striders branded kit (e.g. hoodie) please contact Gavin Hamilton.

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Race results

Thirsk 10

Josie Briggs 92:25
Suzanne Hague 97:50
Louise Dell'Amico 98:58

Full results

Wilmslow half marathon

Graham Corbett 1:18:41
Jen Willingham 1:39:38
Laura Goodyear 2:23:17

Full results

Trimpell 20m

12th Will Kerr 2:07:05
39th Matt Nowell 2:15:04

Full results

Dentdale 14m

170th Jeremy Wright 1:56:10
243rd Tim Spencer 2:03:54
244th Vicki Johnston 2:04:10

Full results

Epilpesy Action Bradford 10k

64 Striders and beginners (34 ladies and 30 men) completed the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k in testing conditions.  Stuart Dunbar 1st V50, Rachel Boyd 3rd lady and Martin Fillingham 3rd V40 all came away with prizes.

14th Martin Fillingham 37:13 (3rd V40)
21st Stuart Dunbar 38:03 (1st V50)
28th Matt Richardson 38:43
31st Rachel Boyd 39:03 (3rd Lady)
38th Simon Frazer 39:30
66th Ben Pearson 41:07
Ewan Gibb 41:53
Adam Willoughby 41:56
Ian Jenkins 42:18
Bernie Bowden 42:19
Steven Maude 42:42
Duane Craven 43:28
Alan Douglas 44:49
Simon Furlong 45:44
Jack Verity 46:51
Ambrose Griffiths 48:03
Daniel Greenwood 48:11
Steve Shnyder 48:48
Gavin Hamilton 48:48
Noel Fitzpatrick 48:59
Kamil Zakowski 49:19
Helen Love 49:31
Craig Elliott 49:32
Alun Griffiths 49:44
Sikander Khan 50:01
Megan Paul 50:10
Mohanlal Mistry 50:18
Hayley Roche 50:55
Helen Brant 50:58
Connor-Jay Craven 51:05
Laura Richardson 51:07
Mel Akeroyd 51:13
Jadine Smith 51:41
Marianne Kay 53:46
Nina Rogers 54:04
Cristina Pacchiarini 54:43
Mark Walker 54:45
Sylvia Ross 55:48
Esther Silva 56:02
Sarah Sherratt 56:02
Nick Breare 56:57
Claire Thaper 57:25
Liz Hamilton 57:26
Richard Smith 58:12
Anne Mason 58:56
Mervyn Silva 59:04
Laura Greenwood 59:54
Urmilla Mistry 59:58
Ian Dickinson 60:13
Esther Johnston 62:09
Liz Dearden 62:17
Carolyn Rix 62:46
Jenny Colwell 62:52
Alex Ayling 62:52
Ann Upton 63:40
Tim Boggie 64:02
Amy Hill 64:20
Sheila Bugg 64:36
Abi Hunt 66:22
Heather Bayliss 67:21
Jessica Alred 71:13
Karni Kaur 74:14
Nicola Willoghby 75:51
Clair Fitzpatrick 76:36

Full results

Spen 20m

133rd Tim Mosedale 2:58:20
149th Alan Douglas 3:01:10
204th Mohanlal Mistry 3:33:08

Full results

Keighley Big K 10k

16th Martin Fillingham 38:33 (3rd V40)
38th Adam Willoughby 42:16
78th James Gardner 43:46
87th Ian Jenkins 44:33
90th Stephen Hetherington 44:25
141st Guy Richardson 47:11
150th Gary Western 47:28
179th Tracy Foy 49:29
201st Helen Love 50:30
232nd Malcolm Foy 51:34
243rd Helen Western 52:54
249th Alun Griffiths 52:39
283rd Philippa Bird 53:55
356th Denise Davis 56:38
373rd Kelly Smith 57:34
391st Josie Briggs 57:27
421st Sylvia Ross 58:45 (2nd F60)
440th Frank Masley 58:31
461st Suzanne Hague 59:29
505th Nick Breare 60:56
508th Louise Dell'Amico 61:00
520th Richard Smith 61:57
533rd Louise Feather 61:56
620th Carolyn Rix 64:24
630th Ann Upton 65:36
651st Heather Bayliss 66:26
681st Julia Beaumont 67:01

Full results

Northern Counties 6/12 stage road relays

For the first time in the clubs history we entered a ladies team in the Northern 6 stage relay and finished in the top half of the quality field to qualify for the National relays at Suttom Park.  The mens team also qualified for the nationals for the 2nd successive year - well done everyone.


(Legs 1 and 4 were the longer legs) number in brackets indicates position at the end of that leg

 25th   Saltaire Striders                  2:55:20

        Jen Willingham       (35) 41:48
        Louise Mcgechaen  (39) 23:43
        Tracy Foy               (37) 24:29
        Bernadette Bowden (32) 40:23
        Laura Ryall              (30) 22:52
        Emma Freer            (25) 22:05

50 teams finished

Full results


 28  Saltaire Striders                   4:46:55

        Peter Hopson      (45) 34:00
        Stuart Dunbar      (45) 19:04
        Will Kerr              (42) 33:16
        Ewan Gibb           (43) 20:23
        Graham Corbett    (39) 34:01
        Andy Brown          (40) 19:08
        Jack Murphy         (33) 32:49
        Matthew Nowell     (30) 17:56
        James Goodall      (32) 20:27
        Matt Richardson    (29) 18:27
        Alistair Nash         (29) 19:17
        Martin Fillingham   (28) 18:07

61 teams finished

Full results
Beginners group graduation

The weekend of 18th/19th March saw 51 beginners and returners from our beginners course that started on 9th January taking part in the Lister park park run or the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k.  Well done everyone and a big thank you to all Striders that helped them on their journey and helped in any way to support the park run effort and the Epilepsy Action 10k.

"The results from the two races attended by members of the beginners group are absolutely amazing. Well done everyone and hope you will all continue running with us and will keep improving. I have to say a big thank you to Lindsey for organising this beginner’s course and with her group of leaders and helpers getting all of you through these milestones" - Mike Moss (Saltaire Striders chair)
Beginners Bradford 10k

Simon Furlong               45:44
Craig Elliott                    49:32
Megan Paul                   50:10
Hayley Roche                50:55
Marianne Kay                53:46
Cristina Pacchiarini        54:43
Esther Johnston             62:09
Liz Dearden                   62:17
Tim Boggie                    64:02
Amy Hill                        64:20
Sheila Bugg                   64:36
Julia Beaumont              66:07
Jessica Alred                 71:13
Karni Kaur                     74:14
Beginners Park run

Midge Gaunt             26:28 PB
Marianne Kay            26:37
Dalvinder Hellawell      31:32
Sarah Miller                31:36
Catherine Berry           32:09
Becky Blackstone       32:30 PB
Josh Rose                  32:48
Ashleigh Nichols         32:57
Yvette Ford                 32:58
Charlotte Nichols        32:58
Charlotte Woollard        32:59
Rachel Burnett            33:01
Claire Horton            33:08
Julie Cowan-Clark        33:13
Heidi Bagdonavicius        33:17
Laura Parkin            33:37
Louisa Robinson            33:42
Andrew Bruce            33:42 PB
Safina Aziz            33:50 PB
Charlotte Martin        33:59
Sandie Lewis            34:20
Ellen Rutter            35:56 PB
Helen Tate            36:05 PB
Amanda Race            36:10
Claire Cockroft            36:12
Trish Craven            36:13
Lisa Mallaghan            36:56
Elizabeth Porebski        37:03
Laura Barker            37:10
Lynsey Hardiman            37:48
Emma Barrow            37:57
Joanne Firth            38:26
Nicola Jack            38:26
Rachel Pickles            38:26
Liz Halfpenny            38:29
Tracey T-Marshall        41:04
Rifat Bashir            41:48 PB
Angie Sopf            47:18
Peco league finale - Roundhay Park

Rachel Boyd fourth overall and third in her category. Bernie Bowden was 21st overall and second F45, Tracy Foy third  F45, Louise McGechaen 3rd F50 Sylvia Ross 1st F65

The mens team finished 3rd in the league and will compete in the premier league in 2017/2018.  The ladies finished 6th and will compete in league 1 in 2017/2018 but will be back in the premier league by 2018/2019.

The ladies vets finished a magnificent 2nd and had two first places over the 5 races.

13th Rachel Boyd 34:28
36th Bernie Bowden 37:26 (3rd F45)
70th Tracy Foy 41:02
75th Louise McGechaen 41:14
83th Therese Sheehan 41:42
109th Laura Richardson 43:44
114th Mel Akeroyd 43:55
119th Helen Love 44:13 (3rd F55)
126th Tamsin Treasure-Jones 44:33
134th Helen Western 44:53
163rd Josie Briggs 46:59
174th Fiona Farquhar 47:45
194th Sylvia Ross 49:16 (1st F65)
211th Sarah Sherratt 51:09
222nd Claire Thaper 52:39
226th Carolyn Rix 53:06
257th Heather Bayliss 61:31

Ladies race 5 individual results

Ladies race 5 team results

2016/2017 Season final team standings

Will Kerr 3rd M40, Martin Fillingham 2nd M45 Stuart Dunbar 4th M50

17th Will Kerr 28:59 (3rd V40)
29th Graham Corbett 29:50
37th Tim Baldwin 30:22
38th Tom Lee 30:24
46th Martin Fillingham 31:04 (3rd v45)
51st Andy Brown 31:09
69th Stuart Dunbar 31:44
89th Matt Richardson 32:25
140th Paul Disney 34:36
206th John Singh 36:57
213th Stephen Hetherington 37:09
214th Graham Terry 37:20
223rd Tim Spencer 37:50 37:50
227th Guy Richardson 37:59
236th Jack Verity 38:27
240th Alan Douglas 38:36
280th Martin Love 40:28
287th Gary Western 40:51
313th Alun Griffiths 42:01
340th Keith Abson 44:17
346th Mohanlal Mistry 45:00
352nd Frank Beecroft 46:21

Mens Race 5 individual results

Mens race 5 team results
Hardmoors 55 ... Graham Terry reports

The Hardmoors 55 is a 55 mile Ultramarathon running from Helmsley to Guisborough. The 55 mile race takes competitors through the North York Moors and the Cleveland Hills. The race contains over 2000metres of ascent and has a time limit of 16 hours.

Well what can I say?
The hardest thing I've ever done? Yes, by far. The hardest thing I'll ever do? Who knows when the legs stop aching!

After being kindly offered a bed for the night by friends in Saltburn ( Dawn Close and Sean Close) Sean got up at the unearthly hour (on a rest day) of 5 o'clock. I was up at 4.45 for breakfast and we were out of the door just after 5.30 for the just over 10 minute drive to Guisborough where I was getting a coach to the start. I had arranged to text as I left each cp so they could track my progress with a view to meeting enroute after picking up Amanda Terry and Hermione Proctor. As I was getting my bags out he said "don't forget to keep in touch" and that's when I realised I had left my phone on charge on the bedside table!! We had to go back for it as it was mandatory kit and it was 5.45 with coaches departing bang on 6 and a 20+ minute toe down round trip to do! Luckily there was one coach left when we got back at 6.05 which set off as soon as I got on! Close call.

The queue for kit check and registration was already quite long so we were stood around for just over half an hour inching forward a bit at a time. Good job it wasn’t raining! After that I joined the toilet queue then settled down for an hour and a half wait until the start. Yes registration was bloody early!!

At the off everyone was bunched up and in the first mile there were 3 or 4 swing gates so most climbed over the farmer's gates to not get held up.

The first cp was at White Horse carpark at Sutton Bank and there was a lovely set of steps to climb almost vertically back onto the top of the escarpment. Great views but my phone had somehow gone into guest mode and the camera wasn't working. More importantly neither were the texts so I had to sort it out and lost some time there.

All along that path and through the next cp there was a constant stream of runners in fact all the way to Osmotherley where it seemed to thin out a bit with people taking various length pit stops (it had tea and cake!!). I ran with a couple of women who turned out to be running buddy's of my pal Anthony Hughes and we kept going ahead or behind but entered and left Osmotherley within a few minutes of each other.

With 22 miles in the legs the next section (I referred to them as sections by my 3 recce runs) was going to be tough as it had the most hills plus a soul destroying boring bit over the moors.

The first real climb was a mile long with steep steps to start followed by a never ending incline on stone slabs. It was a long slog over the top of the moor which dropped down a steep bank of dodgy steps at the end which weren't the sort you could run down so no chance of making any time up on the descent.
Another hill followed with a scramble through some rocks at the top before a long sweeping curve round and down to Lord Stones country park where my supporters were waiting. Had a swig of coffee, sat down and ate a slice of pizza and adjusted the gel dressing on my little toe which was currently under my foot!

10 minutes there and off up the next hill where I got crampy twinges in my hamstring then quad. Slowed the pace and it went thankfully! By this time there were less runners about and some looked to be struggling. 1 guy pulled out at the cp at the bottom of the hill despite assurances from the marshals it was only 9 miles to Kildale with hot food and drinks. Yes. Only 9 miles!

After that cp I buddied up with a guy called Stu who had run this 2 or 3 times before and was using this as a training run for the 110 in a month or so! We did a lot of walking as it was just uphill and not worth the energy sapping knowing we still had 20 miles to go. When we did trot it was slow and short so when we got to a decent runnable bit I took off. Plus it was dropping dark and I wanted to hit Kildale before it was properly dark which I just about did.

I had a bad time in here. My head had gone, I was tired and emotional almost in tears and when a marshal asked if there was anything she could get me I almost asked her for a hug! After chatting with a guy who came in after me and having consumed some rice pudding and a couple of cups of sweet tea I felt better but then almost cramped up. Conscious of my support who were going to meet me at Captain Cook's monument but I was behind and it was dark I needed to push on.

Waterproof went on and head torch and I was on my way on the last section which apart from the climb out of Kildale and the steps up and down Roseberry Topping was reasonable and only 12 miles!

Soon out of the cp and up a steep road I caught a woman up called Nicola Stuart who it turned out had been slightly worse than me in the head stakes in Kildale and had dnf'd there last year. I decided to make it my mission to get her round come what may and especially as she was unsure of the route I wasn't going to leave her up there in the dark with not so many other runners around.

We made up and down from Cook's monument where her friend was waiting who offered me a very nice triple hot dog although sadly no onions or ketchup! That went down a treat (must remember that for next time) as did another sweet tea!

Nicola headed off as I finished scoffing and I caught her up after sending my team text. Next was Roseberry Topping which is a tricky ascent / descent in the daylight without head torches and people coming down as you're going up. Slightly disappointed that the Quality Street tub offered didn't have them in, just sweets and a couple of mini chocolate donuts!

Back down and up the other side retracing our steps and then across a nice downhill path to more downhill in the form of a forestry track which we managed to run. Soon after a short rise was another downhill section of flags and the miles seemed to whittle down a bit.

The next cp was up a little scramble (although there was no cp actually there) and then it was into Guisborough woods. This was a long slog and at one point with just a few miles to go I just wanted it to end and sit down! At this point Nicola was going well and although we walked down the hill we managed a decent paced jog until we decided to save ourselves for the run down the road to the finish.

As we got there Amanda, Hermione, Dawn and Sean were all waiting and Hermione let out huge whoop whoops. Then we went past and into the sea cadets building for our final cp and the finish.

It was a gruelling run but well organised with fantastic marshals and great cakes at the indoor checkpoints. Pity I couldn't take advantage (being a cake person myself) as I was struggling to get food down.

Slower time than I would have liked but am pleased I finished it. I take consolation in the moving time which was around 11 + hours so a lot of time in cp's and sorting kit, phone, breathers etc.

A good experience (now), and like the first marathon suppose it only gets easier??

Canalathon 100k
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix 2017

The 2017 Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix gets under way on Sunday 23rd April at Honley.

Confirmed dates so far are:

23rd April - Honley
30th May - Kirkstall
4th May - Whitby
9th August - Halifax
1st October - Horsforth
12th November - Cleckheaton

3 other races are listed but with dates TBC.

February Strider of the Month
Rachel Boyd - - Rachel has had an outstanding Peco season and was the leading lady in the overall standings after four races out of five. This clearly requires not just effort over one month, but sustained effort over four months. Rachel also completed the Dewsbury 10k in February in a breathtaking time of 38.31, despite feeling unwell.
Club Championship 2017
The confirmed list of races for the 2017 championship is below, entries are now open for the Kirkstall Abbey 7 and the Bradford City runs and the date for the Abbey Dash has been confirmed as 5th November again clashing with the Guys Fawkes 10m.
4 Liverpool 10m/Half 3m Fell 2 nd April  
5 Bunny Run 1 3m Fell 4th April  
6 Vale of York 10m 10m Road 9th April Enter Online
7 Guiseley Gallop 6m Trail 16th Apr Enter Online
8 Over the Odda 6m Trail  6th May Race Full
9 Leeds Half 13.1m Road 14th May Enter Online
10 Ilkley Trail 7m Trail 29th May Enter Online
11 Otley 10 10m Road 7th Jun Enter Online
12 Solstice  Saunter 5m Trail 21st June Enter Online
13 Eccup 10 10m Road 2nd July Enter Online
14 Arthur James Shakerr 13k Trail 23rd July Enter Online
15 Vale of York 13.1m Road 11th Sept Entries open 7th April
16 Kirkstall Abbey 7m 7m Trail 17th Sept. Enter Online
17 Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/13 Road 30th Oct. Enter Online
18 Guy Fawkes 10 10m Road 5th Nov  
19 Abbey Dash 10k Road 5th Nov.  
20 Chevin Chase 7m Trail 26th Dec  

Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down

Next track Tuesdays are:

Tues. 4th April
Tues. 18th April
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