Saltaire Striders newsletter 28th February
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of March so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 29th March.

Upcoming races/runs

11th March Dentdale run - this year includes a 7.5 mile option as well as the long standing 14 mile race.

18th March - Beginners Group Park Run hosted by Saltaire Striders.

19th March - Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k

26th March - Keighley Big K 10k
John Carr 5k series

The entries are now open for the John Carr 5k series on 3rd, 10th and 17th May on the Racebest website.  However, we are going to need a good number of members to help with marshalling and other race day duties (Richard Stone will be touting for volunteers in the near future).

So if you are wanting to do a race maybe think about entering 1 or 2 and helping at the others or providing a friend or family member to help whilst you are running.
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
Club trip to Liverpool 10m / half marathon

Sun. 2nd April 2017 followed by food\drinks at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms in Liverpool.  The bus is now full.

Bus tickets for a super saver strider away day return are now released in exchange for the BARGAIN fare of £9.15p per Strider/Runner.
For this bargain soar-away type fare you get collected from a choice of 3 local pick ups, driven to the race start with lots of time to use the facilities. Baggage storage on the fun bus is included in the fare, transfers to the Philharmonic dining rooms is included and return transportation to the local area drop of point of your choosing (from a list of three).
You can return to any of the above three locations in the evening.
FARES to Dairine care of the club bank account and PLEASE let Richard Stone know you have paid - FARES TO BE PAID BY FRIDAY 24TH MARCH
FAYRES to Helen Pennington so that you don't go hungry on the day!

Philharmonic menu
Ladies Book Club

The next ladies' book club meeting will be at Don't Tell Titus on Friday 7th April, at 7.30 pm.
This time, on a one-off basis, we will be allowing boys to attend, in a sort of 'parkrun tourism' arrangement.
Our books are:
The Tea Planter's Wife by Dinah Jeffries
Love Story by Erich Segal
You can read both books, either or neither. As usual I'll lead a discussion on each book before we settle into the wine drinking. Don't Tell Titus have kindly reserved an area for us, because they love us.
Everybody is welcome, irrespective of whether you've attended in the past. See you there!
Club trip to Burnsall

Put Friday 21st July in you diary for the annual trip to Burnsall.

For the newer members, we take a coach from Shipley/Saltaire/Bingley to somewhere near Burnsall (but not too near) then get off the bus in our running gear and head off on foot to the Red Lion at Burnsall.  After a shower for the ladies and a quick dip in the river Wharfe for the men we have a meal in the Red Lion and then get back on the bus at last orders for the trip back to Striderland.
Race results
Muddy Boots 10k - Ripon

16th Steven Fowler 41:23

Full results
Huddersfield 10k

93rd Stephen Hetherington 47:29 (2nd V55)
142nd Guy Richardson  49:29

Full results
Bolton Abbey trail half marathon

31st John Walton 2:06:48
46th Jadine Smith 2:19:37
48th Richard Smith 2:37:58

Full results
Liversedge half marathon

330 Mohanlal Mistry 2:00:20
449 Urmila Mistry 2:26:14

Full results
Saltburn half marathon (15 miles)

145th Kath Stone 3:36:56

Full results

Saltburn Marathon (28 ish)

29th Richard Stone 5:22:55 (2nd V50)

Full results
Wadsworth Trog
121 Stuart James Saltaire Striders MV40 4:01:11   
Knocked 30 mins off  time from 2016.

Full results
Fastrax 5k - Barrowford

35th Ian Jenkins 20:31 (2nd V45)

Full results
Windy Hill 9m fell race
145 Martin Love 1:36:12
169 Helen Love 1:45:43 (2nf F55)

Full results
Dewsbury 10k

Graham Corbett 35:02
Rachel Boyd 38:31
Ian Jenkins 41:30
Stewart Spink 41:30
Chris Stott 43:24
Bernie Bowden 43:50
John Singh 44:21
Ewan Gibb 44:42
Tim Mosedale 45:17
Jack Verity 46:01
Gary Pennington 47:28
Tracy Foy 47:48
Alun Griffiths 48:47
Helen Love 49:18
Mohanlal Mistry 50:09
Barney Lerner 50:12
Mel Akeroyd 50:31
Helen Brant 50:51
Denise Davis 54:37
Gillian Hyde 54:50
Josie Briggs 55:19
Sylvia Ross 55:37
Fiona Farquhar 55:51
Richard Smith 55:59
Suzanne Hague 56:09
Alex Ayling 61:00
Urmila Mistry 60:18

Full results

Club awards 2016

At the club dinner & awards evening at the Halfway House on 25th Feb. the following awards were presented / announced:

Most improved female - Mel Akeroyd
Most improved female vet - Vicki Johnson
Most improved male - Chris Stott
Most improved male vet - Alan Douglas
The Deja vu award - Graham Corbett
Club personality - Richard Stone
Club championship winner - Stuart Dunbar
Runner up - Helen Love
3rd place - Tracy Foy
1st Divsion champ - Frank Masley
Runner up - Gary Western
3rd place - Helen Western
Second division champ - Ian Jenkins
Runner up - Carolyn Rix
3rd place - Richard Smith
Congratulations to Adam & Nicola Willoughby on their recent marriage.
Congratulations to Stuart Dunbar on becoming a grandfather.
Dave Armstrong

Dave is currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment - we all wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back running with the Striders in the near future.
January Strider of the Month
LINDSEY PEARSON - Lindsey has taken on the organisation of the beginners group when she could have been forgiven for sitting at home and nursing her injury. This time she has been faced with a far bigger job than she might have expected and has coped brilliantly. Every week Lindsey plans a different route for each of the seven groups and goes down to training twice a week before and after each run to make sure they are all in the correct groups and that they are all OK.

Lindsey is also the clubs welfare officer and in that role she makes sure that any injured or ill Striders are not forgotten by the club. And she’s there for the highs as well as the lows, even hand knitting amazing toys to welcome strider babies.
The Pecos rallying call

An agonising 12 extra places would've seen the ladies finish 4th rather than 6th in the 4th race of the series, which means they are now unfortunately in the relegation zone. However, all is not lost, where there's a Will there's a Way, it's not over till the fat lady sings etc etc......we have 3 of our ladies in the top 10 standings overall!!?? Team Saltaire ladies, you ARE dam good! You WILL survive!

We need all ladies rallying on the fields of Roundhay to ensure we kick ass and have a final day party......Guys, we need you all to! We can't be complacent, let's finish the job and push ourselves up the league table for a podium finish.

Think we all need to do a Klinsman mud dive at the end of the last race to mark another end to a successful season.

Race 4 results are shown below.

7th Rachel Boyd 37:25
12th Lesley Watson 39:03
28th Bernie Bowden 41:29 (2nd F45)
84th Laura Ryall 46:25
85th Tracy Foy 46:31
91st Therese Sheehan 46:53
118th Louise Nash 48:33
121st Helen Love 48:55
146th Helen Western 50:35
180th Jadine Smith 53:10
193rd Josie Briggs 53:57
196th Fiona Farquhar 54:17
201st Denise Davis 54:41
202nd Kerry Wood 54:47
216th Syvia Ross 56:30 (1st F65)
224th Suzanne Hague 57:53
236th Carolyn Rix 59:58
246th Alex Ayling 62:18
259th Claire Thaper 65:22

Ladies race 4 full results

Race 4 ladies team results

12th Will Kerr 32:27
26th Tim Baldwin 33:29
39th Tom lee 34:31
46th Martin Fillingham 34:49
55th Carl Kernick 35:02
83rd Stuart Dunbar 36:01
133rd Paul Rhodes 38:10
149th Ewan Gibb 38:58
157th Matt Richardson 39:27
172nd John Singh 40:05
192nd Jeremy Rix 40:56
213th Timothy Spencer41:42
215th Stephen Hetherington 41:45
219th Jack Verity 41:53
264th Martin Love 44:34
267th Gary Western 44:52
277th Gareth Ward 45:11
303rd Gary Pennington 47:15
310th Alun Griffiths 47:30
349th Frank Beecroft 51:11
350th Gavin Hamilton 51:21
379th Richard Smith 57:44
382nd Nick Breare 58:36

Race 4 full mens results

Race 4 mens team results
Club Championship 2017
The confirmed list of races for the 2017 championship is below, entries are now open for the Saltaire Shakeer on 23rd July.
1 Dewsbury 10k 10k Road 5th Feb Enter Online
2 Epilepsy Action 10k 10k Road 19th Mar Enter Online
3 Keighley BIG 10k 10k Road 26th Mar Enter Online
4 Bunny Run 1 3m Fell 28th Mar  
5 Liverpool 10m/Half     2nd April Enter Online
6 Vale of York 10m   Road 9th April Enter Online
7 Guiseley Gallop 6m Trail 16th Apr Enter Online
8 Over the Odda 6m Trail  6th May Race Full
9 Leeds Half 13.1m Road 14th May Enter Online
10 Ilkley Trail 7m Trail 29th May Enter Online
11 Otley 10 10m Road 7th Jun Enter Online
12 Solstice  Saunter 5m Trail 21st June Enter Online
13 Eccup 10 10m Road 2nd July Enter Online
14 Arthur James Shakerr 13k Trail 23rd July Enter Online
15 Vale of York 13.1m Road 11th Sept Entries open 7th April
16 Kirkstall Abbey 7m 7m Trail 17th Sept.  
17 Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/13 Road 30th Oct.  
18 Guy Fawkes 10 10m Road 6th Nov  
19 Abbey Dash 10k Road    
20 Chevin Chase 7m Trail 26th Dec  

Below are the new league tables for the 2017 championships.
Premier Division   First Division   Second Division  
Name   Name   Name  
Stuart Dunbar   Jeremy Wright R Claire Burrill R
Helen Love   Richard Stone R Steve Shnyder R
Tracy Foy   Vicki Johnston2 R Michelle Eyres R
Alan Douglas   Robert Hague R Keith Jump R
Alun Griffiths   Simon Rose R Kirstie Holmes R
Will Kerr   Loris Dell'Amico R Helen Pennington R
Mel Akeroyd   Emma Cartledge R Paul Rhodes R
Dairine Nethercott   Tamsin Treasure-Jones R Laura Ryall R
Gary Pennington   Igs Robun R Laura Marchant R
Stewart Spink   Alistair Nash R Mick Jones R
Helen Brant   Tony Hart R Aimee Bedford R
Martin Fillingham   Jane Hart R Nicola Short R
Denise Davis   Jez Rix   Mark Davis R
Suzanne Hague   Tim Forster   Pete  Hopson R
Noel Fitzpatrick   Susan Manning   Malcolm Foy R
Simon Frazer   Peter Huby   Graham Terry  
Frank Beecroft   Kelly Smith   Kevin Armstrong  
Rachel Parker   Bernadette Cook   Hannah Oldroyd  
Matthew  Richardson   Reza Abdi   Emma Dibb  
Tim Mosedale   Ben Pearson   John Singh  
Darren Longhorn   Liam Verity   Adrian Manning  
Mohanlal Mistry   Clair Fitzpatrick   Ann Upton  
Graham Corbett   Ian Jenkins P Dave Armstrong  
Fiona Farquhar   Sylvia Ross P Carl Kernick  
Martin Love   Steph Niven P Andy Hutchinson  
Jack Verity   Kamil Zakowski P Kath Stone  
Barney Lerner   Robert Davies P Nick Breare  
Louise Nash   Richard Smith P Rahul Mehra  
Jenny Willingham   Gavin Hamilton P Stuart James  
Chris Jones   Sam White P Lucy Johnston  
Louise Dell'Amico   Marcin Soszka P Hannah Elliot  
Richard Nixon   Robert Donkin P Michael Farren  
Chris Stott   Ewan Gibb P Therese Sheehan  
Simon Kingsnorth   Rebecca Saul P Will Collinson  
Lorna Nixon   Stephen Hetherington P Sarah Sherratt  
Frank Masley P John Walton P Chris Longley  
Gary Western P John Colwell P Nicola Robinson  
Helen Western P Duane Craven P Laura Whitworth  
Gillian Hyde P Ian Dickinson P Adam Willoughby  
Josie Briggs P Gareth Ward P Philippa Bird  
Urmila Mistry P Laura Richardson P James  Goodall  
Teri Rose P Jenny Colwell P Chris Upton  
Claire Thaper P Mervyn Silva P Heather Bodiam  
Ben Marchant P Liz Hamilton P Carole Raistrick  
Paul Disney P Nicola Pickard P Esther Silva  
Chris Reynier P     Michael Moss  
Julie Firth P     Diane Collett  
Mark Walker P     Nina Rogers  
        John Hunt  
        Sheila Bugg  
        Anna James  
        Simon Pass  
        Louise McGechaen  
        Emma Freer  
        Paul Salisbury  
        Gemma Bell  
        Jac Trow Flynn  
        Jadine Smith  
        Mick Brearley  
        Natalie Stephenson  
        Donna Line  
        Paula Chadwick  
        Sara Atkinson  
        Tina Martiny  
        Paula Cutter  
        Shiela Pepper  
        Barbara Winslow  
        Camille Kendall  
        Catherine Bruckner  
        Caroline Rix  
        Craig Barrow  
        David Schrivener  
        Connor Jay Craven  
        Rebecca O KEEFE  
        Adam Willoughby  
        Joseph Broadbent  
        Diane Collett  
        Anna James  
        Jac Trow Flynn  
        Sarah Bruckshaw  
        Elaine Frazer  
        Joseph Broadbent  
        Mick Chambers  
        Kanwaldeep Kaur  
        Keith Abson  
        Laura Goodyear  
        Lynn Perris  
        Laurence Easton  
        Matthew Nowell  
        Natalie Boardman  
        Matthew Reynier  
        Steven Maude  
        Natalie Evans  
        Tim Baldwin  
        Nazia Begum  
        Tom Lee  
        Patricis Farren  
        Lindsey Pearson  
        Pawel Tryc  
        Amanda Hibbert  
        Rachel  Herrar  
        Ambrose Griffiths  
        Rebecca O Keefe  
        Andrew Edwards  
        Sheila Quarmby  
        Andrew Lickley  
        Steven Fowler  
        ANDY Bedford  
        Bernadette Bowden  
        Tim Spencer  
        Abby Hanson  
        Wendy Hey  
        Adam Camp  
        Alex Ayling  
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down

Next track Tuesdays are:

Tues. 7th March
Tues. 21st March
Trespass have provided us with a 10% discount code for online purchases.  If you would like the code please contact Jack Verity discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing.  To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity

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