Saltaire Striders newsletter 31st December
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter and a happy new year to all Striders.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of January so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 27th January.

Upcoming races/runs

8th Jan. Temple Newsam 10m trail race
Enter online
22nd Jan. Inskip half marathon
Enter online
28th Jan. Sir Titus Trot 5k/10k/Hm/M
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5th Feb. Dewsbury 10k (CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RACE)
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Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
Ladies Book Club 20th Jan.
The ladies' book club are going to Martinez, Bingley, on Friday 20 January at 7.30 pm.
The books are The Widow by Fiona Barton, suggested by Fiona Farquhar (£3.50 in Asda) and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy by John Le Carre, suggested by Lindsey Pearson.
You can read both, either or neither if you just want to come for the wine.
We've gone for Martinez this time because it's a lovely wine bar where you can buy lots of the good stuff by the bottle or the glass, plus it's close to Bingley train station and it's a concession to our Bingley ladies who always travel to Saltaire. It's at 110 Main Street, Bingley.
Future Dates for your diary

Club dinner and presentation evening - Sat. 25th Feb. 2017

Club trip to Liverpool 10m / half marathon Sun. 2nd April 2017
Race results
Auld Lang Syne fell race, Haworth

82 Simon Frazer 54:28
158 John Singh 59:54
164 Stewart Spink 60:18
169 Richard Stone 60:43
175 Jeremy Rix 61:17
255 Jen Willingham 65:05

Full results
Ribble Valley 10k, Clitheroe

131st Hannah Oldroyd 36:57
405th Alan Douglas 44:54

Full results
Coley Canter 8m trail, Shelf

71st Suzanne Hague 1:54:52

Full results
Jolly Holly Jog 10k, Ripon

15th Steven Fowler 39:23
254th Tracy Foy 52:27
255th Malcolm Foy 52:29

Full results
Chevin Chase

Will Kerr 43:17
Stuart Dunbar 46:16
Martin Fillingham 46:44
Richard Stone 54:08
John Singh 54:29
Ian Jenkins 54:47
Stewart Spink 56:23
Jen Willingham 57:58
Frank Masley 59:04
Ben Marchant 59:13
Gary Pennington 59:14
Tim Mosedale 59:19
Liam Verity 59:32
Jeremy Rix 60:17
John Walton 61:40
Gary Western 62:20
Barney Lerner 65:38
Helen Love 66:17
Mohanlal Mistry 68:34
Helen Brant 69:42
Helen Western 70:42
Kath Stone 77:25
Carolyn Rix 78:07

Full results
Leeds Christmas 10k, Middleton Park

61st Stephen Hetherington 46:47 (3rd V60)
63rd Jeremy Rix 47:02
103rd Alan Douglas 49:52
295th Carolyn Rix 61:24

Full results
November Strider of the Month
RICHARD STONE - Running one marathon is hard enough but 12 in 12 months is an incredible achievement, especially at the age of 50. A few injuries at the start of the year meant he didn't start his challenge until early April yet Richard has managed to reach his target with almost two months spare meaning that he actually ran 12 marathons in 7 months, including 4 in 22 days at the start of April. All of the road marathons were run in times of under 3:40 and there were some really tough off road races in the 12, including a 30 mile ultra with around 4,000 miles of climb, ran in 5:05, to finish things off in early November. The Stonemeister had a great November to cap a fantastic year.
The Pecos the story continues

5th Rachel Boyd 32:32
26th Bernie Bowden 36:25 (2nd F45)
46th Emma Freer 37:47
63rd Louise Nash 38:50
80th Louise McGechaen 39:58
124th Mel Akeroyd 42:42
135th Laura Richardson 43:26
137th Helen Brant 43:31
176th Sarah Sherratt 45:30
178th Jadine Smith 45:36
203rd Josie Briggs 47:02
217th Fiona Farquhar 48:18
226th Sylvia Ross 49:02 (1st F65)
227th Carolyn Rix 49:11

Ladies race 2 full results

Ladies race 2 team results

Accumulative Ladies individual results after race 2

Accumulative team results after race 2

8th Will Kerr 28:00 (2nd V40)
13th Pete Hopson 28:15
19th Jack Murphy 28:59
24th Andrew Cartwright 29:37
31st Graham Corbett 29:56
37th Martin Fillingham 30:35
42nd Carl Kernick 30:58
53rd Stuart Dunbar 31:16 (3rd V50)
98th Matt Richardson 32:54
113th Simon Frazer 33:35
128th Ewan Gibb 34:01
150th David Scrivener 34:47
161st Ben Marchant 35:11
166th John Singh 35:19
180th Graham Terry 36:01
184th Stephen Hetherington 36:09
193rd Jeremy Rix 36:29
250th Alan Douglas 39:12
290th Martin Love 40:35
315th Sam White 41:41
333rd Alun Griffiths 42:36
382nd Rahul Mehra 50:22

Mens race 2 full results

Mens race 2 team results

Accumulative Mens individual results after race 2
The remaining races in the series are:

Sun 22nd Jan. - West Park/Becketts Park
Sun 19th Feb. - Cross Gates
Sun 5th Mar. - Roundhay Park
Club Championship

After the final race of the 2016 championship the top 10 in the 3 divisions were:
Rank Name Score Races Rank Name Score Races Rank Name Score  
1 Stuart Dunbar 400 11 1 Frank Masley 347 7 1 Ian Jenkins 391 11
2 Helen Love 393 13 2 Gary Western 243 5 2 Carolyn Rix 374 8
3 Tracy Foy 371 11 3 Helen Western 239 5 3 Richard Smith 276 6
4 Alan Douglas 369 10 4 Gillian Hyde 199 4 4 Sylvia Ross 246 5
5 Alun Griffiths 359 8 5 Josie Briggs 197 4 5 Steph Niven 239 5
6 Will Kerr 347 7 6 Urmila Mistry 142 3 6 Kamil Zakowski 232 5
7 Mel Akeroyd 327 9 7 Teri Rose 141 3 7 Robert Davies 198 4
8 Dairine Nethercott 327 8 8 Claire Thaper 137 3 8 Sam White 170 4
9 Gary Pennington 310 7 9 Paul Disney 100 2 9 Gavin Hamilton 170 4
10 Stewart Spink 305 7 10 Ben Marchant 100 2 10 Marcin Soszka 149 3
Full results
The confirmed list of racfes for the 2017 championship is below
1 Dewsbury 10k 10k Road 5th Feb Enter Online
2 Epilepsy Action 10k 10k Road 19th Mar Enter Online
3 Keighley BIG 10k 10k Road 26th Mar Enter Online
4 Bunny Run 1 3m Fell 28th Mar  
5 Liverpool 10m/Half     2nd April Enter Online
6 Vale of York 10m   Road 9th April Enter Online
7 Guiseley Gallop 6m Trail 16th Apr Enter Online
8 Over the Odda 6m Trail  6th May Entries open 7th Jan
9 Leeds Half 13.1m Road 14th May Enter Online
10 Ilkley Trail 7m Trail 29th May  
11 Otley 10 10m Road 7th Jun  
12 Solstice  Saunter 5m Trail 21st June Enter Online
13 Eccup 10 10m Road 2nd July  
14 Arthur James Shakerr 13k Trail 24th July  
15 Vale of York 13.1m Road 11th Sept  
16 Kirkstall Abbey 7m 7m Trail 17th Sept.  
17 Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/13 Road 30th Oct.  
18 Guy Fawkes 10 10m Road 6th Nov  
19 Abbey Dash 10k Road    
20 Chevin Chase 7m Trail 26th Dec  

Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down

Next track Tuesdays are:

Tues. 3rd Jan.
Tues. 17th Jan.
Tues. 31st Jan.
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix Series

At the end of the 2016 Grand Prix series the ladies finished 3rd team in all 3 team categories and the men finished 4th.  The individual results included top 10 category finishes for the following Striders:

Mel Akeroyd 6th F35
Helen Brant 7th F35

Louise Nash 4th F45
Tamsin Treasure-Jones 5th F45
Helen Western 8th F45

Helen Love 3rd F55

Full ladies results

Will Kerr 5th V40

Ali Nash 1st V45

Stuart Dunbar 2nd V50

Stephen Hetherington 8th V55
Gary Western 10th V55

Nick Breare 7th V65

Full mens results

Full team results

2017  Grand Prix series

The providsional date for the first Grand Prix race of 2017 is Sunday 23rd April at Honley (followed by the YVAA AGM). discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing.  To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity

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