Saltaire Striders newsletter 30th September
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of October so if you have anything to be included please submit it by 29th October.

Upcoming races/runs

9th Oct. - Entries open for Chevin Chase on 26th Dec.
16th Oct. Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix - Pudsey
23rd Oct. Bramley 10k
Enter online
30th Oct. Bradford City Runs (5k/10k/half marathon)
Enter online
6th Nov. Guy Fawkes 10m road race
Enter online
12th Nov. Harriers v Cyclists fell race
13th Nov. Yorkshire Vets Grand-Prix - Cleckheaton
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
Social Mailing List
A new social email list has been setup to help cut down on unwanted emails about things some striders may not be interested in. In future social e-mails will only be sent to this group so if you wish to continue receiving e-mails about social events you will need to subscribe to the group
You can apply to join the group by sending an e-mail to - send the e-mail from the e-mail a/c you wish to use to receive the social e-mails, ideally, this will be the same a/c you use on the main Saltaire Striders emailing list, but it doesn't have to be the same.
Friday 7th October Ladies Book Club

The next meeting of the ladies book club will be on Friday 7th October at Don't Tell Titus : 7.30 pm.
The vote for the next book was won by The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was a number one bestseller so it will be available everywhere, including charity shops. The fun book will be 500 Mile Walkies by Mark Wallington.
We'll also be taking suggestions for our next books, since there will be another book club meeting before Christmas.
You can read both of the books, either or neither. As ever, it doesn't matter if you haven't read either because we don't spend that long on book chat.

If you are new to the club then come and join us. No cliques at Saltaire Striders.
Future Dates for your diary

Club AGM - Caroline St. club - Thurs. 1st Dec. (including food after a short run)

Pickles Christmas do - Sat 10th December

Christmas drinks - Junction Pub - Thurs. 22nd Dec.

Club dinner and presentation evening - Sat. 25th Feb. 2017

Club trip to Liverpoll half marathon Sun. 2nd April 2017
Race results
Stainland trail race

36th Stephen Hetherington 57:29
113th Kath Stone 79:30
125th Donna Line 95:17

Full results
Sir Titus trot trail races

44th Rebecca Saul 72:12

Full results

Half marathon
11th Loris Dell'Amico 1:52:26
23rd Tim Mosedale 2:10:02
Redcar hal-marathon

197th Jonathan Nixon 1:41:04
400th Malcolm Foy 1:53:54

Full results
Dumfries half-marathon

141st Nick Breare 2:08:05
Knaresborough Crag Rats 5m trail race

5th Ali Nash 32:23

Full results

Tadcaster 10m

11th Hanah Oldroyd 61:02 (1st Lady)

Full results
English half-marathon, Warrington

747th Rachel Parker 1:49:49
1290th Frank Beecroft 2:02:00
1791st Suzanne Hague 2:19:31

Full results
Ladybower Ultra 20m/50m

20 miles
55th Jeremy Wright 3hrs 12mins

Full results

50 miles
9th Tim Forster 8hrs 20mins

Full results
Kirkstall Abbey 7m trail race

116th Alan Douglas 53:02
126th Malcolm Foy 54:02
146th Mel Akeroyd 54:58
181st Gavin Hamilton 57:04
256th Denise Davis 62:52
277th Sylvia Ross 64:48
295th Fiona Farquhar 67:16

Full results
Baildon 'No Watch' race
NAME Long/Short Est. Time Actual Time Diff. Pos.
Emma Freer Long 0:58:47 0:58:19 0:00:28 5=
Alan Douglas Short 0:40:30 0:40:59 0:00:29 8
Ewan Gibb Short 0:40:00 0:39:19 0:00:41 9
Will Kerr Long 0:45:07 0:43:57 0:01:10 10
Denise Davis Short 0:43:50 0:45:15 0:01:25 20
Helen Brant Short 0:39:45 0:41:13 0:01:28 21
Jack Murphy Long 0:51:20 0:49:49 0:01:31 22=
Stewart Dunbar Long 0:47:32 0:49:03 0:01:31 22=
Gillian Hyde Short 0:44:05 0:45:41 0:01:36 25
Mel Akeroyd Short 0:43:05 0:41:15 0:01:50 26
Graham Terry Long 0:59:59 0:58:02 0:01:57 27
Alun Griffiths Long 1:01:00 1:03:08 0:02:08 28
John Colwell Short 0:43:52 0:41:24 0:02:28 33
Jen Willingham Long 0:57:36 0:55:05 0:02:31 34=
Simon Frazer Long 0:49:00 0:51:44 0:02:44 38
Stewart Spink Long 0:49:15 0:52:27 0:03:12 40
Jack Verity Long 0:53:20 1:00:11 0:06:51 49
Jenny Colwell Short 0:46:28 0:53:26 0:06:58 50
Robert Hague Long 1:20:00 0:58:04 0:21:56 55
Spen Greenway 10k

50th Helen Brant 52:17

Full results
Yorkshireman off-road marathon/half-marathon

Full Marathon
15th Richard Stone 4:11:43
46th Stuart James 4:45:55

Half Marathon (15m)
90th Richard Nixon 2:31:32
115th Loris Dell'Amico 2:41:16
119th Igs Robun 2:42:25
160th Darren Loghorn 2:59:32

Full results
Vale of York half marathon - 11th Sept.

Graham Corbett 1:20:30
Martin Fillingham 1:20:59
Stuart Dunbar 1:23:42
Ewan Gibb 1:32:56
Kamil Zakowski 1:34:07
Alan Douglas 1:44:48
Gary Pennington 1:45:18
Tracy Foy 1:46:27
Helen Love 1:47:54
Alun Griffiths 1:50:34
Frank Masley 1:53:48
Dairine Nethercott 1:53:54
Barney Lerner 1:55:30
Frank Beecroft 1:56:17
Mohanlal Mistry 2:00:23
Sam White 2:02:55
Noel Fitzpatrick 2:04:57
Helen Western 2:04:57
Gary Western 2:04:57
Nick Breare 2:09:32
Adrian Manning 2:09:48
Susan Manning 2:20:14
Urmila Mistry 2:24:58

Full results
Great North Run half marathon - 11th Sept.

Hannah Oldroyd 1:21:22
Simon Frazer 1:30:03
Graham Terry 1:38:32
Stewart Spink 1:39:55
Adam Willoughby 1:45:54
John Singh 1:47:42
Chris Stott 1:51:58
Paula Cutter 1:55:14
Carolyn Rix 2:20:47
Wetherby 10k

15th Hannah Oldroyd 35:56 (1st Lady)
196th Gary Pennington 47:47
349th Tim Mosedale 53:24

Full results

Leeds Country Way relay

Well done to everyone who took part. The men's A team finished in a fabulous 2nd place, the B team in 28th & the ladies in 39th out of 50 teams taking part.

Particularly well done to Loris Dell'Amico and Frank Beecroft who stepped in at the last minute and hadn't even had a chance to reccie their leg!

  A team 2nd (7:21:24) B Team 28th (9:35:00) Ladies 39th (10:47:55)
Leg 1 Will Kerr 01:11:51 Richard Stone 01:30:17 (23rd) Tracy Foy 01:40:42 (31st) 
  Sam Clegg (2nd fastest) Stewart Spink   Helen Love (6th Ladies)
Leg 2 Martin Fillingham 01:18:46 Loris Dell'Amico 01:58:29 (41st) Helen Brant 01:57:17 ( 40th) 
  Graham Corbett  (4th fastest) Frank Beecroft   Mel Akeroyd (9th Ladies)
Leg 3 Jack Murphy 01:15:03 Alan Douglas 01:35:38  (25th) Rachel Parker 01:43:57 (35th) 
  Steve Fowler  (4th fastest) Stuart James   Emma Freer (8th Ladies)
Leg 4 Simon Pass 01:20:35 Ewan Gibb 01:40:24  (26th) Jen Willingham 01:54:00 (36th) 
  Colin Walker  (3rd fastest) Robert Donkin   Laura Ryall (7th Ladies)
Leg 5 Stuart Dunbar 01:07:27 Ben Marchant 01:25:19 (22nd) Louise Dell'Amico 01:48:15 (45th) 
  Tom Lee (2nd fastest) Jon Nixon   Kath Stone (14th Ladies)
Leg 6 Matt Richardson 01:07:42 Bernie Bowden 01:24:53 (28th) Helen Western 01:43:44 (47th) 
  Matt Nowell  (4th Fastest) Jack Verity  (6th Mixed) Denise Davis (12th Ladies)
London Marathon 2017

Have you entered the ballot for a London marathon place?  Don't forget, if you get rejected (which we hope you don't) the club get 2/3 places for club members.  To be in the draw for a club place you must let a member of the committee see proof of your rejection.

The draw for the club places will take place at the AGM on 1st Dec. Members who have had a club place in the last 2 years will not be eligible to enter the draw.
Yoga for runners & cyclists

A perfect pre race/ training for runners and cyclists of all abilities to help add spring & extra miles in your stride/ride
Designed to supplement and complement anyone from casual runner or cyclist to a fulltime competitor. Discover how yoga can help assist in fine tuning your body to help you become the best athlete you can be. Yoga practice will help prevent injuries and enhance performance time by improving effciency of breathing, increasing your body's strength, mobility and flexibility, building greater body awareness & mental focus, and bringing about balance to your whole self.

Friday 7th October 2016 | 6.15 - 7.15pm - runs until 18th November.
At Heather Yoga, Unit 1, Merchants Quay, Shipley/Saltaire, BD17 7DB (close to train station for Leeds, Bradford, Skipton, Ilkley, Manchester)
Book full course of 7 sessions for £49 or normal class fee/ class cards for drop in sessions
Spaces are limited - Please contact Hether to make a booking or with any questions you may have.
If you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform Heather before booking.
August Strider of the Month

CHRIS JONES - Chris ran the full marathon distance for the first time in August with Ben Smith (the 401 marathons guy). During the day he was so up beat & positive throughout. This was his furthest distance & he kept others going as they tired. A real achievement! Chris also does a lot of hard work with the leaders schedule, which must be a real ballache, and he often puts himself down for short runs too to plug gaps when nobody else is available. Chris contributes massively to the club by making sure we have run leaders for all our training nights.
The Pecos are coming...

Don't miss these must do races

Sun 27th Nov. - Temple Newsam
Sun 18th Dec. - venue TBC
Sun 22nd Jan. - West Park/Becketts Park
Sun 19th Feb. - Cross Gates
Sun 5th Mar. - Roundhay Park
Club Championship

With just 5 races left of the championship season things are starting to heat up in all three leagues. In the premier league Stuart Dunbar has just taken the lead from Helen Love with Tracey Foy in third place. In the first division Frank Masley is still way out in front with the Western family team hot on his tail. Ian Jenkins is still bossing the second division as he has done more races than anyone else in that league but has several ladies (and Kamil) chasing him…

There are still quite a number of people with 0 points and could be facing relegation but it’s not too late just enter a race and add some points. Remember it doesn’t matter where you finish as all times are age graded to try to give a level playing field so you can gain more point than someone who finishes a race in front of you if your age graded score is higher than theirs. For example if Sylvia Ross finishes a park run in 30 minutes and Kamil does it in 18 minutes then Sylvia would be rated at 71.8% and Kamil would be 71.7% and so Sylvia would be ahead on age grade and therefore score higher championship points.

The remaining races are:

Bradford City Runs 5k/10k/13 Road 30th Oct.

Guy Fawkes 10 10m Road 6th Nov

Harriers v Cyclists 6m Fell 12th Nov

The Stoop 5m Fell 18th Dec

Chevin Chase 7m Trail 26th Dec

Below shows the top 10 in each division after the Baildon No Watch race.
Premier Division
      First Division      
Second Division
Rank Name Score Races Rank Name Score Races Rank Name Score Races
1 Stuart Dunbar 395 8 1 Frank Masley 347 7 1 Ian Jenkins 392 10
2 Helen Love 391 10 2 Gary Western 194 4 2 Sylvia Ross 246 5
3 Tracy Foy 369 10 3 Helen Western 191 4 3 Steph Niven 242 5
4 Alan Douglas 347 8 4 Gillian Hyde 149 3 4 Kamil Zakowski 187 4
5 Mel Akeroyd 286 7 5 Josie Briggs 148 3 5 Rachel Parker 184 4
Matthew Richardson
284 6 6 Urmila Mistry 142 3 6 Carolyn Rix 178 4
7 Simon Frazer 274 6 7 Teri Rose 141 3 7 Sam White 175 4
8 Alun Griffiths 269 6 8 Claire Thaper 137 3 8 Gavin Hamilton 169 4
9 Stewart Spink 262 6 9 Julie Firth 97 2 9 Robert Donkin 148 3
10 Denise Davis 254 6 10 Mark Walker 92 2 10 Nicola Pickard 142  
Click here for the full spreadsheet.
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down

Next track Tuesdays are:

Tues. 4th Oct.
Tues. 18th Oct.
Tues. 1st Nov.

Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix Series 2016
The cross-country championships were held on Sat. 17th Sept. at Nunroyd Park, Guiseley.


49th Helen Love

Full results

Men 50 - 69
66th Richard Smith

Full results

Men 35 - 49
4th Will Kerr (1st M40)
65th Loris Dell'Amico

Full results

Only 2 races left in the Grand-Prix series

Sun. Oct. 16th Pudsey
Sun. Nov 13th. Spenborough

If you want any more info, please ask one of your Vets Captains (Louise Nash & Martin Love) at training. discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing.  To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity

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