Saltaire Striders newsletter May 15th
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Welcome to the Saltaire Striders newsletter.  The next edition of the newsletter will be published at the end of May so if you have anything to be included please submit it by Friday 27th May.
Club training runs

The run leaders had a meeting to review our current training runs and came up with the following adjustments

Mondays - The 2 medium runs will now be referred to as slower medium and faster medium.  On the first Monday of each month the slower medium run will be a non-stop run (probably out and back).

Tuesdays - We will continue with alternate Track (Keighley) and structured training (Esholt) sessions but there will be an alternative 6m medium run from Esholt every Tuesday.

Upcoming races

18th May John Carr 5k series race 3
Enter at Race Best
24th May Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix race 2 - West Park, Leeds
30th May Ilkley Trail race 7m - Ilkey Lido
Enter online
31st May Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix race 3 - Kirkstall
2nd June Apperley Bridge Canter 10k trail race
Enter Online
6th June Cork Marathon/half marathon - club trip
8th June Otley 10m road race
26th June  - Bradford Millennium Way relay
Further race listings can be found on these web sites

John Schofields UK Results

Race Best

North East races
Social Events
26th May Away run at Ogden Water
We will meet in the car-park at Ogden Water and have social runs over the Ogden moors with routes for all abilities.  Afterwards retire to the pub for a drink and possibly something to eat.
There will be 1 medium run from Nuffield for those that cannot make it to Ogden Water,
4th - 7th June Club trip to Cork Marathon/half marathon - Staying at the Metropole Hotel

•    Departing Saturday 4th June 2016 from Manchester Airport flying at 9am
•    3 nights at the Metropole Hotel
•    Parking for 4 Vehicles at one of our trusted secure airport car parks
•    Return transfers from the Airport
•    Return to Manchester 7th June at 2:50pm

Total trip Price £344.95pp
This is based on 2 adults sharing on a room only basis. You can upgrade to include breakfast for an additional £27 per person.

Alternatively, book your own flights direct from Leeds/Bradford and make your own hotel booking.
15th July Red Lion trip
The big bus will depart Shipley Bus Station at 5.00pm…Saltaire Shell Garage at 5.10pm
The special limited to 16 places Bingley bus will depart Bingley Rail Station at 5.15pm

There are only 2 places left on the Bingley bus,  you can always get the big bus from Shipley/Saltaire and get dropped off at Bingley on the way back.
For those who are new to the club, or have not been on the Dales trip before, we set off to a location in the Dales and then we run to the Red lion pub in Burnsall. Please arrive in running attire, you can leave your change of clothes on the bus which will be waiting for you at the Red lion. There is a room for the ladies to shower and get changed in. The men have the certified organic option of the river Wharfe!
We have drinks and dinner and then the bus drivers will take us all back to Bingley/Saltaire/Shipley before we turn into pumpkin.
We are looking at new running routes for this year. As in  previous years there will be more than one run option and the main thing to remember is this is a social run, the fast boys (+girls)  can run fast and behave like Border Collies herding us all in a group but it is not about racing.
Book your place with Dairine - wives/husbands/significant others are welcome….they are welcome to run but it’s not compulsory and many prefer to sample the cask ales while we do the hard work. If you need to leave work a little early perhaps book the time off now? The trip is very popular and is already 2/3rds full and when both buses are full that’s it.
Menu choices – sooner rather than later - to Dairine.
There are 5 starters, mains and puddings to choose from. Please choose one option from each
Chicken liver pate, Cumberland sauce, granary toast
Eggs benedict, crispy parma ham, hollandaise sauce. (V without ham)
Charsui Pork
Seared Mackerel, soft goats cheese, beetroot
Creamy feta salad, basil, beetroot
Salmon and shrimps, black pudding, egg, watercress, hollandaise sauce
Lamb stew, parsnip mash, spinach
Cottage pie, sautéed cabbage
Butternut squash, goats cheese, lentil pethivier, tomato sauce, spinach, mushroom. (pethivier – is a sort of pastry pie)
Roast pork, seasoning, roast potatoes, apple sauce
Lemon tart
Apple pie and custard
Sticky toffee pudding
Rice pudding, stewed rhubarb
The cost per person, which includes the bus fare and food, is £27.50. Please pay directly into the Saltaire Striders account and let Dairine  and Richard Stone know that you have paid.
Absolute deadline for menu choices and payment is June 30th.
Hope to see lots of new Striders as it is always a lovely evening – what’s not to like, running and food, and beer.
7th August - Cross Bay challenge half marathon - Some striders have already signed up for this, why not join us as we cross sea, sand and counties for the 11th Annual Cross Bay Challenge!

The run is a half marathon across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay. This year the race will be returning to the original point to point challenge that will take you on an adventure right across Morecambe Bay.

You will leave the shore at Hest Bank running towards Ulverston, crossing from Lancashire to Cumbria before arriving at the Flookburgh foreshore.

Due to the unique terrain of the Bay we cannot guarantee the exact distance. However we will, as usual, endeavour to get as close to the 13.1 miles as we possibly can! The final route will be set as soon as the tide departs the shore on the day of the challenge. Our experienced Bay Guides will guide you across the Bay following a safe route but obviously allowing some adventures on the way. In other words we want you to get wet... very wet!

A bus has been booked which will drop us off at the start and collect us at the finish and then go somewhere for food and drink and then return home.

Click here for further details

Race results
John Carr 5k series - race 2

        Will Kerr 17:40          
27    Hannah Oldroyd (1st Lady) 17:43
74    Robert Davies 19:14
79    Adam Willoughby 19:30
91    Ian Jenkins 19:47
97    Stewart Spink 20:03
102    Paul Disney 20:13
119    Stephanie Niven 20:42
135    Laura Ryall 21:17
145    Chris Stott 21:25
149    Gary Pennington 21:29
157    Emma Cartledge 21:36
161    Louise Nash 21:51
163    Stephen Hetherington 21:51
165    John Walton 21:56
171    Noel Fitzpatrick 22:10
192    Louise McGechaen (2nd F50) 22:53
193    Ewan Gibb 23:00
202    Sam White 23:12
208    Barney Lerner 23:26
212    Gavin Hamilton 23:26
214    Helen Love (3rd F55) 23:37
229    Helen Brant 24:19
234    Mel Akeroyd 24:50
245    Simon Kingsnorth 25:11
247    Josephine Briggs 25:27
259    Suzanne Hague 26:10
262    Richard Smith 26:14
265    Gillian Hyde 26:18
290    Sylvia Ross (1st F65) 27:47
319    Natalie Boardman 31:15

Full results
Leeds half marathon

Marcin Soszka 1:17:27
Hannah Oldroyd 1:23:04 (1st Lady)
Graham Corbett 1:24:40
Stuart Dunbar 1:26:59
Matt Richardson 1:28:42
James Gardner 1:29:48
Andy Hutchinson 1:29:52
Robert Donkin 1:31:14
Simon Frazer 1:31:23
Chris Jones 1:32:33
Stewart Spink 1:35:27
Jeremy Wright 1:36:01
Duane Craven 1:36:42
Ian Jenkins 1:38:13
Ewan Gibbs 1:41:38
Kamil Zakowski 1:42:46
Frank Beecroft 1:46:02
Tracy Foy 1:47:38
Samantha Newnham 1:51:06
Vicki Hussain 1:51:07
Noel Fitzpatrick 1:51:37
Helen Love 1:54:01 (3rd F55)
Frank Masley 1:54:15
Ben Pearson 1:57:44
Tim Mosedale 1:58:16
Rachel Parker 1:58:18
Mel Akeroyd 1:58:34
Denise Davis 2:02:05
Dairine Nethercott 2:05:28
Gavin Hamilton 2:06:46
Josie Briggs 2:07:18
Louise Dell'Amico 2:09:22
Liz Hamilton 2:14:11
Sylvia Ross 2:19:37
Fiona Farquhar 2:23:18
Suzanne Hague 2:27:12
Carolyn Rix 2:31:43
Malhamdale trail challenge

22 miles

After the disappointment of being timed out at the Ribblehead checkpoint in the previous weeks 3 Peaks race, Bernadette Cook bounced back to finish 90th  in 4:24:49  an improvement of 14.5 mins on her 2015 time.

"Its a fabulously Scenic and well organised race".

Full results

9 mile
2nd Ali Nash 1:15:21
16th Louise Nash (4th Lady) 1:31:38

Full results
John Carr 5k series - race 1

A big thank you to all the marshalls who helped to make the first race go so smoothly.  Not a bad effort with 28 members in the race as well.

36    Graham Corbett                      17:40
37    Hannah Oldroyd (2nd Lady      17:46
84    Stuart Dunbar                         19:15
87    Robert Davies                         19:22
90    Simon Frazer                          19:32
128    Ewan Gibb                            20:35
132    Paul Disney                          20:47
142    Stephanie Niven                    21:17
148    Gary Pennington                   21:22
181    John Walton                         22:10
188    Gary Western                       22:32
191    Tim Mosedale                       22:33
194    Alan Douglas                        22:38
201    Louise McGechaen (2nd F50) 22:58
218    Helen Love (3rd F55)              23:32
233    Sam White                            24:03
243    Helen Brant                           24:28
244    Darren Longhorn                    24:21
257    Philippa Bird                          25:02
261    Barney Lerner                        25:10
274    Josephine Briggs                   26:14
280    Suzanne Hague                     26:31
284    Sylvia Ross (1st F65)             26:38
302    Richard Smith                        27:12
328    Kelly Smith                            28:51
354    Natalie Boardman                   32:34
356    Teri Rose                               32:59
368    Clair Fitzpatrick                      37:07

Full results
Bluebell trail 10m

23rd Martin Fillingham 76:57 (1st V40)
129th Stephen Hetherington 94:31

Full results
Kirkbymoorside 10k

1st Lady Hannah Oldroyd 37:31

Full results
62nd 3 peaks race

Ali Nash reports ...
I seem to remember saying 'never again' last year.....however, my finger slipped and ended up entering again, athough queued up at the start I was considering my sanity. Conditions were looking interesting to say the least. Thick snow covered all 3 Peaks, and despite the weather forecast for 'warm, sunny, clear and still' there were some very ominous looking fearsome black cumulus developing to the north, and the wind was already whipping snow off the top of Whernside.....

Igs (Robun), Stoney (Richard Stone), Bernie (Bernadette Cook) and Stuart (James), joined yours truly at Horton-in-RIbblesdale, ready for a 10:30 start, along with 800 others. The first 3 miles are a fairly stiff climb straight up Penyghent, climbing well above the snow line, before a sharp snowy descent and the long 10 mile cross country effort, passing the first checkpoint cut-off at High Birkwith across to Ribblehead and the second cut-off checkpoint, where every runner is welcomed in by name & club over the tannoy. It was at this point I opted for full waterproofs, hat, buff and both pairs of gloves.... I could see what was sweeping up and over Whernside....snow

Igs and Bernie were loaded onto the 'Bus of Shame' at Ribblehead, just missing the time cut off - but probably luckier to miss out on Whernside! If Penyghent can be likened to a boxer playing to the rules, it'll knock the stuffing out of you but let you get your breath back between rounds, then Whernside can only be described as a malevolent street fighter.....punches, kicks, elbows you to the ground and then just as you think it can't get any worse his mates join in...... The ascent up the 3 false summits of Whernside before 'the cliff' was a quagmire....with snow.....and hail.....and wind....and swirling mist. It got worse on the summit ridge with drifts up to the wall tops and a mixture of freezing slush and mud for the descent, 'fell shoes' were correctly named, falling big style 3 times in quick succession just to soften me up for Ingleborough.

Now if Penyghent is a boxer, Whernside a street fighter, then Ingleborough is a bouncer who's lifted you up by the throat, whilst you're swinging and thrashing away but getting absolutely nowhere.....Conditions on Ingleborough were just about OK, but I was very glad to be off the summit - you've got to give the 100 marshalls, radio volunteers and mountain rescue credit for being out all day in that and for recovering a few casualties off the peaks. It was extremely slippery coming down the 5 miles back to Horton over polished limestone liberally coated with liquid mud, but at least it's mostly downhill.  What a race, tough conditions but still a (small) PB. Never again.

268th Ali Nash 4:14:11
534th Stuart James 4:55:15
543rd Richard Stone 4:56:26
DNF-Ribblehead Bernadette Cooke (Timed out)
DNF-Ribblehead Igs Robun (Timed out)

Full results
Strider of the Month

The short listed nominations for the April Strider of the month were:
Stuart Dunbar - Stuart ran his second ever marathon in London and managed to achieve his aim of breaking the magic three hour barrier for the first time, running an amazing time of 2:58. He was also part of the men's team that qualified for and competed in the National 12 stage road relay final in Birmingham.

Stuart James - Stuart is one of the most improved off road runners in the club. At the start of April he completed the tough Ilkley Skyline route in under 4 hours. At the end of the month in really tough weather conditions he completed the Three Peaks race on his first attempt, with a really impressive time of 4:55.

Vicki Hussain - Of all the Striders who ran this year's London marathon Vicki over took more runners in the last 7.5k than any other strider. 4 runners passed Vicki but she over took 1901 runners (that's approx 5% of the total runners in the race) to manage to beat her PB by 15 minutes and break the 4 hour barrier with a great time of 3:59. The last part of the marathon is the real marathon when tiredness and sore muscles kick in. Some other Striders may have achieved super fast times but they were overtaken by more runners than they over took.

Louise Dell'Amico - When Louise joined the club she couldn't run very far and we all saw her run-walk, and then run and then start to enter races - first 10ks & then 1/2 marathons. All the time the smile and genuine love of running did not disappear. Louise was lucky enough to get a ballot place for this year's London marathon. She started her training when coming back from injury and as all her strava followers will know she has put in the miles of training with the usual enthusiasm, sometimes getting up very early to fit them in around family life. She believed she could do it and she did it. No one would have thought that the smiley blonde lady who ran a bit and walked a bit would run 26.2 miles 2 years on from joining the club but in April she completed her first marathon in an impressive time of 5:01. Louise has proved to us all that anything is achievable. She has involved all the less experienced runners in her experience, has been an inspiration & certainly opened up the possibility for future marathons to many less experienced runners.

Will Kerr - In April our club captain led the men's team that qualified for and competed in the National 12 stage road relay final in Birmingham. He then turned his attention to his "secret marathon". He battled on with training, despite being ill, and ran a pretty much consistent race . He also knew he was under pressure, with all Striders tracking him online, yet he beat the previous PB that he had set more years ago than he cares to remember by seven minutes. Will finished in a superb time that the rest of us can only dream about of 2:41:52. He is a machine and deserves recognition for being a super role model for the club.

And the winner was ....
John Carr 5k series

Thank you to the 50 plus striders who have helped out with the John Carr 5k series, 2 down 1 to go.  Then its on to the Bradford Millennium Way relay on Sunday 26th June
Any queries, contact Richard Stone
Club Championship
2016 Championship

The latest championship race saw 37 striders finishing the Leeds half marathon on the hottest day so far this year.

Followed by the Over the Odda race on 14th May.

The next race in the championship is the Ilkley trail race on Mon. 30th May.
Tuesday Track Sessions
Our interval sessions at Keighley track every other Tuesday are attended by ladies and gents of all abilities and we always tailor sessions to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. It costs £2 to use the track. Sessions start with 1,600m warm-up with dynamic stretches and strides and finish with cool down
17th May
No session for those doing John Carr race 3, For everyone else:
200m rep 200m jog, 600m rep, 200m jog, 200m rep, 200m jog
4-6 sets, 30-60 secs recovery between sets.
31st May
800m reps, 60-90 secs recovery      5-6 sets
Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix Series 2016
The next 2 races in the Yorkshire Vets races are on May 24th at West Park, Leeds (probably similar course to the Peco race) and May 31st at Kirkstall.

If you want any more info, please ask one of your Vets Captains (Louise Nash & Martin Love) at training.
Away runs

Last year we had away runs from Addingham, from Guiseley round the Chevin chase course and the run back from Ilkley.

The first Away run this year will be on Thursday 26th May meeting in the car-park at Ogden Water near Denholme.  There will probably be 3 different runs distances and all runs are social runs and hopefully we can find somewhere to have a drink and some food afterwards.

30th June - Catch the train from Baildon to Ilkley and run back over the moors.

July - Wasburn Valley run lead by Louise & Ali Nash
August - venue TBC - lead by Lindsey & Ben Pearson discount code
Each month we receive a discount code from which gives you 10% discount and free postage & packing.  To obtain the current code please e-mail Jack Verity

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