Peco XC race 4, Harrogate – 20th Jan.


16 ladies, the team finished 7th of 7 in league 1 – they should be safe to stay in league 1 for next year but could do with rallying the troops for the final race at Roundhay on 10th Feb to make sure there are no slip ups. The team were 8th in the Vets premier league.

50th Bernie Bowden 34:36
129th Louise Nash 38:06
139th Janet Bower 38:39
174th Laura Lickley 40:29
184th Wendy Hey 40:54
200th Helen Love 41:33 (3rd F60)
218th Kerry Wood 42:17
245th Sarah Sherratt 43:41
295th Anne Mason 45:42
307th Louise Dell’Amico 46:03
321st Fran Guy 47:00
338th Sheila Bugg 48:27
340th Gemma Hailwood-McCallion 48:34
357th Carolyn Rix 50:24
362nd Sheila Pepper 51:15
390th Heather Bayliss 57:03

Race 4 Ladies results

Race 4 Ladies team results


29 men, the team finished 5th again meaning their premier league status for next year should be safe. The team finished 1st in the Vets league and should now win this for the series unless we fail to turn up for the final race.

5th Tim Baldwin 25:46
29th Martin Fillingham 27:36 (2nd V45)
43rd Andy Brown 28:16 (1st V50)
47th Will Kerr 28:26
68th Matt Richardson 29:12
73rd Stuart Dunbar 29:17 (1st V55)
144th Ewan Gibb 31:10
181st Stewart Spink 32:04
200th John Singh 32:38
202nd Joseph Rayner 32:41
211th Jeremy Rix 33:06
214th Loris Dell’Amico 33:11
217th Tom Ratcliffe 33:17
248th Mick Chambers 34:13 (2nd V65)
258th Simon Furlong 34:38
267th Stephen Hetherington 34:49
292nd Brett Jackson 35:57
325th Jack Verity 36:47
340th David Bower 37:16
348th Darren Parker 37:30
352nd Alun Griffiths 37:36
367th Gary Western 38:08
397th Alan Douglas 39:11
409th Mohanlal Mistry 40:08
435th Frank Beecroft 42:11
449th Mike Moss 44:00
462nd Mervyn Silva 46:12
468th Nick Breare 47:29
474th Richard Smith 47:57

Race 4 mens results

Race 4 mens team results