Bradford Millennium Way relay results – 24th June 2018

Full results

Solstice Saunter 5m trail race, Bolton Abbey – 21st June

1st Will Kerr 30:13 (1st V40) 2nd Martin Fillingham 31:35 (1st V45) 3rd Steve Fowler 31:59 (2nd V45) 4th Stuart Dunbar 33:01 (1dt V55) 18th Adam Willoughby 36:54 22nd Simon Frazer 37:15 24th Jeremy Rix 37:13 (2nd V55) 25th Ewan Gibb 37:24 28th Ian Jenkins 38:09 51st Bernie Bowden 40:24 (2nd F45) 62nd Claire Bond ...

Killamarsh 3 lakes classic 16m

4th Steve Fowler 1:43:44 (3rd V) Full results

Keswick Mountain Festival 50K Ultramarathon – 10th June

Ali Nash reports … It’s entirely Tim’s fault. He made me enter. It’s only 2 weeks until my target race – The Pennine Barrier (‘50ish’ miles). It’ll be a good test of kit, strategy, fuelling and on similar terrain he said. It’ll be a laugh he said……(mental note…..must unfriend Tim on facebook ??) Friday night ...

Pudsey 10k – 17th June

14th Craig Beza 40:27 105th Stephen Hetherington 49:08 171st Rachel Parker 52:12 191st Noel Fitzpatrick 53:34 195th Craig Elliott 53:47 233rd Mohanlal Mistry 56:02 237th Lee East 56:16 427th Urmila Mistry 69:02 Full results

Otley 10m – 13th June

5th Will Kerr 58:15 (2nd V40) 27th Stuart Dunbar 64:24 (1st V55) 78th Simon Frazer 70:05 80th Stewart Spink 70:16 147th John Singh 76:56 180th Jack Verity 79:52 192nd Stephen Hillas 80:31 196th Stephen Hetherington 80:49 215th Emma Cartledge 82:07 247th Alan Douglas 84:57 251st Alun Griffiths 85:14 259th Rachel Parker 86:06 274th Helen Brant ...

Bronte 5

19th Stuart Dunbar 31:44 (2nd V55) 20th Craig Beza 31:49 147th Mohanlal Mistry 44:28 169th Claire Thaper 50:13 (3rd Yorks Vets F35) Full results

Neolithic marathon

1st Marcin Soszka 3:06:16 Full results

Derby half marathon

16th Steve Fowler 81:10 (3rd V40) Full results

Morecambe 10k

Sheila Pepper 72:54 Full results