Liversedge half marathon – 17th Feb.

37th Kyle Bethell 1:28:20 145th Jeremy Rix 1:43:41 169th Ian Dickinson 1:46:35 179th Martin Love 1:47:50 214th Janet Bower 1:51:13 (3rd F50) 225th Lee East 1:51:57 245th Tracy Foy 1:54:54 278th Helen Love 1:58:50 (3rd F60) 463rd Carolyn Rix 2:38:28 Full results

Peco xc race 5, Roundhay Park – 10th Feb.

Ladies 106th Claire Bond 40:35107th Louise Nash 40:39111th Janet Bower 40:46128th Tracy Foy 41:38156th Helen Brant 42:56190th Helen Love 44:31 (2nd F60)239th Kerry Wood 46:44242nd Louise Dell’Amico 46:58 248th Harriet Fletcher 47:07301st Denise Davis 49:41311th Cat Bruckner 50:12337th Sheila Bugg 53:26338th Fran Guy 53:33344th Carolyn Rix 54:24355th Sheila Pepper 56:46 Full ladies race 5 results ...

Dewsbury 10k – 3rd Feb.

20th Tim Baldwin 33:30 122nd Craig Beza 37:10 186th Simon Frazer 38:47 205th Ian Jenkins 39:04 235th Stewart Spink 39:33 317th Chris Jones 41:04 364th Richard Thomas 41:46 411th Jermey Rix 42:30 571st Alun Griffiths 45:18 771st Noel Fitzpatrick 49:00 779th Lee East 48:40 840th Helen Love 50:06 (2nd F60) 892nd Barney Lerner 50:25 1186th ...

Wadsworth Trog ‘The Beast’ 19m fell race 2nd Feb.

6th Matt Richardson 2:58:44 79th John Singh 3:40:46 108th Ewan Gibb 3:53:45 160th Igs Robun 4:27:19 Full results

St. Annes 10m

Gavin Hamilton 85:53

Kirkstall Calverley Cutter 18k trail

78th Janet Bower 1:33:52 (1st F50) 131st Kyle Bethell 1:54:02 132nd Claire Thaper 1:54:04 Full results

Brass Monkey half marathon, York – 13th Jan.

20th Tim Baldwin 74:38 149th Carl Kernick 83:29 261st Simon Frazer 88:18 280th Stewart Spink 88:47 319th Ian Jenkins 90:11 483rd Laura Ryall 97:43 Full results

Peco XC race 4, Harrogate – 20th Jan.

Ladies 16 ladies, the team finished 7th of 7 in league 1 – they should be safe to stay in league 1 for next year but could do with rallying the troops for the final race at Roundhay on 10th Feb to make sure there are no slip ups. The team were 8th in the ...

Stanbury Splash fell race, Haworth – 15th Jan.

90th John Singh 63:21 Full results

Peco Cross-Country series race 3, West Park, Leeds – 6th Jan.

Ladies 29 ladies the team finished 4th in league 1 and 7th in the Vets premier league. 40th Emily Birchall 39:58 67th Olivia Gregory 41:35 103rd Louise Nash 43:29 129th Tracy Foy 44:41 146th Janet Bower 45:29 151st Laura Richardson 45:48 161st Helen Brant 46:27 162nd Kirstie Holmes 46:29 182nd Wendy Hey 47:46 209th Helen ...